In the world of supernatural TV dramas, I found another gem.

Lucifer, the fallen angel, decides he has had enough of Hell and leaves his throne to settle down as a nightclub owner in the City of Angels.

Destiny puts him in the path of Detective Chloe Decker and they form an unexpected partnership solving crimes for the LAPD. Meanwhile, Lucifer’s return to hell is demanded ASAP by God.

I am a partial believer but I do love watching a supernatural interpretation of the concepts of Heaven and Hell. According to the show, Hell is nothing but an amplification of our own guilt. Looks like, I am damned!!

I like cop dramas and watching Chloe and Lucifer threw me into a “Castle” flashback. Decker is no Beckett but I like following the murder mystery and how the case relates to something that is happening in the lives of the characters.

The cast is great but some I admire more than the rest. For starters, Maze.

She is, please pardon the cliche, but she is “aMazeing”!!! She’s badass with killer moves and looks, impulsive, sarcastic, straightforward and the best demon from Hell 😈

Hers and Lucifer’s friendship is one of my favorite relationships on the show, closely followed by Chloe and Trixie. She is doing quite a good job of raising that kid.

Even though Linda does theraphy for characters, her words of advice seem to give me stuff to reflect about.

And now, speaking of the Devil, himself!!

He is arrogant, a womanizer, a “man-child with daddy issues”. And he is also; charming, has superb singing skills, does effortless fight sequences and has a sexy British accent. Uff!! 😍

But what I like best are –

His Angel wings 😇

I swear to God, when he burnt them, I was like – No! NO!!! Give them to me!!

Gauging and Shelving

We all have dreams. So, we paint a picture of what this dream looks like, of how we feel when it comes true. And we hold that image in our mind. But when, we do not take any actions towards moving closer to this dream, the image dangling infront of us begins to torture us.

I recently did an analysis of my goals in life and I realized that all the ones that I am not working actively towards need to be shifted to backlog. Instead, I am going to focus on those goals which I can turn into actionable steps.

I like to access my work to determine if I am on the right track. And, by learning it the hard way, I am going to finally try to do it right. By measuring my progress against myself. By reminding myself of where I started with/from to where I am now. To track that curve and watch it rise steadily higher.

Coz this is how I need to keep moving forward.