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Book Unhaul

My father suggested donating some novels to his friend’s library. I know that Bookworms are supposed to find it difficult to part ways with thier treasure, but I found it quite easy to give some books the boot.

I keep my books in boxes,

though it is my dream to someday have a mini-library of my own, at home. I ceremoniously unpacked all the books and cherry-picked the ones I will be saying good-bye to.

Book Unhaul Criteria

  • Do not give away my childhood books even if it is the battered copy of Sleeping Beauty or the Community Living books coz these books shaped my reading habit.
  • Do not give away gifts.
  • Do not give away the books “borrowed” from my sister coz technically there are hers and I have no right to give them away, even if I won’t be returning them back to her. 😝
  • Do not give away unread books.

Give a book away if:

  • I do not like it anymore!

These are the books that I picked:

Normally, I keep a Sidney Sheldon. But the first part of this book was too tedious to read.

I had wanted to keep the Nora Roberts book initially since I don’t own any other book from the author. But I am not going to like it even if I keep it.

A Vintage Affair was a good book when the dresses are described. But once Phoebe tries to chase down the story of a little blue coat, I became detached.

The tagline of Keeping Mum made no sense coz this book isn’t about the mom at all!

To all the Bridget Jones fans, I’m sorry, I found this book to be “the confused ramblings of a pissed thirty-something.” Hey, I didn’t say that – it’s on the back cover of the book.

I bought The Year I Met You 7 years ago and didn’t read it then. Some years later I attempted again but I just couldn’t get past the first few pages. So, I am making an exception to the rule and giving this away – coz I don’t want to see it again.

I must say I was disappointed in Spa Wars. I had picked it thinking it would be a good chick-lit but it progressively turned blah.

We are packed and ready for a trip to the library!!


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