Weight Tracking Trip

I had piled on “happy calories” post my marriage. During the lockdown, I started feeling guilty about all the extra weight and decided to try to revert to what it was in 2018.

Chunky me on the right

Finally, after 9 months at it, I succeeded in reaching my target goal!!

My Weight Tracker Journal page

I have observed that diet and activity are proportionally related. My current work from home lifestyle is very sedentary, so I eat less portions at meals. On days that I gorge on, I make a point to atleast do some household activities to balance that. And this seems to be working for me so far!!

Me now, hoping to maintain a healthy lifeğŸ¤ž

Unfinished – Book by Priyanka Chopra Jonas

I am a huge admirer of Priyanka Chopra. I was eagerly awaiting the chance to read her memoir, Unfinished, and now that I did, I am more in awe of her.

The book starts with her childhood memories and what it was like growing up with parents who treated her as an individual who has an equal say. Priyanka recounts a story when she asked her father, why her name was not on the house name plate. Any other adult would have dismissed it as a child’s zid, but her father thought on it and said, “You are right. You live in this house too. Your name should be on it.”

She credits her career to her parents, who shuttled between their hospital commitments and moved around the world with her so that she could flourish. And her brother who kick-started the whole thing by sending her nomination to Miss India without even informing her.

Miss India World 2000

Priyanka says that she is an amalgamation of the East and the West. She grew up and lived in different cities in India, moved to the US for high school, came back and became a Bollywood star and eventually transitioned into Hollywood.

She believes that we shouldn’t strive to fit into a mold of society-approved-standards. That infact, our difference is our strength. It is what makes us stand out & more importantly, it is what makes us , “us”

She also believes that we should have a go at every opportunity that comes our way. And not just try it for fun, but invest our 100% in it. If it works, it will pay off dividends. If not, then what’s the worst that will happen? Whatever might be the failure, it will not be for lack of effort.

This has been her strategy for her entire career. She entered the Miss India contest, while studying for her XIIth boards. She took up film offers and prepped herself for every role that came along her way. Sometimes, some opportunities tanked, like her music career which didn’t really take off – but as she says, it wasn’t for lack of effort.

Priyanka also showcases how important it is to swallow the pride pill & not shy away from starting at the bottom; which is what she did when she established her career in the US.

Quantico billboard in the US

I enjoyed reading about how Nick “slided” into her DMs to their big fat Chopra Jonas wedding festivities and the infinite trains.

At Met Gala 2017
At their wedding 😍

I loved all the anecdotes about her parents – especially the one when her father painstakingly wrote and re-wrote the words for her tattoo even when he was unable to hold a pen in his hands.

The stories about her parents’ days in the Army & her own experiences as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador were heartening.

Priyanka being awarded the Padma Shri in 2016

Priyanka Chopra has always been an inspiration for me, and will continue to be, because, she’s not quite “finished” yet!!

First Impression: Samsung Galaxy M31s

This is not going to be a technical review because I am not much into technology. This is my First Impression of the phone as a basic user.

Starting at Rs. 18,499 online, the M31s has two new features compared to its predecessor – the Infinity-0 display and the Single Take Camera.

The Look: I purchased the phone in Mirage Blue color and I like the overall glossy and blending smoothly from blue to metallic look. The back is plastic and the screen is Gorilla glass but since its glossy it leaves behind a lot of smudged fingerprints.

Screen: The 6.5 inch Infinity-O display is quite a treat to the eyes for a quality audio-video experience. However, some videos need to be stretched a little to fill the whole screen.
The screen has a hole-punch camera at the top center but I did not find that distracting at all!

Side-mounted Fingerprint Scanner: The Fingerprint scanner is coupled with the Home button and is mounted at the side below the volume buttons. It is easy to reach for.
There is an option for face recognition, but I am yet to try that.

Battery: I started using the phone from 6th April and I must say I am pretty impressed with the battery life, as I had to charge my phone just for 1 hour in the morning and was able to use it for two full days.
Having said that, I am not a gamer so I don’t use my phone for long hours. Also, using the various camera modes causes the battery to drain.

Reverse Charging: The phone came with a charger and it is of Type C. The phone has a unique reversible charging feature – which means my phone can basically be used as a power bank to charge other Type C devices.

Modes: What I like about the phone is that there a lot of modes to help save up your battery life. In addition to the Power Saving mode, we have custom Work Time, Me Time and Bed Time modes which allow you to select what apps would be used for that time and all the other apps get disabled. This also allows you to focus on your work or have a peaceful sleep.
There is an Eye Comfort Shield, a Dark Mode.
There are also options for Parental Controls and App and Screen Timers.

Apps: The phone comes with preinstalled Netflix, Facebook, Snapchat, Amazon Prime, Phone Pe, Cred and a few other apps. I would have preferred if there was an option during setup that allowed me to select the apps I want instead.

Camera: The phone has a quad camera at the back which is one Primary camera, a wide angle lens, a macro lens and a depth camera.
I am very happy with the photo quality. Even in low light, the Night mode gives well-lit photos.

Night mode

The selfie camera auto adjusts to a wide angle depending on the number of people in the frame.

There are also a lot of other modes to try, to name a few:

Food Mode
Portrait mode with color block
Macro mode

There is a AR doodle feature and a Pro mode which allows you to enable custom settings for your phone.
Coming to the Single Take feature. It prompts you to shoot a video from different angles and as output offers atleast 5-7 photos and videos with pre-applied filters like reverse, boomerang, black n white, fast forward, zoom, in addition to the original video.

For my budget and considering that I mainly use my phone for photos and videos, the Samsung Galaxy M31s is very decent. Also, the overall look is premium and it fits in my pockets!!