At Crossroads 

The most unpleasant juncture of life to be at, is at the cross roads. 

When it asks you to choose between two things u hold dear and then asks you to live with it, reminding u all the while that ‘this was the choice u made’, when in reality it wasn’t a choice at all. 

When u know that choosing one road means saying bye to the other –  for ever. 

All the while never knowing what lies ahead.
And what if you travel along a path, then realize you want to back out, will you still be able to switch roads? 

Maybe the whole point is to realise that life is never fair or that maybe life’s idea of fairness is different from ours.. 

The Magic That Is Harry Potter 

It’s been 20 years since Harry Potter first walked into our lives, but it still continues to work it’s magic on me, every single time, always! 😊

I am currently in the middle of my nth Harry Potter Marathon and I’m still as awed as I was when I first read it.

They say that Harry Potter walked into Joanne Kathleen Rowling’s mind when she was struck on a train in 1990. She spent the next five years constructing the plot for the seven books.

Interestingly, nobody wanted to publish the first book as they didn’t believe “magic” to be a substantial topic. Finally, Bloomsbury agreed to publish the series and on June 26, 1997 the first book was published.

And after that, we were all surrounded by magic 😍

I decided  to do a quick Harry Potter tag, the questions for which I nicked over from the net😜

Favourite book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 🔥

This is my copy of the book which was a present from Dad on my 16th birthday 😊

Favourite movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 😁

Bcoz that’s the only HP movie I saw in a multiplex!!

Favorite quote
: Always!! 😊 The simplicity and the deep feelings behind this beautiful quote always makes me smile

Favourite professor
: Lupin!!

He was undoubtedly the best Defense against the dark arts professor they had!

Which house would u like to be sorted into?

Gryffindor!…. Though I would also like to be in Ravenclaw😜

Which class would be ur favorite?

Charms😊 Professor Flitwick’s classes always sounded like light hearted fun and oh, I would love to try the charm, ‘Win-gar-dium-levi-o-sa’ 😁😊

Which spell would be the most useful to learn? 
Accio 😀 Everything would literally come to you

What would your patronus be? 
I would love for it to be a wolf!

If u were an Animagus, which animal would u transform into?
A cat!! Quick, light and speedy 😸

If u could own one of the Deathly Hallows, which could it be?
The Invisibility Cloak – I could sneak around anywhere with it😁

If u could bring one character back to life, which would it be?
Dobby!! I loved that character and I was really touched by the way he died by saving Harry’s life.

If u could have one thing from the wizarding world, which would it be and why? 
Butterbeer 🍻

Always wanted to taste this drink😋

Scribed #2

She looked out of the window and sighed. The scenery was passing too fast today as if the driver seemed to be in a hurry to drop them off. She frowned. She wished the driver would slow down a little. She liked to watch the morning ruckus – people in the cars impatiently buzzing their honks at the ones in front, the bikers with their succinct bikes did not have any such problem, the people out in the fields already at work, people walking to grocery stores and fish market, school busses with kids. Watching all this brought a normalcy touch to the day. 

She frowned again. The driver had again pressed on the accelerator. The scenes flashed more quickly. Her frown deepened as she realized her life too was speeding away from her with each day. And just like this bus, someone else was in the driver’s seat of her life’s car. They steered her life and decided the speed, the routes and who would be in the car with her. Much as she wanted to shake them off from the driver’s seat, she couldn’t. Moreover, she dint know how to drive. The more zest she tried to ingest in her bones the more frustrated it made her. 

She needed a distraction. She concentrated on the song playing through her ear phones. It was the new ShahRukh – Anushka song. She had taken an  instant liking to this song when she first heard it. She din know why. But the tune stayed stuck in her mind and she couldn’t get it out.  Right now she could do with any type of distraction.