Scam 1992 vs The Big Bull

In a universe where Scam 1992 already exists, releasing The Big Bull was a gamble in itself. And comparison between the two was inevitable.

The show and the movie are inspired from the true life events of Harshad Mehta – a stock broker from the 1980’s who made billions by exploiting the loopholes in the system.

While the movie has dubbed all the characters and institutions, could be for copyright issues, that makes it feel a little less authentic as compared to the show which does not shy from calling a spade a spade.

Scam 1992 holds your attention right from the opening creds with it’s catchy theme and shrewd depiction of the rise and fall of Mehta. Over a span of 10 episodes, it explains Harshad’s journey into the world of BSE. The story is told in a non linear fashion from the point of view of Sucheta Dalal and how she believes Harshad made his fortune.

The Big Bull is fast paced, obviously because they had to fit the whole story within 3 hours. That feels rushed.

Scam 1992 portrayed Harshad Mehta as a family man who was smart enough to make use of opportunities. As he gains fame from illegal means, he begins to feel invulnerable. And his over confidence results in his downfall. But throughout the scandal, his family is shown as his strong backbone. I had especially loved the bonding between the brothers. This was Pratik Gandhi’s Harshad’s redeeming factor.

While Abhishek Bachchan’s Hemant Shah appears to be money minded from the start and his success and his hideous laugh only result in making him look more arrogant by the minute.

I am a huge fan of dialouges and while The Big Bull has around 4-5 amazing scenes; Scam 1992 has 10 whole power packed episodes!!

The movie tries to be dramatic in the usual Bollywood style with lines such as “Bomb fatne waala hai, Bomb“; the show does not need such theatrics to feel dramatic.

Coming to the performances, The Big Bull is a solo AB Jr show with the supporting cast hardly contributing anything much. Infact, Ileana Dcruz could easily be replaced with anybody. She brings neither grit nor experience to the character of a Padmashri journalist.

Each of the characters of the Scam on the other hand, are well written with unique attributes- from the relentless Sucheta Dalal to the timid Sitaraman, from the kill-the-bird-from-the-bushes RBI governor to the foul mouth Manubhai – everyone was up to the mark. And of course, the man himself – Pratik Gandhi was exceptional.

There is a slight twist in the movie at the end; other than that if you have watched the show, there’s nothing you already don’t know.

If you haven’t watched the show, the movie is about an average experience.

If you want to watch the movie after watching the show; it is going to be like watching 7 seasons of GoT and then watching a disappointing season finale 😜

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