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The Hogwarts Reunion

As Emma Watson said, “There’s something about Harry Potter that makes life richer.”

I loved that the episode started with the Alumni receiving their invitations at midnight. Would have been even lovely if they were delivered by owl!!

When Emma remarked it feels like a lot of time has passed and yet no time has passed simultaneously, Rupert quipped, “I have had kidney stones and a baby, so I know that time has passsed.”

Location: Gryffindor common room

Rupert also said that he feels that they have not earned a reunion yet but I differ on that. A series as special as Harry Potter deserves a reunion every now and then 🤩

It was interesting watch Director Chris Columbus film the first two movies with so much patience with the kids who were all just so excited to be a part of a Potter movie. It was fun to watch their audition tapes, so little that they were back then!!

Director Alfonso Cuaron shared a story that when filming The Prisoner of Azkaban, he had assigned them homework to write an essay describing their characters. While Emma in true Granger style submitted pages of homework, Rupert didn’t submit anything. When asked why, he slyly replied that he didn’t think Ron would have done it 😁

Rupert described how being Ron was all he knew in those years and he had even forgotten his own name. While Emma on the other hand said that Hermione makes sense to her because she IS that. Infact, her parents were worried how she would react if she lost the audition.

The trio in the Goblet of Fire

However, as fame caught up, loneliness started creeping up on Emma. The Order of the Pheonix director, David Yates, recounted that when he was signed on for the movie, the first thing he was told was that Emma was having second thoughts about returning. I’m glad that she chose to see it through, because I cannot imagine anyone else as Hermione Granger.

Tom Felton also said that it is incredible the way that Emma held herself as the guys always had each other and Emma was not only on her own but also the youngest.

Tom and Emma confessed to having a soft spot for each other and Emma revealed that she had had a crush on Tom ever since that day in workshop when he drew a girl with a backward cap on a skateboard as his version of what God looked like.

As Robbie Coltrane who plays Hagrid beautifully said that the legacy will continue. “I’ll not be here sadly, but Hagrid will, yes.”

Always ❣

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Best Moments from Harry Potter Movies

After I finished my HP Movie Marathon, I was more determined than ever that all the magic lies in the books. But then I admit, the movies are a legacy too and it’s not like the movies didn’t get anything right. There were some good moments for me, in the movies too, which are what I re-count in this post.

#1 Alan Rickman as Professor Snape
Alan Rickman is everything that I imagined Snape to be like and more!! He’s sarcastic, has great presence of mind and is bat like!!

I love how he spares with Harry in words and just looks sometimes!!

How he makes it abundantly clear that he still cared about Lilly!!


And oh!! The way he hits Harry and Ron over their heads 😀

I also liked the way in which in Prisoner of Azkaban Snape defends the trio by putting himself in front of werewolf Lupin. This showed very early on that Snape was not a bad guy!!

#2 Ron and Hermione moments

The series can get all about Harry at times so it is nice to see others getting some quality screen presence too. I wasn’t a shipper for Ron and Hermione but their pairing also made sense.

I like their cute awkward moments,

To their actual moment.

I also liked that Hermione destroying the Horcrux happened on screen, rather than behind the curtains.

#3 Harry and Hermione’s dance in the tent

I know this scene wasn’t in the books and Emma Watson herself has said that she didn’t want to film something that doesn’t match to the books, but this scene is so beautiful. Just a friend trying to cheer another friend up.

#4 I must not tell lies

When Dolores Umbridge tells Harry to ask the centaurs to back off her and Harry goes:

Whoa, such a bad ass reply!! Wish it was in the books!!

#5 Peter Pettigrew showing up on the Marauder’s Map

This plot anomaly in the books had me tossing and turning about at nights. I’m glad they addressed it in the movies by actually showing Pettigrew on the map.

And then Harry telling Lupin about it too.


So true!! Glad to see Hagrid getting his due 🙂

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North Goa Places We Ate

1) Spice Goa, Verem


Food and taste:

Prawns wrapped in Banana leaves
Seafood Soup
Crabs in Butter Garlic
Khube Sukka

Yes, that entire spread was had just by the two of us. Each dish tasted better than the previous. My favorite were the crabs and the khube and I have literally scraped off every last bit of masala and soi off the plate. The prawns were meticulously tied in elegant knots, so plus points for that.

Even the badishep they serve here was tasty – minty badishep mixed with khadi sakhar and lhayo

Ambience: I wouldn’t know much about the ambience, bcoz we took the first table outside and didn’t go in. But our table was sufficiently airy and spacious enough.

Service: The staff who served us was extremely polite and friendly and even offered and got our khube warmed again for us!! Food was prepared quickly and served hot.

Value for money: It is slightly pricey than an average lunch but that’s totally worth it. We left with happy tummys and satisfied smiles.

Recommended for Re-Visit: Definitely!! I am telling whoever asks to goto Spice Goa and I am definitely taking my family there next time!! Highly recommended!!

2) The Fisherman’s Wharf, Calangute


Food and taste:

Potato wedges
Chicken Teriyaki

The food was good in taste but since I had already visited the original Wharf in Cavelossim, the experience at Calangute paled in comparison. The famous Tiramisu that used to cheer my mood up was not upto the standard and I also forgot to click a picture of it.

Ambience: Again, I’m going to be biased but the experience of dining next to a flowing water body trumps that of eating in a closed restaurant with music too loud on the ears.

Service: The staff were friendly and food was also served very quickly.

Value for Money: Yes, it is more or less.

Recommended for Re-visit: One time visit.

3) Artjuna


Food and taste:

Hot Lemon-Honey-Ginger tea and Rose Oolong tea
Tuna Sandwich and Green Omelet Sandwich

The food was good. As we had had breakfast, we found the sandwiches quite filling although I had hoped that my Rose tea would have been more than a dip-dip.

Ambience: The idea of a cafe cum boutique is quite nice. And there’s a lot to look around at which doesn’t hurt.

Service: Good.

Value for money: 👍

Recommended for Re-visit: Umm, I would think as locals, there’s not much in here for us to return to but I guess for the tourists, this place would definitely be a re-visit.

4) Gratitude Cafe


Food and taste:

Spaghetti Pasta
Korean Ramen Bowl

As we had never had vegan food before, it was a good experience for a first time.

Ambience: There is a certain vibe to this place that you realise as soon as you cross the threshold. It is a peaceful, minimalist and eco friendly place and the music is kind of zen. I mean, even a loud person like me got accustomed to maintaining the decorum on my own.

Service: It was good.

Value for money: Yes, it is. The quantity of food is quite good for the amount they charge and I would think also for the whole experience of being at this place.

Recommended for Re-visit: I might/might not. I am kind of still reserved on that.

5) The Burger Factory


Food and taste:

Coconut Cashew Milkshake
Chicken Barbecue Burger

The food here is amazing!! I’m still craving for another delicious coconut cashew milkshake. And the burger was good too. I loved the side dip also.

Ambience: There’s not much to go on.

Service: Well, call it my gut feeling, but I didn’t feel quite positive after reacting with the staff. I get that the place is always busy and there is a long waiting period, but they appeared to kind of ignore our attempts to hail them or inquire about something.

Value for money: Yes, definitely!!

Recommended for Re-visit: Purely on account of the yummy coconut cashew milkshake, I would like to come back here and maybe hope that we get a better service next time.

6) Morgan’s Place By The Sea


Food and taste:

Chicken Mustard Panini

I liked the food. For breakfast, it was sufficiently satisfying. And we had also ordered Masala Chai, which was the best I have had in a long time.

Ambience: The ambience at this place is the best one so far!! Loungers facing the sea and the wind blowing generously and you can relax and enjoy the food and the view. I bet sunsets here would look lovely 😍

Service: It was good. And the bill came in an Alice in Wonderland box, so they get one plus point for that 💫

Value for money: Yes, for sure.

Recommended for Re-visit: I am definitely eager to come back here for an evening to watch the sunset with a chilled drink 🍸

7) Baba Au Rham


Food and taste:

Kumquat Cooler
Chicken Barbeque Pizza

The food was good in taste. It’s always nice to binge on a thin crust pizza and the Kumquat Cooler was really chill – not too sweet or too cold and very pleasant looking.

Ambience: We were given a table at the entrance, so I’m not sure what the place looks like inside. But even then, I didn’t find it much to go on.

Service: Becoz of the long waiting crowd the first time that we came here, we actually came back early the next day determined not to miss the place because we had heard so much hype and still had to wait for a table. Also, scanning the QR code for the menu is a great idea but doesn’t work when the place doesn’t have range and they do not give u the Wi-fi password either. But the staff are friendly and polite despite being very busy.

Value for money: Umm, I found it a wee bit over priced.

Recommended for Re-visit: Nah, I don’t think so, I will return. Been there, done that, and that much is enough.