​Book Reviews from My Pending Drafts – Book I

I just did a quick draft check and I found five book reviews that I had started writing but didn’t get around to posting. So this post is for those books 📚 😀
Book I – Getting Personal by Chris Manby

The book starts with a rowdy rugger bugger wedding of a loud mouthed bride and her bald patched groom where three single best friends are sitting together playing bingo.
Meet Lou, Martin and Ruby. They decide that time is really running out on their biological clocks & they need to find the right partners and settle down. But given that they are single at everyone’s wedding it isn’t probably working out as they thought.

Then suddenly Lou has an idea. Inspired by the loud mouthed bride’s success at finding her bald patched yet obviously rich hubby via a personal ad, she urges Ruby and Martin to try it out too. To make things fun she suggests that they write ads for each other.

And so, Lou meets this really nice guy Andrew, who is the ideal guy in all which ways – like the guy who will cook for u and carry your shopping bags, the one u’ll definitely take to meet the parents,the one who will be the perfect father to ur kids and the one who will be holding ur hand after u retire and are sipping tea in the back garden in peace. 

So Lou should be happy right? Only she isn’t! Bcoz it’s not perfect that she wants. She wants something different and exciting – like that stranger she glimpsed just once on the tube to work.

Martin meets a Cindy Daniels – all dreadlock hair and snorting Coke types, wild, really wild. However meeting Cindy and the unfortunate events that follow somehow tip fate into Martins lap and he is set to achieve literary stardom. But Cindy is not what he wants.

Meanwhile, Ruby gets real unlucky with her dates! First the loo roll nicking Robin and then the personal ad addict Robert. Ruby is convinced that she is doomed to be eternally single. Either that or flit from one miserable relationship to another. Will Ruby ever meet the Prince Charming she always dreamed of?

Well, this book is slightly predictable except for that one shocker that is pulled at the end. When I read that line, I read it, passed it, came back and read it again. Bcoz I did not see that coming.

Life can be so confusing at times.  Look at Lou. She gets the best of everything but what seems like the perfect thing to us may not be the what that person is searching for. 

Ruby is so innocent and gullible that men find it easy to cheat on her. Being kind all the while can be dangerous for our health only.

What I realised when I read this book is that in today’s world u cannot trust a person to be what they claim they are. 

What sounds good on paper and phone is not really the same when u see him/her in person. While on the other hand actually who you are looking for could have all the while been with you for so long and you hadn’t even realised it. 😊


What do u think about? 

I think. I think a lot. 

Like if I have to go into office today and face a scenario, I will think of all the best and worst possibilities that can occur. 

I also think a lot about the future. About what it may be like. A part of me wants to know what will happen and put my mind to rest. The other part wants to treat the uncertainty like a surprise. 

Whenever I read a book or watch something, I become involved with the characters. Their story becomes mine. Their happiness makes me happy, their pain brings tears to my eyes and their resentment feels me with desperation. 

I like to pretend these fiction worlds exist. A world where I could have superpowers perhaps or some supernatural strength. 

I used to people watch and assign them background stories. Sometimes when people react in a certain way, I think about what they must be thinking or feeling at that point. I know it’s none of my business but I can’t help feeling curious. 

My mind can’t stop whirring thoughts. If it really were an Inside Out movie in my mind, I can imagine shelves with thoughts mounting high like a cathedral of thoughts. 

Yes, I think. I think a lot. 

New Year Blogging Goals

  • Start blogging more often. I don’t expect to like churn out daily or weekly posts on a regular basis but I am aiming for reducing the block between my average posts. 
  • Experiment more in blogging. This will also mean that I should experience more in my life so that I can write about it. I also need to be more creative in my posts. And just improve overall. 
  • Read more. My Facebook and Instagram walls depresses me and yet I put myself through it every day. If I have to browse why not read my WordPress feed more often! I also need to diversify the content I read. 
  • Connect more with fellow bloggers. Because it feels good to leave a comment on something someone took a lot of effort to write just to encourage them further. 
  • Work on my blog. Yes, my blog itself needs to be taken care of and updated timely. 

    This new year my wish to all us fellow bloggers:

    Let’s Blog. Express. Connect. 

    Happy new year all!! 😊