Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

When deciding what to gift a book lover, we tend to begin and end with books. Though books are the safest bet, there are some other ideas that come to my mind.

1) Books

  • If they have been looking for a book for a long time, gift them that.
  • If they like a movie & there’s a book based on it, get them that.
  • If a new book is released by an author they like or the next book of a series they are reading is available, beat them to it and gift it to them.

The way we gift wrap a book also makes it look more enticing. I personally like wrapping the book in a neat brown package with a simple ribbon

Or wrapping it in a print paper.

2) Subscriptions

  • Get them a subscription to a magazine or newspaper that they read.
  • There are curated book services available now like the Big Book Box or 99 Bookscart that you can subscribe them to.
  • Best of all, if there is a library nearby, make them a membership.

3) Book Accessories

If they are for example, a Harry Potter fan, there are lots of fan merchandise that you can gift them – from T shirts to throw pillows to keychains.

To put in an effort, you can make them bookmarks by yourself.

4) A sponsored trip to a theme park. Now, I know, most of us can’t afford a trip to Disneyland or the Anne Frank House, but if they like a book that has a place featured in it, that’s in your country or state, you should definitely take them on a trip.

Or if their favorite book is being adapted to the silver screen, then take them for the movie.

5) A journal to write down thoughts about their books; A tote bag to carry their books around; Or a stand to keep their glasses on after they finish reading.

6) Make a personalized Bookshelf for them or even design crates for them to store their books.

7) Curate a list of books for them to read – similar to the way that we make a music playlist!!!

8) If they love listening to audio books, then get them noise canceling head phones or ear buds & download & gift some great audio books to go along with it.

9) A Kindle

I’m not sure how many people still purchase a Kindle but if someone owns one, you can give a book-themed cover for the Kindle.

10) If they love a fictional character, then find out what trait they love about them. For example, if the character drinks coffee; gift them a coffee machine or simply make them coffee in a mug and get it to them while they read 🍡; or if the character has bangs & they have been coveting one themselves, offer a haircut treat; or if the character wears sweatshirts, then gift them some.

I hope these ideas would be useful to gift your lovely Bookworms πŸ˜‡πŸ€“

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