What do u think about? 

I think. I think a lot. 

Like if I have to go into office today and face a scenario, I will think of all the best and worst possibilities that can occur. 

I also think a lot about the future. About what it may be like. A part of me wants to know what will happen and put my mind to rest. The other part wants to treat the uncertainty like a surprise. 

Whenever I read a book or watch something, I become involved with the characters. Their story becomes mine. Their happiness makes me happy, their pain brings tears to my eyes and their resentment feels me with desperation. 

I like to pretend these fiction worlds exist. A world where I could have superpowers perhaps or some supernatural strength. 

I used to people watch and assign them background stories. Sometimes when people react in a certain way, I think about what they must be thinking or feeling at that point. I know it’s none of my business but I can’t help feeling curious. 

My mind can’t stop whirring thoughts. If it really were an Inside Out movie in my mind, I can imagine shelves with thoughts mounting high like a cathedral of thoughts. 

Yes, I think. I think a lot. 


New Year Blogging Goals

  • Start blogging more often. I don’t expect to like churn out daily or weekly posts on a regular basis but I am aiming for reducing the block between my average posts. 
  • Experiment more in blogging. This will also mean that I should experience more in my life so that I can write about it. I also need to be more creative in my posts. And just improve overall. 
  • Read more. My Facebook and Instagram walls depresses me and yet I put myself through it every day. If I have to browse why not read my WordPress feed more often! I also need to diversify the content I read. 
  • Connect more with fellow bloggers. Because it feels good to leave a comment on something someone took a lot of effort to write just to encourage them further. 
  • Work on my blog. Yes, my blog itself needs to be taken care of and updated timely. 

    This new year my wish to all us fellow bloggers:

    Let’s Blog. Express. Connect. 

    Happy new year all!! 😊 

    Expectations and Hopes

    We generally expect a little bit of good from every day. I mean, at least, we hope the day to be good. This hope leads to expectations and expectations lead to great disappointments.

    So never hope that something good will cross your way. Bcoz ‘goodness’ is a very rare entity in today’s times. Just stay neutral and let your days flow. If something good does turn up then let it be a pleasant surprise. 

    My funda is that instead of expecting something and then being disappointed, it’s better to not expect anything or expect the worst and be surprised with the best. 

    Because disappointment wilts me down in a deep dark tunnel of the most depressing thoughts and I find it difficult to fight it and come to the surface. Whereas pleasant surprises, they leave me in a good mood for days. 

    The only problem right now is the wait – the wait for the good to come – that is testing me.