The One with the Reunion

17 years after the show ended, the cast and the makers of F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunited for an evening down memory lane.

Like countless people around the globe, I am a huge fan of the show too. I was looking forward to watching the Reunion and now I feel I could use a group hug!!

As the show makers; Bright, Kauffman and Crane put it: It is about that time of your life when your friends are your family. Each one goes through this phase, which is what makes this series relatable to every generation. The styles and locations may be a 90’s time capsule but the essence of the show “friendship” is timeless.

The episode opens with each FRIEND walking into the recreated set; which brought back all their memories. Matt revealed how Courtney used to write her dialogues on the apples on the dining table!!

The cast recreated their famous trivia game night and reacted to their bloopers.

It went all from laughing out loud one moment to sad tears when Courtney said this could be the last time they might get to do this together as a group.

My favorite part of the episode was the table read sessions for “The One Where Everybody Finds Out”

Phoebe’s “My eyes!! My eyes!!” is still bang on

and the first kiss between Ross and Rachel 😍

David and Jennifer admitted that they did indeed have a crush on each other back in Season 1, but their ships were always sailing away from each other, so they channeled all the adoration that they felt for each other into Ross and Rachel.

Chandler and Monica were supposed to be a one-time fling but seeing the way the audience reacted, the creators had to take notice.

The show makers also shared stories about how the FRIENDS were cast – from coaxing David out of early TV retirement to making a cross over to get Lisa on the show. Jennifer shared how she was a part of another show at the time and how they had told her that F.R.I.E.N.D.S would never make her a star. Could that be more ironic?

Many guests made an appearance , I liked the part where Lisa Kudrow and Lady Gaga sang “Smelly Cat.”

It was good to see Mr & Mrs Geller and Gunther again. And “Oh my Gawd” Janice!!

She revealed that her high-pitched laugh was a spur of the moment reaction to stop herself from bursting in peals in front of Matthew – who incidentally added a lot of spontaneous jokes to the original scenes.

Sure, we would all like to know where the FRIENDS would be now in their lives. But as Lisa rightly said, in order to do that they would have to unravel all the good. Sometimes, it’s best to leave something at a beautiful point in time.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S has changed the lives of not only the people who were a part of the show but also all those who have watched it. It certainly brings a smile to my face every time!! 🙃

Places I Miss Visiting During The Lockdown

Even though we are not in a curfew, there are some places that I cannot go to anymore or go as often as before.

For example, Visiting my parents. I used to drop by at least once within a week and sometimes stay over. I wish I could still do that, but Internet has been a big issue – cannot do Work From Home without losing my patience. I definitely miss my parents and irritating my brother and I am also missing out while these lovelies grow up.

An opportunity that we lost this year was The North India Tour. We had flights pre-booked and itineraries planned and then the Pandemic hit.

I miss attending Marathons with Flygirl. I am turning into a Slakoth trapped here. My motivation is zapped.

I also miss all the weekends where I used to just hang out with my friends or impulsively go out wherever me and my husband felt like.

We are also huge movie fans and I love the experience of being in a movie theater – the smell of salty popcorn, the cold of the air conditioning, the opening notes of the production drumming through me. Somehow, even with so many streaming options available now, they don’t stir that level of excitement.

I also miss exploring new restaurants. I have set my sights on Gunpowder for so long now, I am not sure when I’ll get the opportunity to visit it.

I miss driving around and stopping at any local stall for shawarma or shev puri. I miss dipping my feet in sand and watching the sunset while enjoying a drink.  

What are some of the things you miss doing during the Lockdown?

Trip to Sula Land

That was us as we started on the road trip from Pune to Nasik. Flygirl and Ani being the only two who could drive a vehicle, Nik and I lounged on the backseat switching songs on the Bluetooth speaker.

After approximately 5 hours – with breakfast and lunch breaks (Nikmade yummy biryani) – we reached The Sula Vineyards.

Even though it was only Feb, the vineyards were quite bare actually. So, maybe the right time to visit would be before the Sula fest (which takes place on the first weekend of Feb) or the fest itself.

But since we were already here, we weren’t about to let the bare landscapes spoil the fun.

We roamed the estate snapping pictures like regular tourists.

We then had our scheduled Wine Tasting Tour.

It is quite an informative tour where the guide takes you through each step of the wine making process – from the crushing of the grapes, fermentation to ageing of the wines.

We were also taught the 4 S’s of Wine Tasting – See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip

We tasted these:

  • Brut Chardonnay
  • Savignon Blanc Reserve
  • Dindori Chardonnay
  • Rasa Syrah
  • Rasa Cabarnet Savignon
  • Chenin Blanc

To be honest, loved the Rasa Cabarnet and the Chenin Blanc while mentally making a note to never taste the Savignon Blanc again.

We also visited the Bottle Store and purchased some souvenirs for home.

We had wanted to try the Grape Stomping but it was priced at an unreasonable amount, so we skipped it.

We spent some time in the evening letting the light hum of the wine nicely douse us.

Me and Flygirl having a fake candid chat for the pictures 😝

Do give the vineyards a visit if you are curious about it. Coz, Wine not?!