​The Dragon and the Wolf

Ahh,  so yes,  Season 7 of the notoriously famous Game of Thrones is over and while my life does not feel empty, it feels like it’s missing something. 

I have been an ardent GoT fan for all the seasons but this seventh season when Winter finally came, it took away something from the series – it’s unpredictability!

Exactly why GoT was so addictive!

But this season it was like everything was expected. And me, watching the finale was like, mehh that’s all u got? 

This season had it’s moments though. 


I was so veryy excited when I managed to get the first episode, I danced around the house singing to the theme music and then this opening scene 😍

Arya certainly did justice to the phrase – Leave one wolf alive and the sheep stand no chance. 

After the Red Wedding it was strangely satisfying to watch this Frey Massacre. 


Lady Mormont 🙌 Every time she speaks she fills me with so much awe. She is so brave, I wish I could have even a fraction of the bravery she has. 

=> I was eagerly awaiting Arya reuniting with Nymeria and when that happened, I mean I know it was a hugee scene which marks Nymeria’s independence and refusal to be a tame wolf again, finding her place in the world just like her master Arya did and Arya said to her what Ned had once said to Arya: U are not her

Somehow, it didn’t really connect with me and the Arya-Nymeria encounter became the butt of many memes. 

=> This season has been about this Dragon and this Wolf( can we still call him that? 😜) 

But admit it this part was really funny
 Missandei goes all : You are in the presence of Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons

And Ser Davos is like: 😱 Umm well, This is Jon, Jon  Snow 😂😂

Like, he is our local James Bond 😜

=>Now I don’t like Cersei much but I definitely like her style of revenge. 

I approve of the way she poisoned the Sand snake the same way that they poisoned Myrcella. That was an eye for an eye and even though it was cruel and twisted, it was somewhat satisfying ( I’m a huge believer of Karma).

=> RIP Queen  of Thrones

Lady Olena was as sharp of mind as she was with her words. And the way she got the final say even before her death was smirking good 👌
Tell Cersei. I wanted her to know it was me ” 👌👌

=> The fourth episode, The Spoils of War, was the best episode for many. I liked the memes that followed 😜

*400 people burnt to ashes by Drogon* Me: Yea but still, is Drogon okay?

When u know ur sibling is doing something that will get him a scolding from mommy

=> And when Jorah returned back, I was like, oh why!?? Back to stalking Khaleesi again? 

=> And then we had the Magnificent Seven going beyond the wall to get a wight for Cersei. So like, u show some people in season 1 and totally forget about them till season 7 eg. Gendry 

And when the Hound placed the gift box containing the priceless wight infront of Cersei and it didn’t come out, I was like, don’t tell me the box is empty, after going through all that 😂

=> My favorite episode was the one that the Night King truly rocked😂
U GoTta admire this guy’s patience. He laid the perfect trap, got Dany riding to the rescue of Jon with her 3 children, and then aimed accurately for Viserion, like too accurately… 

But once he had his Ice Dragon, damn ur wall, it’s Showtime for our undead zombies. 

Now they  tell us that we have to wait till 2019 for the final season! I hope it’s worth it and I hope I  do something with my life till then. 


The Lunar chronicles 

I had never heard of the Lunar Chronicles before. I came across the first book on Filter Copy’s list of “Books for those who love fantasy fiction but want more than just Harry Potter”. 

A futuristic world of cyborgs and androids and third era countries and Luna – the moon – colonized and ruled by a Queen!! 

I had to dig in to read further. I love the fact that the author Marissa Meyer has based each book in the series on a fairy tale. 

Imagine this: a classic fairy tale as we know it happening in the future world!! 


As the name suggests Cinder is based on Cinderella. 

We have Cinder who is 36.28% cyborg and living with her stepmother Adri and her step sisters Pearl and Peony. Adri and Pearl hate Cinder and treat her nothing more than an android servant while Peony is kind to her. 

We have the charming Prince Kai who falls for Cinder when he visits her booth in the market to get his android fixed but however he doesn’t know that she is a cyborg. 

Meanwhile Peony becomes a victim of the plague leutomosis and Adri and Pearl blame Cinder for it as surprisingly Cinder is immune to the disease. 

Meanwhile the Lunar queen Levana is threatening an attack on Earth unless Prince Kai agrees to a marraige alliance with her. 

Cinder turns up at the annual Peace ball  in Peony’s gown and wearing the beautiful white gloves gifted by Kai to warn Kai of Levana’s intentions. Things turn all wrong and Cinder has to flee dropping her cyborg foot on the stairs. 


Is based on Little Red Riding Hood. Scarlet ” bcoz of her hair” Benoit is in search of her grandmere who she learns is held captive by a pack of wolves  – or rather the Loyal soldiers of the Pack. 

Scarlet is helped along by a street fighter named Wolf and together they trail the breadcrumbs all the way to Paris. 

Meanwhile Cinder joins forces with a convict Carswell Throne and Scarlet and Wolf and together they plan to stop Levana from taking over Earth. 


Inspired by Rapunzel, Cress with long flowing tresses is a shell, kept captive by Mistress Sybill in a satellite orbiting the earth. She has a huge crush on Carswell Thorne who eventually rescues her from the satellite. 

He rescues her in a lot many ways and on lot many levels and even cuts her hair off to use it as ropes in the desert 😁

Cress then joins Cinder’s team and aboard Carswell’s spaceship Rampion they plan to put a stop to the Royal wedding by kidnapping Kai. 

Meanwhile, the plague has mutated and has started infecting Lunars too. 


Fairest is actually Queen Levana’s  story so it is a sort of a prequel to the entire Chronicles. 

This, for me, has been the best book so far in the series.  

It explains why Levana grows up to be the cruel hearted monarch that she is and how she aspires to one day be the Fairest Queen in the Galaxy. 

Levana’s character is based on the Evil Queen in Snow white. 


Winter, based on Snow white, is the stepdaughter of Queen Levana. More beautiful than the queen and loved by the people of Luna, Levana loathes her. 

Seeing Levana control people her whole life with her glamour, Winter resolves never to use her own glamour, causing her to become mentally unstable. However, Winter might actually have the power to start an entire revolution and overthrow Levana’s rule on Luna, thus helping Cinder. 

Remember the bite Snow white takes from the poisonous apple and falls into an enchanted sleep. Well it is recreated with sweet and sour apple petite candy and one bite infects Winter with the plague. 

I love this world that is created by Marissa Meyer. It captivated me so thoroughly. I love each n every character even Queen Levana. 

I was so intrigued by the glamour of the Lunars – they can manipulate people to make them see what they wish u to see, to make them do things they wish u to do – beautifying their own features and putting their own words in people’s actions. I can just see why such a power could be so dangerous. 

I loved the romances between the characters. 

The best part for me was every time the Earth was described as seen from Luna’s sky – a blue green orb glistening in the Luna sky so near reach but still so far. 

Artemisia – The capital city of Luna

So beautiful!! I would love to see it in real if it was possible 😍

I would urge everyone to give this series a try and absorb yourself in this world. I would never be able to truly explain it. 

Even in the future the story began with Once Upon a time 💗

Things that happen when your younger brother is around

In honor of my little brother’s 21st birthday ( If he reads this, I can just imagine him rolling his eyes praying for patience 😝)  here are 21 things that happen whenever he’s around

1. We always fight for the remote 


2. We always finish the chocolates from the fridge before the other gets a chance

3. We always mock complain to our parents, or atleast I go like, ‘Mommmm!!’ as a throw-caution-to-the-winds 😂

4.  We love telling on each other’s deepest dismays to our parents  

5. We take turns in doing household work. And if it is not our turn we won’t dont do it. 

6. When Dad or Mom calls, “Why does is it have to be me? Why dont u tell him?” 

7. We like messing each other’s things just to wind the other up.  
8. We always have an eye on the other’s plate at meals

9. I always offer him advice, but he is too cool for my old school 

10. So naturally, I get a shock if he asks for my advice

11. I always buy him gifts but I don’t get any in return 


12. We have synchronized morning schedules to avoid getting into arguments 

13. We cover up for each other 


14. If I’m bored I can always bug him

15. We always criticize each other’s likes and mimic each other just to wind each other up. 

16. He lets me bat while playing cricket which no one else allows me to do 🏏😁

17. We team up and irritate mom 😈😈

18. He is a great support during the dreaded “family functions”. We don’t even have to communicate with words.

19. I can gossip with him – he atleast listens to it all. 😜

20. And this is one thing every sibling tells the other – that Mom and Dad love us more than them😂 

21. But seriously speaking little bro, I feel that U should get all the chances that I didnt. And we are all proud of U and want to see U happy. 

Once again,