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I had my initial reservations about Legacies because I am a huge fan of the The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. And I did not want to start something which might ruin my memories of them. Blame it on the heartbreak I suffered from Game of Thrones Season 8.

Legacies did not disappoint.

When I started watching it, I had wanted to be disapproving of it. And the first three episodes did feel like I was watching The Flash Season 1. Every episode a new monster turns up and the Super Squad slays it.

Then, Jo came back from the dead.

This episode is one of my favorite moments of Season 1. I love this family 🧡

Speaking of the Saltzman twins:

Both are the extreme ends of a spectrum and co-dependent on each other. While Jossie is an introvert and the care taker, Lizzie needs the care and is the outspoken one. Lizzie also has emotional issues and has her own meltdown sessions like how I have done so many countless times. These girls remind me a lot of my own passive-aggressive nature.

And from here on, the plot picked up pace, the monsters got interesting and the emotions started flowing.

While in the TVD and the Originals, the focus was mainly on the three factions – witches, vampires and werewolves – Legacies talks about all those creatures whose existence is now regarded as just a myth.

We have all sorts of supernaturals – there’s dragons, arachnids, gargoyles, night hags and even unicorns. However, my favorite was the Necromancer.

He was quite the right mix of comic relief and mystery.

And I also liked Lizzie Saltzman’s version of the Legacies courtesy of a Jinni!! (Whoever told you Genie’s granted only three wishes?)

Welcome to the Salvatore Boarding School!!

To be fair, they have called it out quite clearly in the first episode that they wanted it to be Hogwarts-ish but they had to settle down for a downsized version of it. But that doesn’t mean it’s lost it’s charm. I would still love for this school to exist.

The supporting cast of students is not there just to aid in the help of fighting monsters but each get their own special moments to shine. Each person is also given unique character traits. Lizzie has her storm clouds, Josie is bi-sexual, MG is a comic nerd, Kaleb has the swag, Penelope is the evil ex with a purpose, Rafael has his werewolf aggression and Landon is a phoenix!!

We can’t speak of Legacies without mentioning Hope Andrea Mikaelson.

Okay, now I don’t exactly like Hope (I think it’s bit too much that every boy and girl on campus seems to have a crush on her? Or like, how she won Miss Mystic Falls without literally doing anything!) but I think she is very courageous and confident. And she did say this one line that got me thinking, “The only thing that’s stopping me from being happy is me.”

Do you also think that Hope looks like Katherine Langford?

Danielle Rose Russell has done a wonderful job of being Hope but everytime she pulls her hair up in a pony I am immediately reminded of Katherine and what might have been.  But I still wouldn’t trade Danielle for her.

There are many subtle hints at Damon and Elena’s children – yes, children, as in plural – and the even the name of the daughter is mentioned as Stefanie Salvatore. Matt has a couple of appearances before they retire him as Sheriff.

Caroline’s absence from the school is explained well but I really want to see her on the show. It was good to see Alaric too. And I wish they would let us know what happening back in New Orleans.


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