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Living the ‘Unlock’ Life

As my network service providers like to remind me every time I try to call someone these days, that – “The Corona Virus Unlock Phase has now begun” – I’m trying to understand why we were in a lockdown during Stage 1 of no local cases & why we are unlocked during Stage X, when everyday a minimum of 250+ people are testing positive and atleast 3 people die.

Well, what do I know about the grand scheme of things!

My ‘unlocked’ life has been pretty much the same as it’s locked version. Except in the lockdown I used to travel to office and in the unlock I’m doing work from home. It’s been two months of work from home now and my nosy neighbour has already asked me if I’m staying home because I’m pregnant.

Electricity is being very fickle, as is it’s nature during monsoons. Every time it rains, the lights go off merrily. My Internet tries valiantly to breathe on the make-shift backup ventilator, but in some time, it dies down too. And I get reprimanded for “my Internet issues”. Because, I control the weather and the electricity department, I guess?

Immunity boosters are in wildfire spread. Honestly, there is so much of Ayurveda inside me right now, I think all my chakras are auto aligned. Okay, I won’t be ungrateful, they have helped with my sinus. It’s just I haven’t had so much self-care in all these years of my existing life.


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4 thoughts on “Living the ‘Unlock’ Life

  1. I can relate to this on so many levels! The internet issues, the questions! Sigh.

    Also I had the same question but later understood the reasoning behind this lockdown-unlock conundrum, although I doubt if it has been implemented or not.
    Apparently the first lockdown was thought of as the magic pill to stop the spread of Covid-19 but as other countries soon found out, it leaves the economies debilitated while just delaying the inevitable spread. So the next best thing the authorities could do was use this lockdown period when the cases were still less, to build facilities to treat the hordes they expected to test positive later on. This was important to make sure the fatality rate doesn’t rise with more cases.

    But then, this was the intention and reasoning. As I said, not sure how much of it has been implemented on ground as we head into this unlocking phase.

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