A Lazy Sunday Escape

On Sunday, I met up with my high school friends at The Chikoo Tree Project. 

I had heard about this place from Flygirl but I didn’t get a chance to visit it. And Kru chose this place to meet just out of the top of her head. 
The moment I stepped inside, I felt at home. I loved the ambience 💗 

U know what was the first thing I saw?

They had books!! 😍

It’s the kind of cafe where you can combine your leisure activities with your food cravings. 

Besides books, they have indoor games like carrom, chess, scarbble etc. They also have colors and crayons and paper so you can paint or sketch as per your mood. 

They serve breakfast menu for the whole day actually but there are choices for curry on the menu as well. We decided to make a brunch out of it. 

We opted for Hassleback Potatoes in garlic and cheese, Farmer’s eggs on toast with chicken sausages and Chicken and Tomato Presto sandwiches. 

Hassleback potatoes in garlic and cheese

Farmer’s eggs on toast with chicken sausages

Chicken and Tomato Presto Sandwiches with french fries

For drinks, Kru took a Lemongrass lemonade, I took an Iced tea and Zia ordered Assam chai. 

The spread of the chai tray was so amazing. It was a kettle with boiled tea, milk separate and three types of sugar – white, brown and sugar free 😁

Assam chai ☕

The staff here are so friendly. They were totally fine with us lounging there for 5 hours chit chatting 😝

That’s Kru clicking the picture and Me and Zia talking in the background

I would ask everyone to check out this place at least once 😊

It surely made my Sunday. I will definitely visit again for a solo trip here. Just me, a book and some food. 


Weekend in Punee

Last weekend, Me and Flygirl, decided to goto Pune & meet up with our friends over there. 

It was a relief to just escape from everything & Pune is one of my favorite places to go. Ever since I stayed there for 5 months on deputation back in 2015, I have always loved this place & every year I make sure that I come back here atleast once. 

This time, we had planned a surprise for our friend Shub, in the sense that we didn’t tell her that Flygirl will be coming along too. And her expression at the surprise was worth it 😁😁

This is right outside her apartment 😁

I believe I captured the moment well😉

So over Saturday lunch @ Yana Sizzlers, we met up with all our friends in Pune. 

From right to left going anti clockwise: Shub, Ani, Flygirl, Poonam, Nik and me

FC Road!!! I love that street 😍😍😍

After lunch, we decided to just bike around to Khadakwasla dam. 

And then on the spot decided to goto Sinhagad fort for the sunset 😊

The bike rides were the most memorable part of this trip. Usually, we just roam around in Ola cabs, protected from the street buzz outside. But the bikes!! 

There is something liberating about being on a bike. Ani was a best partner for the long rides keeping me entertained by singing, talking, pointing out places and views.. In the evenings, I was like frozen behind him on the bike, fingers stiff over the G Maps, skin bitten by cold & lenses red but somehow a smile on the face always 🙂

Saturday night, we hit Hard Rock Cafe!! 

This place ( as Nik says) is sexy ❤️❤️❤️

We are definitely coming back again. The music was spot on, the ambience was amazing, the whole mood was lit!! 🔥 

Though the 🍻 rate is like 10 times Goa, still it is a price we were willing to pay just for this place ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Sunday morning we were off to Lonavala. Though monsoon season would have been ideal for a visit here still we took in all the views & spots that we could in the time that we had here. 

@ Bhushi Dam

One Kala Chashma wala selfie 😂

Lion’s point @ Lonavala

The thumbs up peak

Once again, the bike rides 😍❤️

On the road

I was so not ready to go back to Goa. But what other choice did I have? 🙁

This trip was GOOD!!! 



I have lost count of the number of times I have watched FRIENDS and I can keep watching it and never get bored of it 😀

Esp after a very long day in office if I need guarantee that anything can lift my mood up, it’s this! I laugh so much the phrase ‘Laugh out loud’ is done justice & my mom and bro peep in my room to see why I’m laughing alone 😛

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular sitcoms of it’s time, I think FRIENDS is just so amazing bcoz everyone can relate to it despite it being u know  a series about the “twenty-somethings”.

Don’t we all have Friends like,

the “nerdy” Ross

the “every situation has it’s humour” Chandler

the “slow to catch on” Joey

the “weird & always in her own world” Phoebe

the “bossy” Monica

and the “(To put it like Ross says) spoiled” Rachel.

We all go through this phase in life when our friends are like our family.
When we mimic each other, tease each other, argue with each other, give each other insane advice but also help to pull each other out of trouble 😛

When we live each day complaining about life, our unhappy jobs, saving money less & spending it more, having a blast living together as roomies & each single time we hang out. 😀

Or when we bash each other’s crushes or help each other to go upto their crushes or fall for our friend’s crush or even fall in love with a friend….

Haven’t we all done that? 🙂

FRIENDS taught me it’s okay to be silly, it’s okay to have your own faults, it’s okay to not know what you want to do in life & its okay to even fail sometimes because

I’ll be there for you
When the rain starts to pour
I’ll be there for you
Like I have been there before
I’ll be there for you
Coz I know u’ll b there for me too….



Have fun guys!!! It’s but one-life!!!!! 🙂 🙂