After the Finish Line

How many futures did you see?


How many did we win?


Hmmm… you telling me a walk down memory lane was the only option to undo Thanos’s doing?



Time travel is one of my favourite sci fi things. I love the re visit to old scenes, the thrill of re doing things, the suspense of trying hard to not get caught and the subsequent ways it affects the future. That’s the whole fun of the time travel.

But this “time heist” coup was like a literal cake walk for our heroes. They went collecting the infinity stones like cherries in a farm. No rules, no suspense, no suspicions aroused ( even the Skrulls did a better job of being imposters) and absolutely no changes happening to the past , present or future timelines.

The Ancient One and Dr Banner did try to explain that the timeline is like a GitHub branch (dev terminology). Create your own branch, mess in whatever way you want to and then just come back and delete your branch. Everything’s cool!!!

ancient one stone.jpg

hulk stomne.jpg

I had absolutely loved Infinity War. What made the film so good was its ability to keep that sense of danger, of being caught and over run. But no worries here, we are definitely gonna win because umm..

Black Widow: This is gonna work Steve.

Captain America: Yes it is. Cos if that’s not gonna work, I don’t know what is.

See, simple!!

There was a lot of “talk talk talk”, with the actual Endgame battle happening only in the last 45 minutes of the movie. So obviously, all of the characters couldn’t be utilized in a space of 45 minutes. As compared to Infinity War, when all the characters were involved from the start.
Captain Marvel shows up conveniently in the beginning of the movie (says something about the satellites that give Tony Stark network even in space) , then vanishes, and appears only in last few minutes of the battle. Hmm, that’s not how I pictured the “strongest” Avenger was gonna be utilized.

And while the “talk” phase was going on, a lot of forced humor is poured in. Did not appreciate Thor being made a joke of like that. For God’s sake, he’s a God. I don’t see him cracking up like that so easily. Prolonging that act was just cringey. And the Banner-Hulk partnership did nothing to get laughs out of me.

A lot of things happened without any satisfactory explanations off screen.


  1. Destroying half the universe’s population seemed to have no major impact on the universe. (So maybe Thanos you were right about it all along). Except for people grieving about their lost ones.
  2. Getting half the universe’s population back seemed to have no major impact on the universe. Except for people overjoyed about getting their lost ones back.
  3. So like how did the other half of the universe get back? People who were in planes before the plane crashed, do they appear in mid skies and plummet to their deaths thousand feet below? Even after five years, how are Ned and Peter in the same high school? Did Ned not graduate and move on?

I don’t like being left behind burning with questions.


Cap, I don’t know how you pulled that last bit off, but good for you mate!

These two have been my personal favourites since I started watching MCU and I’m glad they got to do their best.

















This cute one, I love 14,000605 💕





Gully Boy

Some films resonate with me and stay within me for a few days. Gullyboy is one of them.

It’s not the rags to fame story that is inspiring but the little little moments within the entire film that made me think, made me feel.

Like when Murad who is trying to listen to the music from outside the clubhouse door gets shooed away by the pot bellied bouncer with a dismissive hand gesture.

Ranveer Singh plays Murad with all his heart. The dreams of a young boy, the admiration of an idol, the initial hesitancy, the low self confidence all the way to the firm acknowledgement of his talent and achieving it against all odds.

There are two scenes in which Ranveer conveys without uttering a single word. At the auditions where his sinking feeling of rejection turns to disbelief at getting selected. And when he returns back to his basti and is overwhelmed by all the love he receives.

The reality of people from slums is shown as it is. The scenes are shot at real locations. It’s Apli Dharavi – the largest slum dwelling in Asia.
It shows how people from slums are told to measure their aspirations to their reality. How people choke on not just meeting thier day’s ends but with the emotional turmoil and the domestic abuse.

There are some instances – like how a foreigner does not except a guy from a slum to know an international rapper, how they get fascinated by the fact that one room can serve as the home of an entire family.

The movie shows that the divide between rich and poor is not just of money, it’s about opportunities and dreams. People around Murad discourage him from following his passion. This social rejection has lead to the death of so many talents.

Alia Bhatt’s Safeena is feisty. She is clear about her priorities and is focused. She is also a free spirit but has to always curb her desires to fulfill her mother’s wishes. In fact there is a scene where Safeena tells her parents that she wants to live freely without being monitored and asks her parents whether they would have “allowed” her that freedom, if she would have asked for it.

Safeena is a hot head and a possessive girlfriend. But she cares for Murad, so much so that she goes behind her parent’s backs to provide him the means for fulfilling his dreams. She also fears that she may loose that love. Alia breathes her spunk and charm into this ‘hateli‘ character.

Introducing debutante Siddhant Chaturvedi. He plays MC Sher – the kind of friend that we all need in our lives. Sher guides Murad, encourages him to get his passion out and supports him all through.

Ranveer and Siddhant have effectively pulled off thier act. No where do they look like they aren’t professional rappers.

Like I said, the story isn’t new. But the journey of Murad will make you feel Apna Time Aayega ( a line merely whispered by Murad) by the time Ranveer performs to the song at the end.

​Till The Infinity War

As a complete superhero “non-fan”, I have decided to start my journey into the Marvel universe.

I know, I know, like, which Planet of the Galaxy am I from right? 😜 

However, it’s better late than never. I get the chance for a Marathon run only on weekends. Despite that, I think my progress has been pretty good. 🤘

Captain America: The First Avenger

So since I was completely new to Marvel, I decided to start my journey with the First Avenger. This movie establishes the base about S. H. I. E. L. D and Hydra and also introduces the first Infinity Stone. 

Iron Man

In Tony Stark’s own words, he is the, “Multi billionaire Genius Playboy Philanthropist”. The thing about the Iron Man is that, even though his arrogance irritates me it is the very thing that I like about him!! 😂

The Incredible Hulk

I would have watched The Incredible Hulk but many advised me against watching the Edward Norton starrer, so I gave it a skim. 

Iron Man 2

Just goes to show that the Iron Man cannot be ignored. This movie also introduces the Black Widow, whose action and style is a treat to watch. 


The Crown Prince of Asgard has always been my favorite. And now Loki too is. I mean, I get that they are Gods but Loki’s shape shifting and illusion abilities are so amazing, I’ll like some any day. And also, their planet is amazingly beautiful 😍


The entire superhero cast needed to form The Avengers are now ready, so their first battle takes place in New York. With Captain America leading the team, we have Thor, the Black Widow, the Arrow, the Hulk (now Mark Ruffalo) and finally yes, Iron Man who saves the world. 

Iron man 3

More Suits as Armors. But story wise, I liked this movie more. Though this movie has nothing to do with the Infinity stones plot but apparently a knowledge of Tony Stark’s PTSD is important. 

Thor: The Dark World 

I liked this part more too. The concept of Convergence and portals opening in different worlds….. wowww…. 😍 

Also, the funeral scene of Queen Freeya was so beautifully shot. It ended on a good note too. Loki 😁👍

Captain America : The Winter Soldier 

Better than Cap’s First Avenger outing. I guess, since he was in present time, the action sequences looked way better. I must say, this one is one of the best Marvel movies so far for me. 

Avengers: The Age of the Ultron

Technically, The Age of the Ultron, was the only Avenger movie I had watched before my marathon spree. So I gave it a skip here. 
This movie introduces the Maximoff twins and the AI Vision. 

Guardians of the Galaxy 

I didn’t find it outright funny but yeah Groot was a hoot! I like the concept of different planets, abandoned or otherwise, in the Galaxy. And the final scene, when Peter Quill just bursts into dance in front of Ronan 😂 Even I was like, “Why are you doing, whatever you are doing!? ” 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Baby Groot is so cuteee. He reminds me of my nephew sometimes 😂 I felt like the theme of this volume was family, bcoz everyone was quite emo. Now, I personally don’t like Gamora and Nebula both, but this one line that Nebula says, “You always wanted to win whereas I only wanted a sister” ➡ Deep! 

Ant Man

I tried, I honestly tried,  but I dunno, yea Paul Rudd is charming and all and usually I dig good looking criminals but it was just too much action for someone like me. 

Captain America : The Civil War 

Following the events of Sokovia, The Avengers are divided amongst themselves and this movie is a fight between your favorite superheros. This movie also brings in The Black Panther, Ant Man and Spider-Man ( Spider Boy as Tony Stark calls him). 

Doctor Strange 

The laws of physics are turned upside down by neuro surgeon turned sorcerer Dr Stephen Strange. Also, we learn about different dimensions and the Time Stone in this one.

Thor Ragnarok 

I say, I appreciate a villian with style (Hela) and some bhai bhai bonding ( Thor and Loki 💙). The lighter tone of the whole movie also made it very enjoyable too. But why whyy did they chop his locks??? 😔

And his eye 😱

And his hammer 😯

 Spiderman Homecoming 

Yea a better version of all the Spidermans out there. I liked how Spiderman is the Iron Man’s protégé and each and every scene between these two was a delight. Esp the ending – Press conference turned engagement proposal 😂

Black Panther 

I would say a well made movie. Loved that technology. Wakanda Forever!!  🙌

Infinity War

Now with all this sufficient background, I’ll be watching Infinity War right after I publish this post. 

Any Marvel fans out there who want to gimme the encouraging thumbs up??