Celebrating a Lockdown Birthday

Let me start by appreciating those who have successfully managed to celebrate during the Lockdown. It is soo hard to keep everything a surprise esp when you live with the person 24/7.

My husband’s birthday was on 9th July and I would otherwise have done the routine of taking him to a new place, good food and long drives in the rain.

But…with the current situation, I had to do something that was not only on a tight budget but make it special too.

At midnight, I did a small little centerpiece with water beads and a candle.

I had to make do with whatever supplies I had at home. It turned out beautiful though 😊

My husband is a huge fan of Pokemon Go, so I made a Pikachu card for him.

All those who know me, know the fact that I’m lousy in the kitchen. Despite that I attempted to bake a Chocolate Oreo Cake

Pardon the cream

and I made Garlic Mushrooms for lunch.

Of course, Aai took care of the other main dishes. We had a small family cake cutting, just amongst us.

Getting him a gift was the most difficult part. I had thought about sports shoes or Boat ear phones for him but before we could move to July, he had ordered both these himself.

I did not want to risk going to shops either and anyways my husband only would have had to take me there. So it would not be a surprise.

I finally settled on Gift cards.

That’s a Myntra gift card, HotStar and Amazon Prime memberships!!😁

I had also ordered some Beardo products online.

These smell so good, I could use it myself. 😝

Even though it was a celebration at home, it went well. I’m just so happy I managed to pull this off without any glitches.

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