Making Mistakes

Yesterday, I did a mistake. I swapped two parcels. And though, there was no damage done and even when I tried to set things right, the persons involved told me, “it’s fine, it’s no big deal”; I couldn’t get the mistake out of my head. I am still thinking it.

And it’s not like I swapped someone’s heart for a kidney or even gave someone something not useful, but still the fact that I made a mistake is stuck in the frontal cortex of my brain.

And as I thought about it today in the drive to work, I realized that I do this all the time whenever I make mistakes – whether big or small. I bring it up to chastise myself. And I do this mostly when I am about to try something new or something important. I bring up the catalog of past mistakes, combine it with the fear of hesitation and that is why I am stunting my own growth.

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