An Aisle of Choice

I always end up buying more than what’s on “my list” , when I go to a supermarket.

When I see so many options neatly categorized, instead of being able to choose wisely, I end up feeling more confused.

It is becoming tough to choose between lavender and rose handwashes, almost as if choosing an elective in college.

Will I miss out on the rose experience, if I go for lavender? If I choose lavender, will rose be there next time I come back? It’s serious Fomo!!

When I have limited choice, its so easy to pick one and not worry about what I could be losing on…


This is the quote on my planner for this week:

When I think upon it, I feel like Hope is a dangerous commodity to peddle in.

When you hope for something and it works out, then there’s nothing like it. The accompanying joy is boundless. But when you hope for something and it doesn’t work out, then there’s nothing like it either. The pain hurts fresh each time.

Even after experiencing disappointment, we don’t stop hoping, do we? There is still some tiny hope in a corner of the heart…a tiny voice that whispers, Maybe this time…