B 13 Solo Seat

I mostly avoid watching horror movies in the theater because well it doesn’t let me sleep at night. 

Before this, I did watch IT with my friends but that didn’t scare me. Then for the “Darkest Chapter in the Conjuring Universe”, we couldn’t get our group seats, so each of us had to go solo. 

And I got B 13.

This number has horror significance in Hindi movies. And I thought solo seat B 13 to the show of The Nun – I need to make sure I don’t scream out aloud. 

But it wasn’t truly a horror experience. For one, “Nun” of the scenes were scary. I mean Conjuring 1 scenes are still fresh in my mind but nothing in The Nun could make me feel that, you know, the heart thud. Most of the scenes were just jump horror – oh there’s someone behind you, oh something is gonna fall from the top. After a time even Valak stops looking terrifying. 

And secondly, the packed theater audience kept laughing and wolf whistling and clapping whenever Frenchie came on screen. It all dilutes the paranomal experience you see. 

Am I upto a solo real horror movie night again? Ohoo, I don’t know. Because this one just happened. Maybe if the next one also just happens. I’ll really never know 👻


Giant Wheel Ride

Diary Entry from 10 November 2014

Crazy Crazy Crazy fair ride… oh my God! My heart is still thumping. My first ever fair ride – let me tell you how it was. 

I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to try out that big hulky rotating mechanism. But then because these guys thought let’s do it for fun, so I thought why not? Let’s try and see. 

I tell you from far it looks really innocent like baskets full of cheering people are just moving at a lazy speed… Even when I decided to climb into it, I thought it wouldn’t be so bad after all. 

The first round.. the first slow round.. was ok.. Height.. some wind whistling in the ears… Nuvem road and the church sprawled in front of my eyes… 

Then as the wheel picked up speed… My God I swear I thought my heart would fail with every dip it took. I dare not to look around incase the heights made me more dizzy. 

If Flygirl wasn’t in that basket with me, God knows what I would have done… died on the spot with an heart attack maybe.. 

I saw Shub’s basket below us – Shub was completely flat on her seat, almost as if passed out. I shut my eyes and tried to take some calming breaths. Maybe if I didn’t clench my heart so tight, it wouldn’t get throttled with panic. 

So in the middle of it all, I let go. If you don’t think about it, it doesn’t scare too much. Then suddenly the wind came rustling back in and I couldn’t stop screaming.. 

Finally, the beast slowed down and my heart calmed down… solwed down… calmed down… slowed down… down… over. 

My first giant wheel ride done. 

When I came out my legs were a little wobbly and tummy was little queasy.. Other than the giddiness, crazy fair ride successfully accomplished👍

I don’t know if I’m going to ever try this again once more but this one ride was an experience! 

Travel Weekends in June 

I have been wanting to do this post from quite some time now but I didn’t know how to go about it. Then the inspiration of Journaling struck me and I decided to start a journal of my own! 

It’s a journal cum scarpbook cum bullet list cum photo album cum a-bit-of-everything 😁

Rule of Journaling : There is no right or wrong way, there is just your way. So even though the doodles are a bit clumsy and the layout has minute faults everywhere, it’s just a reflection of me in it. i.e. A person who thinks she is organized in her mind but is an actual mayhem at everything 😜

So here it goes. My first ever journal entry. 🙃

In June, I had coincidentally three back to back trips happening, so I thought of commemorating June with a Travel weekend theme. 

This is my June calendar. Man, I swear the neon wasn’t so popping out when I applied the first coat, so I kept applying and then 💥 my eyes were watering 😂

Because the pre requisite to travel is packing and the outcome of travel is shopping. 

It was a quick day trip to Mumbai. Despite that, I think we did pretty well. Hi-five✋ Flygirl and Ani. 

And that is it for my first journal entry. 😊