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Brahmastra: Less of a Review, More of a Rant

After being in the making for so long and helmed by such a talented cast and crew, it is but natural to have high expectations from a film like Brahmastra.

And the movie starts off on a high note too with Amitabh Bachchan’s voiceover in a comic book style opening and with Shah Rukh Khan’s amazing cameo. His charm combined with his magnificent Vanarastra avtar and it almost promises something unique.

But then cut to present day Shiva and Isha and the story just tumbles downhill from there.

The concept that the makers were going for with the lead couple is of love at first sight – inexplicable yet perfectly plausible if they had not literally met like a day ago and are suddenly so madly in love, they can’t stay away from each other. Playing along the lines of Kalyug reincarnations may have been interesting and explained their attraction and loyalty towards each other but there is no explanation offered.

It would have been great to know the origin stories of characters such as Junoon – who is she, why is she Brahma Dev’s acolyte – and Guruji. None of the characters have any distinct personality traits either. And I find it hard to digest that in 2022, there are still goody-two-shoes people like Isha. I genuinely hope that Alia’s character gets a negative spin or even becomes a secret ace card in the remaining series.

A strong relationship could have been developed between Guruji and Shiva. The pupil comes to the teacher a non believer, Guruji teaches him to tap into his inner potential and master it – oh so much could have been done here. But Amitabhji just leaves Ranbir to find his “ON button”.

And if they could have referenced or borrowed from any of the astras that we have heard about (Narayanastra, Pashupatastra) would have been intriguing. But instead, they haven’t established the Astraverse universe itself properly.

I still have lingering questions like:

  • How many Astras are there in total? What are their powers?
  • How did Junoon and her henchmen get to SRK in the first place?
  • Why is the Ashram not protected in any form (magical or otherwise?)
  • Why are all the sentries a senior citizen’s club? And why didn’t they stay back to protect the Ashram when they knew an attack was imminent?
  • Why were Ranbir and Alia always romancing in the middle of action scenes?
  • Why was Dimple Kapadia even there? To chauffeur Alia? Why do only they need a chopper?

The plot felt very bleak. Secret societies is a concept that could have been explored really well through a wild goose chase in modern colonies ala Da Vinci style. But we get a GPS location straight to the Ashram.

Easily the weakest part of the film are its dialogues that sound like they were meant to be placeholders. Calling people “scientist”, “killers”, “artist” sounds very weary. And enough has already been said about Alia’s “Shiva…” dialouge.

Powerful lines like, “Ab Shiva ka saath Parvati nahi degi toh aur kaun dega” are woefully wasted. Isha says this when she decides to whimsically accompany Shiva to Varanasi. It would have sounded much more impactful if it had been said after they had discovered the Brahmastra‘s secret and our hero was reluctant to get into a do-or-die situation and she was giving him motivation.

And puh-lease, stop already with the lie that “love” is more powerful enough than everything in Bollywood – even a Brahmastra.

If we are handing out lenient passes, then we better get a good Part 2. I am not expecting MCU but I wish it was less over-simplified. I feel the audiences would appreciate a super-hero film that would make them think and concoct wild theories.

The VFX in the film have definitely set a standard in the industry.

And kudos for making a project on Indian mythology. Just imagine, if we had got a glimpse of Ranveer Singh or Deepika Padukone in Dev and Amrita in the end ( post-credit style), it would have made up for the average story and dialogues.

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Exploring WordPress – Scheduling your Posts

I have been blogging on WordPress since 2016. But I am one of those people who use the limited capabilities of their word editor and be happy with it.

Since I am trying to be open to learn new things, I am thinking of doing a series about useful WordPress features that I do not frequently use because when it comes to technology, I am kind of dumb and rigid.

This may not be very useful to those who are professionally hosting websites, but if there is someone like me who is in it for the love of writing and expressing themselves and doesn’t know about any of these features, then maybe this can help.

Okay, so this week I scheduled all my posts to release out at different days and time.

I have read about different bloggers advocating the use of scheduling posts to make your life easier but I was always reluctant to try it out. Until I did and tell you what,

a) Say you are in a mood when ideas after ideas are coming to mind. Then it just smarter to let them flow out at that point. Put it all out in a post or multiple posts. And if you don’t want to release it at that particular time because maybe you have already posted today and you don’t want your previous post to get side lined, then scheduling is a good way to do it.

b) Scheduling helping on days when you have no ideas that come to mind! And now you are worried that your readers will disengage or that you will lose the love for writing yourself. But if you have previously clubbed down all your ideas into blog posts and have already scheduled them in pipeline, you don’t have to worry during your low days.

c) You don’t have to do it yourself at that moment. Say, you have a birthday post for someone that you want to go out at midnight. Just schedule it a few days in advance and keep!!

How to Schedule Your Posts in WordPress

Step 1: Login to WordPress.

Step 2: Write a new blog post.

Step 3: Navigate to Settings and click on Post.

Step 4: Click on the link “Immediately” next to Publish.

Step 5: Select a different date and time of your choice.

Step 6: Add your required tags and categories and once you are ready click on Schedule!!

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The Hogwarts Reunion

As Emma Watson said, “There’s something about Harry Potter that makes life richer.”

I loved that the episode started with the Alumni receiving their invitations at midnight. Would have been even lovely if they were delivered by owl!!

When Emma remarked it feels like a lot of time has passed and yet no time has passed simultaneously, Rupert quipped, “I have had kidney stones and a baby, so I know that time has passsed.”

Location: Gryffindor common room

Rupert also said that he feels that they have not earned a reunion yet but I differ on that. A series as special as Harry Potter deserves a reunion every now and then 🀩

It was interesting watch Director Chris Columbus film the first two movies with so much patience with the kids who were all just so excited to be a part of a Potter movie. It was fun to watch their audition tapes, so little that they were back then!!

Director Alfonso Cuaron shared a story that when filming The Prisoner of Azkaban, he had assigned them homework to write an essay describing their characters. While Emma in true Granger style submitted pages of homework, Rupert didn’t submit anything. When asked why, he slyly replied that he didn’t think Ron would have done it 😁

Rupert described how being Ron was all he knew in those years and he had even forgotten his own name. While Emma on the other hand said that Hermione makes sense to her because she IS that. Infact, her parents were worried how she would react if she lost the audition.

The trio in the Goblet of Fire

However, as fame caught up, loneliness started creeping up on Emma. The Order of the Pheonix director, David Yates, recounted that when he was signed on for the movie, the first thing he was told was that Emma was having second thoughts about returning. I’m glad that she chose to see it through, because I cannot imagine anyone else as Hermione Granger.

Tom Felton also said that it is incredible the way that Emma held herself as the guys always had each other and Emma was not only on her own but also the youngest.

Tom and Emma confessed to having a soft spot for each other and Emma revealed that she had had a crush on Tom ever since that day in workshop when he drew a girl with a backward cap on a skateboard as his version of what God looked like.

As Robbie Coltrane who plays Hagrid beautifully said that the legacy will continue. “I’ll not be here sadly, but Hagrid will, yes.”

Always ❣