​Y for Yummy

I love good food 😍 Half the times when I am angry is because I am hungry. So good food is something I enjoy!! 

It can be the simple fish curry rice at home

Fish curry rice is our Goan staple!! 😊

 or the shev puri or shawarma from ktc gaadas

Or the pot luck we have in office

 or the small eat outs we go to for thali

Jess thali 😁

Or the dominos pizzas

Chicken dominator; everyone’s fav!! 😀

 or takeouts from other eateries. 

A kfc bucket for your nightout is the safest option

Or the bbq picnic lunch

 or a nice dinner/lunch at some restaurant. 

Ghee roast chicken and Appam at Leda Seashells

Or the roasted sweet corn during rains

 to my experiments and trials at cooking in the kitchen which actually succeed. 

Pure veg cake 🎂 🔪

Food is Mog 💝


Save room for Dessert

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy desserts!! And that’s the same thing. 🙂

Here are some of my favorite desserts and again in no particular order because I have equal love for all.

  1. Tiramisu
    The first time I tasted Tiramisu, it was on a luncheon to cheer my mood and since then whenever I have Tiramisu my mood is automatically cheered.
    Layers of coffee, cake and whipped cream blending smoothly together…
    I have had it from a flute glass as well in its basic rectangular shape and I love how the espresso powder and white chocolate melt and crunch merrily.
  2. Kit Kat Shake
    The Chocolate Room on FC Road, Pune says ” Why fall in love when u can fall in chocolate?” That is where the Kit Kat shake is served THE best!
    Slurping the chocolaty Kit Kat bits out from the smooth milkshake gives me so much joy😊 And it is topped off with a Kit Kat bar!
  3. Red Velvet Cake

    Just one creamy velvety slice of cake is enough to bring some good vibes to my day.
    I feel its one of the most classic desserts with it’s bright velvet appeal and butter cream frosting.
    Kind of like the cake that calls for a celebration.

  4. Sizzling Brownie

    Brownie sizzling hot on a platter dripping with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream and peppered with walnuts.
    If u don’t want your wonderful evening to go wrong , this is what u should order for dessert. My favorite part? The intoxicating flavor of rum cutting through the chocolate.😋

  5. Caramel Pudding

    My standard fail safe dessert to order. It never disappoints me.
    Delicious syrupy caramel over soft custard. The combination tastes apt.

Eat. Live. Enjoy. :) :) :)

I’m not a complete foodie but whenever some tasty, irresistably good dishes pass by me, I just can’t help tucking in. I love to eat bite by bite….slowly relishing in…. and food has also given me some memories that I’ll always treasure… 🙂

Here’s listing down some of the best delicacies that I have sampled and in no particular order bcoz I love them all 🙂

1) Chicken & Mushroom Pasta at Giovanni’s Da Tita Pizzas n Pasta, Majorda


Creamy mushroom sauce, delicious Penne pasta, creamy chicken…..
I was licking the bowl till they cleared it from the table and every time we went to Da Tita’s for a pizza and pasta treat, we just had to have this dish on our menu.

2) Hot n Sour Chicken Soup at Delhi Darbar, Panjim


Simply delicious….simmering hot soup with very finely chopped garlic & onions…so hot & warm & so much chicken in every sip of it.
And since it was rainy days, the soup felt nice & warm in the tummy. If and when I come back here, I want to order this soup only.

3) Rabdi with Jalebi at Kashi Diary Sweets, Margao


We had heard so much about this sweet shop from our friend that we HAD TO visit it, by far the most authentic North Indian sweets that I have tasted & it had to be so bcoz our friend is a North Indian & she takes us to the best places(Infact, most of the places on this list were recommended by her 🙂 ).
Sweet condensed malai mixed with sugar, served chilled with the syrupy sweet jalebi…. Woww….can’t believe to imagine the flavor if kesar was added to it too.

4) Fishka Special Fruit Salad at Fishka Restaurant, Betalbatim


This extremely yum dessert was served in a pineapple…we ate dipping our spoons right into it, didn’t even bother with the bowls.
Vanilla ice cream mixed with a generous amount of fruits and nuts and my favourite…Chickoo.

5) Fishka Special Chicken Hot Wings at Fishka Restaurant, Betalbatim


Hot Deep Fried, completely coated in “finger-licking-good” sauce….
Another dish which left me licking my fingers long after I had finished savouring it.

6) Tiramisu at Fisherman’s Wharf, Cavelossim


This was on an excursion to cheer me up & this dessert successfully did it!!!! 🙂
Served in a cocktail glass, it had layers of cake, biscuits dipped in coffee & spongy mixture of whipped eggs and cocoa…topped with white chocolate.

7) Chicken Cafereal at Viva Panjim, Panjim

Picture 537

Another delicacy which we devoured directly from the plate…with warm garlic bread.
The ginger-garlic masala gives it it’s unique green color & while u puncture the chicken by just the right amount, the masala flows in flavouring the chicken with spices & herbs.

8) Sizzling Walnut Brownie at Kudos Sizzler Grill & Pizzeria, Porvorim


This was another surprise treat for me – a pure treat to the eyes the way the rum was poured into the brownie to set it ablaze and the ice cream & chocolate sauce melting & sizzling on the sizzler plate.
Chocolaty walnut brownie & the hot smoky chocolate sauce & the cool vanilla ice cream & the rum….yumm.

9) Ravioli at Kudos Sizzler Grill & Pizzeria, Porvorim


Delicious stuffing of vegetables & chicken sealed between square pasta layers & served with cheesy sauce.
Another reason to fall in love with pasta again.

10) Barbecue Chicken at Kudos Sizzler Grill & Pizzeria, Porvorim


I had seen(in movies) & heard & read a lot about barbecue parties but had never really had a taste of one. I used to think its spicy but when I tasted it I was pleasantly surprised to feel the sweet taste.
Seasoned in barbecue sauce, the chicken was perfectly crisp on the outside & cooked on the inside. My fingers were a saucy mess & the table a mess of wet tissues after eating it but worth it!!!

Soo many more places to go and soo many dishes yet to taste.

Till then people, keep clinking the glasses and tapping the plates. Happy eating. 🙂