​Till The Infinity War

As a complete superhero “non-fan”, I have decided to start my journey into the Marvel universe.

I know, I know, like, which Planet of the Galaxy am I from right? 😜 

However, it’s better late than never. I get the chance for a Marathon run only on weekends. Despite that, I think my progress has been pretty good. 🤘

Captain America: The First Avenger

So since I was completely new to Marvel, I decided to start my journey with the First Avenger. This movie establishes the base about S. H. I. E. L. D and Hydra and also introduces the first Infinity Stone. 

Iron Man

In Tony Stark’s own words, he is the, “Multi billionaire Genius Playboy Philanthropist”. The thing about the Iron Man is that, even though his arrogance irritates me it is the very thing that I like about him!! 😂

The Incredible Hulk

I would have watched The Incredible Hulk but many advised me against watching the Edward Norton starrer, so I gave it a skim. 

Iron Man 2

Just goes to show that the Iron Man cannot be ignored. This movie also introduces the Black Widow, whose action and style is a treat to watch. 


The Crown Prince of Asgard has always been my favorite. And now Loki too is. I mean, I get that they are Gods but Loki’s shape shifting and illusion abilities are so amazing, I’ll like some any day. And also, their planet is amazingly beautiful 😍


The entire superhero cast needed to form The Avengers are now ready, so their first battle takes place in New York. With Captain America leading the team, we have Thor, the Black Widow, the Arrow, the Hulk (now Mark Ruffalo) and finally yes, Iron Man who saves the world. 

Iron man 3

More Suits as Armors. But story wise, I liked this movie more. Though this movie has nothing to do with the Infinity stones plot but apparently a knowledge of Tony Stark’s PTSD is important. 

Thor: The Dark World 

I liked this part more too. The concept of Convergence and portals opening in different worlds….. wowww…. 😍 

Also, the funeral scene of Queen Freeya was so beautifully shot. It ended on a good note too. Loki 😁👍

Captain America : The Winter Soldier 

Better than Cap’s First Avenger outing. I guess, since he was in present time, the action sequences looked way better. I must say, this one is one of the best Marvel movies so far for me. 

Avengers: The Age of the Ultron

Technically, The Age of the Ultron, was the only Avenger movie I had watched before my marathon spree. So I gave it a skip here. 
This movie introduces the Maximoff twins and the AI Vision. 

Guardians of the Galaxy 

I didn’t find it outright funny but yeah Groot was a hoot! I like the concept of different planets, abandoned or otherwise, in the Galaxy. And the final scene, when Peter Quill just bursts into dance in front of Ronan 😂 Even I was like, “Why are you doing, whatever you are doing!? ” 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Baby Groot is so cuteee. He reminds me of my nephew sometimes 😂 I felt like the theme of this volume was family, bcoz everyone was quite emo. Now, I personally don’t like Gamora and Nebula both, but this one line that Nebula says, “You always wanted to win whereas I only wanted a sister” ➡ Deep! 

Ant Man

I tried, I honestly tried,  but I dunno, yea Paul Rudd is charming and all and usually I dig good looking criminals but it was just too much action for someone like me. 

Captain America : The Civil War 

Following the events of Sokovia, The Avengers are divided amongst themselves and this movie is a fight between your favorite superheros. This movie also brings in The Black Panther, Ant Man and Spider-Man ( Spider Boy as Tony Stark calls him). 

Doctor Strange 

The laws of physics are turned upside down by neuro surgeon turned sorcerer Dr Stephen Strange. Also, we learn about different dimensions and the Time Stone in this one.

Thor Ragnarok 

I say, I appreciate a villian with style (Hela) and some bhai bhai bonding ( Thor and Loki 💙). The lighter tone of the whole movie also made it very enjoyable too. But why whyy did they chop his locks??? 😔

And his eye 😱

And his hammer 😯

 Spiderman Homecoming 

Yea a better version of all the Spidermans out there. I liked how Spiderman is the Iron Man’s protégé and each and every scene between these two was a delight. Esp the ending – Press conference turned engagement proposal 😂

Black Panther 

I would say a well made movie. Loved that technology. Wakanda Forever!!  🙌

Infinity War

Now with all this sufficient background, I’ll be watching Infinity War right after I publish this post. 

Any Marvel fans out there who want to gimme the encouraging thumbs up?? 


Not Exactly A Review – Sanju

The fact that a person’s life itself can be told on the silver screen says something about their individual journey. I went to see this movie not to know about Sanjay Dutt, the public figure. But for Raj Kumar Hirani’s character Sanju.


I’m not going to judge this movie on any grounds. As a film, it is a wonderful one. And that’s what I want to focus on.

This is a story of a flawed man. A man who made bad choices. A man who let circumstances get the better of him. Somehow this portrayal is what makes Sanju relatable. And Hirani has managed to balance delicately the dark aspects of Sanju’s life with sprinkled corners of humor and prevent the movie from being a gloomy one.

In fact, some of the scenes of the drug induced Sanju were plain sad to me, while the rest of the audience laughed at the crazed drugged guy , I felt somewhere a tug of sadness for his loss of empathy.

The pressure of living up to the family expectations, the pain of losing a parent, of hurting a friend, the loneliness, the tarnish of reputation – it’s all there conveyed by Ranbir Kapoor’s phenomenal performance.

Another prime character in the story is Sunil Dutt. This Sunil Dutt ( played by Paresh Rawal ) being the father struggling to get his child back before he self destructs. We often take for granted what our parents go through to keep us comfortable, this movie shows us the emotional turmoil of a father.



Vicky Kaushal as Sanjay Dutt’s  best friend through all the highs and lows is remarkable too. He is that friend who is the voice in the back of Sanju’s mind and the only hope that saves him from his disasters.


Manisha Koirala is endearing as Nargis. It’s hard not to fall for her innocence.


Sonam Kapoor is quite genuine too.


One thing to think upon after seeing this movie is whether the world as we know it can be trusted or not. Someone tells us something, we hear something and immediately we form the same opinion. Without analyzing it for ourselves. We are becoming the society with herd mentality. Jump the bandwagon and scream the loudest – does NOT make you right!

And who are we to judge anyways? We don’t like it when others judge us but we are quick to form assumptions about others. These may be casual comments of no importance to you and me but you never know how that affects the person they are targeted towards.


Finally, the movie says you have to fight your own battles. Your family and friends can help you only so much. The longer part of the journey is a solo one. And if you intend on making it to the destination, you need to find your willpower and courage.

 The Marathon 

I was on a break from work last week and I wanted to relax back and just do things as and when I felt like.

And now when I look back I’m amazed to note the amount of movies and books I managed to devour at the time. Because believe me, I’m the one who likes to take things one at a time. Even with my favorite series, it’s just one episode at a time.

So looking back, I think I may have reached my highest mark in my movie-book marathon. 😁

Movie 1: Sweet Home Alabama 

Small town girl Melanie Carmichael has made it big in New York city. And when her boyfriend, who is the most eligible bachelor in New York proposes to her, she must return to her home town Alabama to sort out some unfinished business with – her husband! 

Reese Witherspoon is brilliant as always but this time it was both the lead guys who did a better job than her. I love the fact that both of them were so understanding of Melanie. And while the climax is predictable, it is the part that gives the film it’s small town charm. 

And I loved the scene when her boyfriend proposes to her and asks her to choose any ring she likes from the whole damn Tiffany shop!! 😱😁

Movie 2: The Devil wears Prada

Andy Sachs is personal assistant to the world’s worst boss Miranda Priestly. While Andy tries to do her best as Miranda’s assistant so as to get her big break in the writing world, she discovers the politics behind the glamor, the choices and it’s consequences. 

I read the book first and I often end up comparing a book and a movie and I found the movie a load better. In the book all I could do was hate Miranda Priestly but the movie put a humane touch to her.

Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway are simply a delight to watch. So also Emily Blunt. This is a movie I would say definitely watch.

Movie 3: Monte Carlo

Three young women on a trip to Paris are whisked away to Monte Carlo when one of them is mistaken for a British heiress. Complications arises as they try to keep up the masquerade. 

Selena Gomez said that this was a movie she was doing for the girls, if not anything else. And it is a typical girls day out movie – young women discovering fame, love, self respect and life while on a journey away from home.

Movie 4: Miss Congenitality

Movie 5: Miss Congenitality 2

FBI agent Gracie Hart is as tough as nails. When a threat letter sent by a terrorist called as Citizen threatens to blow up the Miss United States pagent, she goes undercover as a participant. 

Part 1 was fantastic!! 😍😍 It was a joy ride from the start till the end. Agent Gracie Hart is taught how to ‘be a lady’ and as she snorts through all the competitions, she is a clear winner. Sandra Bullock is amazingg and u must must watch this movie.

Much as Part 1 was fabulous, Part 2 disappointed me huge time.

Gracie Hart is made the ‘New Face of the FBI’. But when the Miss United States and the pagent emcee gets abducted, she must once again become the tough nails agent she was. 

It was a pain watching the intelligent character of Gracie Hart portrayed as a bimbo. Even when she ditches that phase and become agent Hart again, the ensuing drama just isn’t even comparable to Part 1.

Movie 6: Something Borrowed 

Rachel is in love with Dex. But Dex is engaged. To none other than her childhood best friend Darcy. What will Rachel do? 

Once again a book much better adapted to a movie. I initially had my reservations about this movie because it is the clichéd friend-best friend-boyfriend kind of movie but as it played out I liked it a lot.

It is easier to love the movie Rachel and Darcy. Kate Hudson does a fab job playing the ‘I dont let things get to me’ girl. I like that Ethan is given more importance in the movie.

And that badminton game they play when everytime you lose a point you reveal a secret about the other team😈

Movie 7: Bride Wars

Two best friends become the worst of enemies as both try to sabotage the other’s wedding as it happens to overlap a slot at the Plaza – a venue where both dreamed to have their perfect June wedding. 

I remember this movie being talked about a lot when it released and I found it, hmm, not so great like.

When Liv and Emma fight with each other, it’s like those midly interesting catfights. I particularly loved when Kate Hudson screams, “My hair are blue! Blue!!!” 😂

And I also liked the part when Emma’s boyfriend proposes to her with the ring hidden in a fortune cookie as they lounge on the sofa like every other weekday night and eat Thai food and watch TV and he tells her this is just how he wants to live with her forever. 😍

Book 1: The Devil wears Prada

If u tell me that there is a good movie based on a book, I will always read the book first 😀

This is what I did with Devil wears Prada. Both the movie and the book are good and I do enjoy reading about the glamor world.

Book 2: Spa Wars

Emily Brown runs a beauty salon that has  been her childhood dream. The unexpected arrival of a reality TV star Carina Lees at her salon turns the tide of business in her favor. Until things start to somehow go horribly downhill. 

I did not like this book. It had a predictable plot, a very slow storyline that takes ages building up and even when things go wrong for Emily, I couldn’t feel sympathetic for her

Book 3: Industrial Magic

Paige Winterbourne is a witch living in with her sorcerer boyfriend Lucas. When a serial killer starts targeting the Cabal kids, the sorcerers are forced to bring Paige on board. And Paige has no choice but to help when she realizes that her own ward could be a potential target. 

This book is the fourth in the series called Women of the Other World. But don’t worry if u haven’t read the previous books because the author gives you a background about each character.

I loved the way the story is told. Creating a mystery novel is hard enough, creating one revolving around the world of supernaturals is an amazing job to pull off. And they have a wide array of supernats – witches, sorcereres, necromancers, clairvoyants, half demons, werewolves, vampires and even zombies are mentioned in passing.

If u would love to read a supernatural mystery novel, this one I would highly recommend.

Book 4: Something Borrowed 

Book 5: Something Blue

Something Borrowed book offers a more detailed backdrop into the characters. It made me hate Darcy more and understand Rachel a little bit more. But sometimes these flashbacks of Rachel seem to drag forever and u can’t wait for her to finish reminiscing and focus on present story.

I have just started reading Something Blue and I feel like Darcy is outrageously selfish. But the book promises to bring out a softer side of hers and the reviews I have read have assured me that it’s important to hate Darcy initially to properly appreciate her reform.