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Now that I have reached the big three-oh, I have to start taking the reins of my life from the elders. And if I have to be a responsible adult, then I need to start sharpening some Adulting skills.

#1 Finance
My Finance is largely handled by my parents. Every month on the count, as soon my salary enters, I keep some amount aside for my personal use, and the major share of it is then swept off into loans and investments.
I am good with planning my monthly expenditure and I understand where my savings are going but I get confused in the mathematics of stuff like Income Tax Returns and Future Projections based on ROIs.

I have tried so many times to understand all the calculations but every year I’m still lost…

#2 Learning to say NO

There have been so many times that I have wanted to say NO to so many things and situations, but I went along with it.

If I am going to start owning some responsibilities, I need to learn to use this word firmly.

#3 Sieving the Feedback

Sometimes some people throw taunts while talking in a sweet voice and sometimes some people angrily throw good advice at me. I get soo confused. Am I supposed to feel the emotion or evaluate the comment?

Bad comments I readily believe, even if they may not be true. And compliments I take a long time to digest, doubting every second if it was genuine.

#4 Household Skills

No, not cooking!! I got that under control. So, I may not be chef-level but I’m confident I will not die of hunger if left to fend for myself.

I’m talking other skills like sewing a button, getting over my fear of heights and climbing that ladder to clean that fan, knowing which wires go where, which tap is leaking where, what to do if someone needs emergency first-aid, whom to call in a panic situation and also what to do if the car breaks down.

#5 Learning to be okay with being alone

Like being in the house after it gets dark, Like not having to rely on others to take away my boredom, Like doing stuff like eating in a restaurant, watching a movie on my own, Like driving on my own, Like letting go of the fear of losing everybody in my life…


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