The opening scene was of a family having normal arguments over breakfast – stuff like pocket money, who will drop the kids to school, working a lot in office & drinking karela juice. Then the youngest kid steals a gun from the glove box and takes it to school, the father goes to work at his pharma company that produces opium and all this is happening like it was as normal as the breakfast conversations & I was like 😲
What is going on here!!?

Aarya is the Indian remake of the popular Dutch series ‘Penoza’. But I didn’t mind that it’s not an original content so much because it is after a very long time that a show has given me something that I didn’t expect from it. Plus, there is a cliff hanger at the end of each episode, so investing 55 mins of my time each day was worth it.

Aarya is the daughter of a drug lord and her husband helps manage the family business. Things go horribly wrong when her husband is shot dead in front of their youngest child and a consignment worth 300 crores goes missing. Aarya is propelled forward in the very business that she always wanted to stay away from. It then falls upon her to protect her family, find her husband’s killer and the misplaced drugs.

Each character is given unique traits – we have a bitter cigarette-smoking vodka-drinking grandmother; a sugar daddy nanusa; the firaang damaad who adapts The Bhagwad Gita to fusion music; the niece who has a crush on her uncle; the child suffering from PTSD. Even the goon Sampat Bhai is shown to have a kind side.

I didn’t think I would ever see Chandrachur Singh back again on the screen. Also, Namit Das, who usually plays the humorous sidekick, shone in his character of a coke-snorting delusional friend. I’m glad that because of such web shows, we get to see these actors perform, to whom Bollywood does not give a chance.

But of course, this is my personal favourite role of Sushmita Sen after her sexy chem ma’am avatar in Main Hoon Na. She is confident, fierce, unfazed and in control all the time.

Right from the first episode, we see that Aarya is smart & she knows how to get her work done with minimum casualties. So, it’s no surprise that she takes over the reins of the company with ease. She is suitably badass. Like, when taunted by Jawahar, as to why she didn’t look after the office, if she thought she was this smart, she replies coolly, “Because men used to handle business. And now there are no men left.”

I also liked the moments between Aarya and Daulat, when he tells her to ‘be the lioness that you are’ and she is surprised to discover that she still has it in her.

There are old Hindi songs played which fit quite perfectly with the tone in the scenes and sometimes quite ironically. They also do play the Bhagwad Gita adaptations. I, for one, loved the song played in the finale.

On a parting note, as Aarya rightly points out,

Sometimes the choice is about choosing between what’s wrong and what’s less wrong.

Aarya is the right choice to muse over that!!

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