Home Décor – How to store your Books

Make your books a part of your home decor!!!

  • The Classic Coffee Table

coffee table

Stack your favorite classics or your TBR list on your coffee table for easy access whenever you want a quick read or a coffee with a read.

Alternatively, a piece of furniture like an ottoman is a great way of having your books right in your den.


  • The Tree Shaped Shelf

This will look great if you have a passage or a corridor in your home. You could design the tree to span the entire length of the passage!!


  • Refrigerator turned BookCase


Have an old fridge at home? Don’t sell it. Use it to store your books – maybe you could put the thrillers in the ice box section 😛

  • Stack ‘em in crates


    A simple solution to an ever growing library collection….Just keep adding new crates every time and watch your world grow.

  • Cookbooks in Metal Bins


Use the same kind of metal bins that you would use for your dishes, this will give a good look to store your cookbooks. And also, they will be right there in the kitchen when you need them.

  • Loft them Up!!

Have a loft? Then well store your books up there!! But make sure the loft isn’t very high up as well. It should be within easy reach.


  • Comfortable Corner

If you have your favorite spot in the house , turn it into your very own cozy reading place!!


  • The Space Under The Stairs


This will not only utilize the spare space but it will be like a corner of joy just for you!