The Work From Home Edition

No matter how long it has been, Work From Home (WFH) is never going to be the new normal for me.

What is ridiculous about the situation, is that, my relatives and friends think that this is what I do when I WFH:

How I wish at least a quarter of this was true!!

In fact, WFH makes me feel like I live in an alternate prison universe, where I have to wake up everyday and go over the same routine: Eat. Work. Eat. Work. Eat. Work. Sleep.

Some seem to think that WFH is good as it allows me to have flexible work timings. But they seem to forget that it also allows flexible timings for my colleagues. Which means that we keep missing each other when we are online and have to wait up or sometimes even re-do some of our tasks. And we end up working for almost 10+ hours.

From all the “work positions” that I have experimented with, I am yet to find one which is comfortable. Sometimes the chair is wrong, sometimes there is no chair, the desk is too high or too low, sometimes the floor is too cold and the bed is by far the worst place to work on.

Don’t even get me started on the internet and electricity issues!! Which my office folk somehow think I should be able to control with my human abilities.

The precarious boundary between household work and office work is almost erased. I write some test cases and go wash the clothes. I put the rice cooker on and come and execute my test cases. And if I am late for some nephew or niece’s xth birthday party because I was attending my scrum, my relatives be like: “Oh!! But you were at home the whole day!” and my non-WFH friends think, “Huh!! Must be nice to wake up and not have to travel to work.”

This is what I look like at the end of each WFH day:

Like a tired mom, and we don’t even have kids yet!!

4 thoughts on “The Work From Home Edition

    1. We have a hybrid system, where we work from office only twice a week. And looking at the increasing number of cases of the second wave, even this feels like a risk.


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