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This Time, That Day

11.55 am, December 24
Making the best out of work from home, as I lay on bed with my two favorite teddys and the laptop balanced on my knees.

11.55 am, December 25
Standing against a supari tree in the NV Eco Farm, sun on my face, chatting.

11.55 am, December 26
Seated in the conference hall for my Dad’s felicitation ceremony, listening to the current person speaking and musing over his words.

11.55 am, December 27
Walking through the long grass and stones in Voldem with the picnic baskets in hand.

11.55 am, December 28
Playing Captain America vs Captain Marvel with my nephew.

11.55 am, December 29
Abating time at the Fatorda traffic signal.

11.55 am, December 30
Hysterically trying to catch up with work post my holidays!!


Blogging thoughts, feelings, dreams, interests and aspirations ✍️

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