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Turning Thirty

When I was in my 20s, reaching the age of 30 always felt like reaching the mid-point of my life span.

30 was like a huge milestone. And I would always chalk out scenarios of what I would be doing on this day.

I thought it would be like Joey’s birthday in Friends. Surrounded by my friends while I pulled a long face and complained about how now I am officially “old” and wishing I could stay 22 forever.

Or maybe I would be a confident, successful and independent woman by then and would be sipping red wine on a yatch watching the world sail by!!

Well as you can guess, nothing of this sort happened. I was home, working and typing out “thank you” s on auto pilot.

My thirtieth bday felt like just another day of my life. I am not worried about aging anymore and I know realistically I am never getting on a yatch.

If there’s something I want right now in my life, it’s peace. I want a quiet and a peaceful life. I don’t want any drama. I want stability.

No worries for the rest of my days!!


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