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Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

Amy’s mom has moved to Connecticut. And now, she must follow suit. Her mother also needs her to drive their car. But Amy hasn’t sat behind the wheel since that fateful accident. So, her mother asks a family friend, Roger, to drive Amy home. She also has the entire itinerary planned for them to reach in 4 days but Amy & Roger decide to take a quick “little” detour which turns into this epic book!!

I loved reading this book!

When they say, it’s not about the destination but the journey, this book sort of proves it is true. On this road trip, Amy goes through an entire journey of re-discovering herself and coming to terms with grief, that when she finally pulls into that rest station at Connecticut, she is ready to move on.

As a central character, I liked Amy. The way she thinks – feels – it’s how any normal teen girl would. Her thoughts are very real and that makes her believable.

Amy has resented that her family’s life was always very “boringly settled.” It was only after her father’s death when they hit rock bottom, she realizes how blessed they were in their boring routine. She also talks about how much we take what we have for granted and always assume that things will stay that way.

Even when there is reflection, there is no gloom in the tone of this book and that is what works in this favor. There are emotions that are lightly dusted with good conversations and a game of 20 Questions.

I knew America was huge but I never realized how huge it exactly is. Starting from California, as Amy and Roger cross various borders to the East Coast, there is not only a change in scenery, the weather and the time zones but the culture changes too. Now, I may never get a chance to visit America, but this book sure gave me the opportunity to experience it.

The road trip isn’t described like a fancy ZNMD vacay. The author also talks about how uncomfortable it is to be sitting on your butt for 5-6 hours, the lonely stretches of road that can get scary if your car is to breakdown & of course the lodging and dining takes a hit if you are travelling on a tight budget.

One more thing I liked about this book was all the scrapbook pages in which Amy journals their trip & as someone who loves to do a bit of scrapbooking herself, I enjoyed reading her pages and picking up ideas.

If you are planning on taking a summer trip, this book is something you should pack along!!


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