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Mixed Bag – 1

I have been reading, watching, streaming all over the place; literally.

Movie: The Sky Is Pink


For a movie that is about impending death, this is a very positive one.

Inspired by a true story; Aisha Chaudhary was a girl who was born with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID). She was destined to not live long. The movie traces the journey of Aisha’s parents (Moose and Panda – as Aisha calls them) who vow to give her all the happiness they can for whatever time she has left.

sky is pink family pic

In a voiceover Aisha says, “You know those moments when everything is perfect and you feel so blessed to have this life as yours. My life didn’t have these magical moments – Moose and Panda created them.”

The real life Aisha Chaudhary was a motivational speaker at the young age of 15 and wrote the book My Little Epiphanies, which got published one day before her death. She was 18 when she died.

aishas book

This is a very heartwarming movie , despite the fact that is about a family dealing with a lot of pain. Maybe because, it is projected with a buoyant lens. And Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Farhan Akhtar have pulled a fine job being Moose and Panda.

I wonder why real life inspiring stories such as these do not get sent to the Oscars?!

Book: The Single Girl’s To Do List

Rachel Summers is in a relationship for 7 years. She knows that Simon is The One. Meanwhile, Simon….. breaks up with her.

singel girl

Suddenly, Rachel’s perfect life is in shatters. She can’t figure out what she did wrong or why suddenly everything is swiveling. To get a grip, she does the one thing she is best at – Makes a To Do List.

With the help of her best friends, Emelie and Matthew, they come up with the following:

  • Get a makeover
  • Exercise
  • Do something extreme
  • Find a date for your dad’s wedding
  • Do something your ex wouldn’t approve of
  • Buy yourself something obscenely expensive and selfish
  • Write a letter to your ex
  • Travel somewhere you’ve never been before
  • Contact your first crush
  • Break the law

This book is a typical chick lit romance and since currently I’m in my chick lit romance book phase, I lapped up all the mushiness and all the bound-to-undergo-a metamorphosis plot. It is not a new story – it’s all expected. But even then, it’s a fun enough read.

But, if you are newly single, this list is certainly not to be considered for pointers. Let’s be realistic 😜

dont take notes
Don’t take notes!!

Youtube: Pretty Fit

pretty fit

Well, Prajakta Kohli is one of my favourite Youtubers but Pretty Fit….umm…

The idea of the show, Functional Fitness, is fabulous. And it also fits in with MostlySane’s RealTalkTuesday Content. But you know, I wished, instead of having a frivolous air, it could have been a bit more serious.

Instead it looked all staged – the Kareena Kapoor pranking Prajakta parts,
felt like it was trying too much – Prajakta trying to distract the celebs from their tasks
and too kiddish – showering the winners with all the “validation in the world.”

It has great potential – I just wish it could be treated as an earnest show committed to the fitness challenge.

I loved all the challenges – they were unique and very creative. Also, it is inspiring to see your favourite women performing these tasks.

We had,

prettyfit 1

Neha Kakkar making a glass of Lassi from scratch – from cleaning and milking buffalos to churning the milk.

prettyfit 2

Dangal actress Sanya Malhotra visiting the Dhobi ghats to wash, dry, press and iron an armload of clothes.

prettyfit 3

Mithila Palkar on a fishing boat, pulling the nets and getting nuste aboard.

prettyfit 4

Stand up comedian Sumukhi Suresh getting sugarcane juice from the fields to the glass, literally.

prettyfit 5

RJ Malishka’s Day In the Village – sweeping the angaan, fetching pails of water from the well, making bhakris of rice and gobar cakes.

prettyfit 6

Finally Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan getting her hands and feet dirty digging the soil and making a beautiful clay pot.

I loved the exercises that were designed by the trainer Urmi, for each challenge. Again unique and creative and very much doable by even common folk like us.

Other plus points, all the heart to heart talk shared by the celebs, the colorful costumes, the way in which every challenge was properly organised.

I would personally love to see another season albeit focused at the tasks in hand.

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The End Game

The hugely anticipated Game of Thrones Final Season will hit the Indian Coast next week and finally my Mondays will start looking less boring 😝

I don’t just love GoT, I am literally obsessed with it. I have spent hours trying to sketch the map of Westeros from my memory and I have scoured numerous articles online that tell me anything and everything about this world. But I have promised to not go looking for spoilers this season and I intend to keep that promise (a Jamie reference).

Why am I so crazy for this series?

The Fantasy World


George R R Martin once shared, “I want a world as big as my imagination. I’m going to have all the characters I want, and gigantic castles and dragons and direwolves, and hundreds of years of history.”

Needless to say, the books and the show went on to create a history of their own. The allure of this fantasy world is what attracts me. I love experiencing it even if its through 45 minutes of screen time. It’s like a medieval era but very much relatable to today. I love the costumes esp Danerys and Margaery’s gowns 😍And the opening credits music…that like an adrenaline rush.

The Story


Yes, GoT is more than violence and nudity. It has a plot which is cruelly shocking and unpredictable. It feels so satisfying when you have convinced yourself that something is going to happen in a certain way and then the carpet is rudely yanked from under your feet and you fall face first into the snow and you are told that all you believed was a lie!!

The Characters

It’s hard to pick one favorite! Every character has something likeable about them and every one does something that makes you hate them for it.

I love the fierceness that Danerys has, I love how mean Cersei can get.

I hated Jamie from the pilot episode when he threw Bran so nonchalantly from the tower,

I felt he got a reminder that even the Kingslayer is not invincible when he lost his sword hand… I hate him yet I feel like he ought to be redeemed.

The list will go on and on… No single character is completely black or white… there are more than 50 shades of gray.

The Emotional Quotient

Never get too attached is the kind of advice you need for watching GoT.

Ned Stark was one of my favorite characters and they had to go and chop his head off with his own sword right in the first Season!!!

I have experienced a range of emotions throughout all the seasons – I chuckled happily whenever Tyrion got Joffery in check,

I watched in awe when Danerys burned down Astapor,





Ygritte’s death hit me with storm clouds of my own

and if the Red Wedding didn’t tug at your heart strings even a little bit, then maybe we don’t have empathy.

Every death either hurt me like I was wronged personally ( like when Hodor died or when Lady was executed) or left me with immense satisfaction ( like when Joffery choked to death or when Ramsay got devoured by his own hounds).

Ellaria Sand’s horrorstruck scream is what I can still hear in the back of my mind when I think of that trial of combat.

The Speculation

I have spent most of my time whenever a season is due talking about nothing else but GoT. The fan theories, the speculation, the dissection of the trailers. I love all this gup!!!

I wish the Gods be good and when we finally see the fate or illfate of the Iron Throne we are not left with burning questions. Till then, Valar Morghulis to you.

tenor (1).gif





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​Summer Binge watch: Pretty Little Liars 

Dying to find out who I am? – A

The soap opera teen in me loved this series.

It can be pretty dramatic and it might not appeal to those who are looking out for some serious stuff.

But for a summer binge watching marathon this one is pretty good enough.

I had decided to give it a try to just see what it is about but then i started liking it so I hoarded the seasons. 😝


Four best friends; Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hannah fall out with each other after the leader of thier gang, Alison, mysteriously disappears. 

A year later, the friends start recieving anonymous texts signed from someone called A threatening to reveal their personal secrets which only Ali knew. 

So does this mean Ali is back from the dead? 

The friends need to stick together to find out the truth about A and about Ali.

I like the way this show is presented.

Clockwise : Emily, Hannah, Aria, Alison and Spencer

The casting is great. I like the liars minus their queen bee. All of them dress up like 😍

Aria – the eclectic girl with a stubborn air

Hannah – The IT girl with soft corners around her heart

Spencer – The smart girl whose DNA has victory embedded in it 😝

Emily – the sporty one and the quiet one

Hannah is my favorite😁

She may act all snobby at times but she really is a softie. Plus, she can be funny right in the middle of a serious scene.

Spencer, I like or hate depending on my mood😂

This series is based on a book series by Sara Sepherd.

I had read the first book in between the show, and I was surprised to find the whole first book summarized into the pilot episode 😂

It is addicting!!

At the end of every episode I feel an itching to download the next one to find out what happens next.  It kind of drags you into the drama.

Right now I’m on Season 5 and I’m consuming it rapidly and repeatedly ( a Hannah reference 😜)

Tip: If u do watch this show, don’t get too much into figuring out who A is and why and how. Let it unwind on it’s own.

Till then, Sshhhh 😉