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I Understand What You Are Going Through

I believe that we can truly understand what someone else is going through only if we have gone through it ourselves.

For the past year, I have been dealing with some issues. And every time things don’t work out, I feel very angry and hurt. My family say to me that they understand what I feel. And whenever they say that, I just feel like screaming aloud in thier faces. But I don’t, bcoz one part of me knows that they are coming from a place of concern and they are saying what they think is the right thing to say to me in my crumpled motionless state.

But you can really understand what someone is feeling only when you have felt it too. Reading about it, hearing about it, watching someone struggle with it, is not the same as experiencing it first-hand.

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My 30 by 30 list

This was a list I had made of the things I was hoping to achieve before I reached 30.

1. Clear my loan
2. Get a good Non IT job
3. Write something really good
4. Learn to ride
5. Learn to drive
6. Learn to cook
7. Learn a new hobby or master an existing hobby perfectly
8. Learn to dance
9. Control my thoughts and not let them control me
10. Be okay being alone
11. Take care of my skin and my hair
12. Color my hair a shade of red
13. Once every year, take a mini vacation
14. Watch a movie on my own
15. Live alone
16. Buy my own diamonds
17. Run a 5 km under 30 minutes or Run a 10 kms under 1 hr
18. Learn to do my own makeup and hair
19. Learn to wear a saree
20. Be a part of a social cause
21. Be a part of a cultural cause
22. Get rid of the belly
23. Have my own study
24. Travel abroad
25. Binge watch marathon weekend.
Do not leave the house. Do not receive any phone calls and messages.
26. Popcorn movie night
27. Watch a sunrise and a sunset on the same day
28. Wardrobe makeover
29. Be more kind to myself. Be more self confident and assertive.
30. Grow a plant from stratch.

I haven’t exactly checked all these items. Some stuff is pretty ambitious, like, clearing my loans. Obviously this will take time.

Some things I have managed to get into the beginner stages. Like with my driving and cooking and my hair color.

Some things like growing a plant or watching a movie on my own, I can definitely do, I’m just lazy and a chicken.

And some things that are related to my mental health may perhaps take more time than one more decade..

So, the new plan now is: To try to complete as much as possible from my 30 by 30 list in my 30’s 🤞

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A Question A Day for 30 days

Question 1: What’s the best thing you’ve got going on in your life at the moment?

Hmm.. Ideally this question wouldn’t have taken most people a lot of time to think about. Let me see…

If I have to name one thing only, then I will go for this month – November!

This month is the best month of my life, every year. And it’s because of several reasons:

  • My birthday and anniversary fall in this month.
  • I am looking forward to the one week break from office at the end of the month.
  • I get to splurge my salary on myself this month.
  • There are planned vacations/functions/holidays to look forward to in this month.
  • My favorite festival is in this month.
  • I will get to eat lots of chocolate this month.
  • I will get to spend proper time with my family this month.
  • The climate is cool and the general atmosphere is always bright and cheerful in this month.

I guess I got a positive and friendly vibe going for me at the moment. That by far, is the best thing to happen to me, considering the year that I have had!!

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