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The Hogwarts Reunion

As Emma Watson said, “There’s something about Harry Potter that makes life richer.”

I loved that the episode started with the Alumni receiving their invitations at midnight. Would have been even lovely if they were delivered by owl!!

When Emma remarked it feels like a lot of time has passed and yet no time has passed simultaneously, Rupert quipped, “I have had kidney stones and a baby, so I know that time has passsed.”

Location: Gryffindor common room

Rupert also said that he feels that they have not earned a reunion yet but I differ on that. A series as special as Harry Potter deserves a reunion every now and then šŸ¤©

It was interesting watch Director Chris Columbus film the first two movies with so much patience with the kids who were all just so excited to be a part of a Potter movie. It was fun to watch their audition tapes, so little that they were back then!!

Director Alfonso Cuaron shared a story that when filming The Prisoner of Azkaban, he had assigned them homework to write an essay describing their characters. While Emma in true Granger style submitted pages of homework, Rupert didn’t submit anything. When asked why, he slyly replied that he didn’t think Ron would have done it šŸ˜

Rupert described how being Ron was all he knew in those years and he had even forgotten his own name. While Emma on the other hand said that Hermione makes sense to her because she IS that. Infact, her parents were worried how she would react if she lost the audition.

The trio in the Goblet of Fire

However, as fame caught up, loneliness started creeping up on Emma. The Order of the Pheonix director, David Yates, recounted that when he was signed on for the movie, the first thing he was told was that Emma was having second thoughts about returning. I’m glad that she chose to see it through, because I cannot imagine anyone else as Hermione Granger.

Tom Felton also said that it is incredible the way that Emma held herself as the guys always had each other and Emma was not only on her own but also the youngest.

Tom and Emma confessed to having a soft spot for each other and Emma revealed that she had had a crush on Tom ever since that day in workshop when he drew a girl with a backward cap on a skateboard as his version of what God looked like.

As Robbie Coltrane who plays Hagrid beautifully said that the legacy will continue. “I’ll not be here sadly, but Hagrid will, yes.”

Always ā£

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Question 2

Question 2: In 10 years time, will you be proud of what you are doing now?

I am consciously putting efforts into setting things right in my life and I am focusing on doing what’s good for me. And I feel, I am ethically a good hearted person. So, in 10 years time, safely I should be good with who I am.

Will I be proud?

Well.. I certainly am hoping that I am going to lessen my regrets and guilt with the amount of work I am putting into myself. So, if all goes well, I think I’m definitely going to end up satisfied with my 2021 self, if not proud.

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Annoying Things Relatives Say

Whenever me and my relatives meet for any festival or family functions; they believe it is their earth-bound duty to assess my life and my looks. And they need to mark me an F in at least some area on the progress report that they maintain for me.

A senior aunt said that I have “red teeth”. Now, I would have still understood if she had said that, I have yellow teeth (plaque) or even if I have black teeth (cavities). But when do teeth turn red? (Am I a vampire and I don’t know about it ? )

My relatives do not believe in small talk, even if we meet after several months. They jump straight into comfortable questions, like:

“How much was your increment this year?”

“Why are you not pregnant yet?”
Someone has even called me infertile already. What was that? Are they a doctor? Oh no, they are “certified relatives”. They predict your sexuality and your fertility by having one look at your face.

“Did you learn how to cook, yet?”
Apparently, referring a YouTube video or a cook book is not cooking. They want me to charge into the kitchen with a blind cloth on, pick up all the ingredients and cut, sautĆ©, blend, simmer and voila!! Now that’s cooking!

And, it doesn’t matter if I am beginning to do better in other things in my life, because I look at YouTube and cook. How disgracing!!

They don’t even want me to do better in my life.
When I couldn’t drive, they used to compare me with all the bright kids who can drive. And now that I can drive a manual (as compared to the automatics that the bright kids drive), I get asked, very casually, “Umm.. so say.. you must have forgotten what it’s like to drive, right?
Me: No. Why?
Relative: I mean, with all the gears and you not stepping out..
Me: But who said I am not stepping out?
Relative: Oh.. but I mean still.. you have not forgotten at least something?”

I get called out for not wearing makeup. I get called out for wearing lipstick and kajal.

I get called out for breathing air!!

And my parents wonder why wouldn’t I want to place myself under such a spotlight?

Why wouldn’t I want to be treated with so much love?

********Sarcasm heavily intended**********