GoT Final Season Wishlist

These are the list of things I want to see happening in the Final Season.

    • Jon ride a dragon (Rhaegal).
      Dany will never let anyone touch Drogon. And finally it’s time the Azor Ahai mounts his stead.D06ZgkKWwAAWyQn.jpg
    • Jamie kills Cersei with his golden hand.
      I’m rooting for the Valonqar theory to come true. This is the way I want Cersei to die.

      nikolaj-coster-waldau-and-lena-headey-as-jaime-and-cersei-lannister-in-game-of-thrones And when your tears have drowned you, the Valonqar shall wrap his hands around your pale white throat and choke the life from you.

    • Tyrion and Sansa meeting again.
      With both of them having changed so much over the seasons, I want to see what this reunion is like.Game-of-Thrones-Season-8-Tyrion-and-Sansa-Theories.png
    • Tyrion betraying Danerys.
      Danerys was promised three treasons – three treasons you will face – one each for blood, gold, and love. While the show hasn’t exactly followed the book prophecies, I really want to see some part of it coming true.5991e0061400002800ed0996.jpg
    • Danerys dying.
      Don’t get me wrong. She is my favorite character on the show right now but I also somehow can feel that she is not going to get the Iron Throne. Death is inevitable for our Khaleesi.0808d8de5dfea8746f8387bf68191a7e.jpg
    • Solo Arya action – with Needle and with the faces.
      Arya’s arc in Bravos was quite boring for me. Time to get all that training paid off. I loved how she ended the Freys and I’m looking forward for more such wow moments from our little assassin.uploads%2Fcard%2Fimage%2F595941%2F6581e004-4176-40b7-a009-45f4eea4f386.jpg%2F950x534__filters%3Aquality%2890%29.jpg
    • The Hound vs The Mountain faceoff.
      C’mon we all want to watch this. Oberyn wasn’t destined to end the Mountain , the Hound (1).png
    • A character previously shown dead revealed to be alive.
      It could be anyone, surprise me!! But if you ask me, I wanna see Catelyn Stark brought back again.maxresdefault.jpg
    • Cersei losing her baby and Danerys having a baby.
      I personally think Cersei is lying about her pregnancy. And if the maegi’s predictions are anything to be believed, this Lannister baby is not going to survive.uploads%2Fcard%2Fimage%2F577569%2F89129bc0-3c0d-421f-b0e1-07715177edbf.jpg%2F950x534__filters%3Aquality%2890%29.jpg
      As for Dany, another maegi once told her,

      “When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child.” I want this part to come true.hqdefault.jpg

    • The Jon-Dany confrontation when his parentage is publicly revealed.
      Uh oh, this one is not going to go down well._78eeb36c-8ca3-11e7-af36-115e347150c8.jpeg
    • Theon getting his courage back.
      About time!! Want to see Theon finally being a Greyjoy.Game-of-Thrones-1042817.jpg
    • Melisandre whipping up some Red Magic.
      She promised to return once again to this strange land to die.tmg-article_default_mobile.jpg
    • Sam killing a White Walker yet again.sam_kills_the_white_walker.png
    • All those with Valyrian steel kicking some action.

      bran-and-arya-stark-and-the-famous-valyrian-steel-catspaw-dagger-on-game-of-thrones Arya and the Catspaw dagger


      Brienne and Oathkeeper

      Brienne and Oathkeeper


      Sam and Heartsbane

      Sam and Heartsbane


      Jon and Longclaw

      Jon and Longclaw


      Jamie and Widow’s Wail

      Jamie and Widow’s Wail
    • Bran sort of going in a flashback to kill the Night King.
      I mean what he did with Hodor was pretty impressive ( and sad ) but Bran has more capabilities than just being creepy.106ecc1a3502ddde40d4277496cc3ad0bf0711d6aedc4c21a4f72f891a99913a01a4feff951de88c961769180d9e55233f6c9b5c9b28c5ce8a90edea41b4ec7026867aed28baca4869952f6b876722df.jpeg
    • An epic Battle at Winterfell.
      Something that can top off the Battle of Blackwater Bay and the Battle of the Bastards.1x01_Winterfell.jpg
    • The Dance of Dragons ( the Fire dragons vs the Ice dragon).
      Sounds very poetic as well.GoT-Prequel-2.jpg
    • The Iron Throne getting blasted away.
      I have been saying this for quite a while, I don’t want to see anyone on the Iron


    The End Game

    The hugely anticipated Game of Thrones Final Season will hit the Indian Coast next week and finally my Mondays will start looking less boring 😝

    I don’t just love GoT, I am literally obsessed with it. I have spent hours trying to sketch the map of Westeros from my memory and I have scoured numerous articles online that tell me anything and everything about this world. But I have promised to not go looking for spoilers this season and I intend to keep that promise (a Jamie reference).

    Why am I so crazy for this series?

    The Fantasy World


    George R R Martin once shared, “I want a world as big as my imagination. I’m going to have all the characters I want, and gigantic castles and dragons and direwolves, and hundreds of years of history.”

    Needless to say, the books and the show went on to create a history of their own. The allure of this fantasy world is what attracts me. I love experiencing it even if its through 45 minutes of screen time. It’s like a medieval era but very much relatable to today. I love the costumes esp Danerys and Margaery’s gowns 😍And the opening credits music…that like an adrenaline rush.

    The Story


    Yes, GoT is more than violence and nudity. It has a plot which is cruelly shocking and unpredictable. It feels so satisfying when you have convinced yourself that something is going to happen in a certain way and then the carpet is rudely yanked from under your feet and you fall face first into the snow and you are told that all you believed was a lie!!

    The Characters

    It’s hard to pick one favorite! Every character has something likeable about them and every one does something that makes you hate them for it.

    I love the fierceness that Danerys has, I love how mean Cersei can get.

    I hated Jamie from the pilot episode when he threw Bran so nonchalantly from the tower,

    I felt he got a reminder that even the Kingslayer is not invincible when he lost his sword hand… I hate him yet I feel like he ought to be redeemed.

    The list will go on and on… No single character is completely black or white… there are more than 50 shades of gray.

    The Emotional Quotient

    Never get too attached is the kind of advice you need for watching GoT.

    Ned Stark was one of my favorite characters and they had to go and chop his head off with his own sword right in the first Season!!!

    I have experienced a range of emotions throughout all the seasons – I chuckled happily whenever Tyrion got Joffery in check,

    I watched in awe when Danerys burned down Astapor,





    Ygritte’s death hit me with storm clouds of my own

    and if the Red Wedding didn’t tug at your heart strings even a little bit, then maybe we don’t have empathy.

    Every death either hurt me like I was wronged personally ( like when Hodor died or when Lady was executed) or left me with immense satisfaction ( like when Joffery choked to death or when Ramsay got devoured by his own hounds).

    Ellaria Sand’s horrorstruck scream is what I can still hear in the back of my mind when I think of that trial of combat.

    The Speculation

    I have spent most of my time whenever a season is due talking about nothing else but GoT. The fan theories, the speculation, the dissection of the trailers. I love all this gup!!!

    I wish the Gods be good and when we finally see the fate or illfate of the Iron Throne we are not left with burning questions. Till then, Valar Morghulis to you.

    tenor (1).gif