November in Pictures

Nov 1st


The Big Book Box finally arrived and I was pretty excited about it. I had developed the B3 Buzz which fuelled me through the whole day.


Nov 2nd



Uneventful day, me crashing out at the end of it.



Nov 3rd                                                                                                                                                     


I could never convince Biradar to wear Manyawar, so I convinced Dad instead.

Nov 4th

Met these two after a longg time.

Nov 5th


This popup quiz in office had me squealing in delight. And then I remembered that numbers is not really my game.



Nov 6th

I was intent on making this Diwali a good one. I tried some Rangoli doodles. I even found time to complete The Book of M. The festive spirit was really rubbing it’s pixie dust on me.





My favourite pic of the day.

Nov 7th


Good work day. In fact, a writing idea struck me in the evening as well and I couldn’t sleep because I felt like completing what I started to write out.




Nov 8th



I finished writing the first chapter. I finished my work. I ordered so many things off the Internet. I also read a book. I did almost a good amount of stuff. But I don’t know I still felt useless.




Nov 9th

Writing. Crying. Forgot some words again.

Nov 10th
Meetups. Relatives. Sleep overs.
We got the Master Bed.

Nov 11th
Double celebration.


Too many pictures this time. And food was too good too.


Nov 12th

“Your bag of joy is delivered. Hope it brought a smile to your face.”

Alas, it did not even fit me.

Nov 13th

Ate Thali out in a long time. And the Modso Thali in Jess was really good that day.

Nov 14th



I feel relatively calm after I let the storm out. And surprisingly, the rest of the day went by smoothly. My friends know exactly what to get for me.

I am a Caprese Tote Girl now 😀




Nov 15th




It is my routine. Me, coffee and chocolate cookies.





Nov 16th
My b’day 😊


Nov 17th



My last drink, maybe, before wedding.





Nov 18th

More celebrations   & The Shivan Spread 

Nov 19th

The Cisco look on my “parloured” face (bcoz there’s never any noticeable difference)

Nov 20th




Celebrations don’t seem to end!!





Nov 21st



Devkarya at Karai






Nov 22nd



Mehendi. And a Storm.




Nov 23rd



Clatter. Chatter.






Nov 24th
Henna, Haldi and some Masti


Nov 25th
D day

Nov 26th
The day after

Nov 27th



Temple run




Nov 28th
Unpacking day.

Nov 29th


Period day calls for mood swings and a tired face.



Nov 30th




Yes I did “help” in some household work 😝





So, that was my month. This year the November month has put a new meaning in my shweta1625 id. Like my friend once accurately observed, I get super excited about November when it’s coming and once it comes I don’t even feel like celebrating.


Scribed #7

Son: Mom, whom do you love more? Me or Dad? 

Mom: Oh that’s a difficult question you asked me champ. I love both of you equally. 

Son: Aise thode hota hai, you have to choose one! 

Mom: I can’t. 

Son: Okay, say in a hypothetical situation, you are on a life boat with place only for two. And me and dad are drowning. Who would you save? 

Mom: In that case, I would throw myself into the water and give you both the boat. Because I cannot imagine my life without you both. 

He: I don’t know why even after all this, I’m still in love with you. 

She: Hmm.. I can’t tell you that because I’m always going to be in love with you, no matter what. 


She: Hey, I was just calling you. Good I met you here. 

Friend: Oh yea, actually I was out with my new friends. And we have this amazing plan for the weekend. We are going out of town. What are you doing this weekend? 

She: Oh nothing, umm actually, I was thinking of asking you what your plans are… so yea no plans for me actually. 

Friend: Ohh!! Sorry yaar, but I have new friends kno now. So like I hang out with them more. But we will always remain friends yaa. We are good friends. 

She: Yes. Good friends. 


Heart vs Mind

One day Heart and Mind had a meeting. 

Mind came fully prepared with a long list. Heart came whistling along merrily empty handed. 

Heart said to Mind, “Do what you feel like.” 

Mind replied, “I like to be prepared. I have a list.” 

Just then, lighting struck and burned the list. 

“Told ya”, said Heart, “Do what you like.” 

“Oh but”, replied Mind sadly, “It was a bullet point list” 😜

My mind is so much like that, organized and loves to list everything down. And then this amazing thing called Life happens now and then, burning my plans. And my Heart is like, “Told yaa!!” 😜