Unboxing The Big Book Box

This is our first book box ever and I am pretty excited for it!!

Me and Flygirl subscribed to the Espresso box of The Big Book Box in July. It was a wait of 3 months ( more or less ) and it finally arrived today.

The theme of this box is: To The Stars And Back

This is the theme card with the contents of the box printed on the back of it

Let’s talk about the goodies first.

There is a banner and a set of pins. The pins are of the Greek Gods who can control planets.

We have,

Hermes for Mercury – the messenger of all Gods

Aphodite for Venus – the Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty and Eternal Youth

Poseidon for Neptune – the God of Sea whose wrath incurs storms and earthquakes

Hades for Pluto – the Guardian of the home of the Dead and Wealth.

Diana for Moon – revered as the Goddess of chastity and fertility.

There are two magnetic bookmarks based on characters from Spinning Silver. 

I hadn’t seen a magnetic bookmark before and neither have I read this particular book, which has a 4.3/5 rating on Goodreads btw, so maybe something to read after I finish these books.

Before we goto the main books,

The August edition of the magazine


Book Sample

There is a Funko of Ron in the Sorting Hat, though I wished I had got Snape.

Along with the Daily Prophet front page.

I liked how they cleverly included book extracts and extended them.

Okay, this one is amazing.

When you first look at it, it is this innocent black mug

Pour in hot liquid

And Constellations appear on the mug!!

The Book of M & The Book of Essie
















Both are debut novels and have awesome reviews. Not going to say much, coz I want to read them first!!


The Book of M came with the author letter


And lastly, the Instagram Prompt Card.

I am really looking forward to enjoying this box. Thanks for reading!!*)


​I Heart Series, xoxo

Good books always manage to find you when you are not looking out to read anything. And then when you come to know that that particular book is part of a series, would you not hunt them all down?

Author Lindsey Kelk was inspired to write her first book of this series after returning from a holiday to New York City to her home in London and being unable to get over post-vacation blues. She immediately decided that it would be a series of books, each taking in different cities.

Angela is a fun character – she’s flawed in so many ways yet hilarious all the way. And the easy breezy writing of Kelk makes Angela’s journey sound really like The Adventures of Angela that they are meant to be.

I love how she brings about the essence of each city; almost like the city is a person in itself ( Although strictly speaking, the last two books focus only on Angela).

I heart New York

Angela Clark busts her fiancée cheating on her at her best friend’s wedding. Wanting to put as much space as possible between her and the pain, she boards a plane and takes off to the first destination that comes in her mind – NYC. Here, she befriends Jenny Lopez (not the movie one).

A makeover and a Marc Jacobs satchel later –  Angela moves in with Jenny , is dating two incredibly hot men at the same time and is blogging about her life for a living on the website of TheLook.com. But is New York really her home or is she just running away from her real home?

It’s impossible not to fall in love with New York when it is described through Angela’s eyes. New York is a city where people come to become something new. While reading the book you feel the highs and lows that Angela is going through. If you ever felt like you needed a new beginning sometimes, you will heart this book!!

I heart Hollywood

The glitz of LA is well captured in this one. And if you thought looking good and hanging out with a celeb on a Hollywood weekend was glam, Angela is here to tell you otherwise.

Angela’s magazine is sending her to Hollywood to interview the British heartthrob James Jacobs. But this adventure sparks off new heartaches and headaches for Angela. Can she convince her editor and her boyfriend , Alex,  that all that is printed on newspapers is not as it appears?

I heart Paris

The City of Love is calling… Alex has offered Angela a romantic getaway and Belle magazine has offered an article. But right upon landing at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Angela has a bunch of problems up her sleeve. With her old life in London just a train away, fate is tempting Angela…

All those who have lived away from home and feel that need for a quick home visit just to feel better again will relate to this. Adulting is not the most comfortable ride and Angela’s Parisian adventures tell us just that.

I heart Vegas


Angela is out of savings, out of work and in danger of potentially being thrown out of the country. And La Lopez’s solution to all of this is – a weekend getaway in Vegas. And what happens in Vegas……

I liked how the author points out that people have been just using this city as an excuse to explain away their behavior. Vegas toh ainvayi badnaam hai. 



I heart London


The time has come to return home and face all the music. Albeit reluctantly, Angela comes home to her besides-their-minds-with-worry parents, a confused ex, a battle of besties and an impending marriage.




I heart Christmas


Christmas is Angela’s most favorite season. And it is all set to be ruined!!! Can Angela bring back her festive spirit?





I heart Forever


With this book, we reach to the end of the series. Read to find how Angela’s story settles down in the Big Apple.




There are two more supplementary short stories in this series, which need to be read to catch up with Jenny’s life.

Jenny Lopez has a Bad Week(read after I heart Paris)

Jenny Lopez saves Christmas (read after I heart Christmas)

I absolutely ❤️ this series!!!

​Things people don’t understand about bookworms

There are some things about book lovers that non book lovers don’t get. 

1. A book worm’s budget 

People find it weird that a book worm’s idea of fun is book shopping instead of just normal shopping.

 And they can’t understand why it is so hard for us to save up to buy books. 
It is a very hard thing to do!!!

Do you know how much hardback books cost? That’s the reason we go scavenging for second hand books, discount sales, borrowing books and libraries are like gold mines to us. 

2. Reading a book for hours

All we need is a book and a place to read. So if you find us in one spot, it’s very likely you might find us in that same spot after 5 hours or so – again reading. If it’s a good book, we go to the extent of sacrificing our sleep for it. 

3. Our attachment to fictional characters 

“Relax, it’s just a book! “

Maybe to you. But to us, it’s our temporary alternate universe. We have lived their life and felt their joys and pains. Of course, we are psychically attached. 

Infact, I even sit and wonder sometimes after the book is over, what exactly would the characters be doing if they still existed. I know… 😜

4. It is an annoying thing to mis place a bookmark 

Bookmarks to a book lover are what lipsticks are to a fashionista. You can’t start with a book without them. And we absolutely hate it if someone decides to fiddle with the book mark and then put it in the wrong place….!!!!! 

And if you are anything like me, u love to hoard bookmarks and have probably made one of your own already. 

5. Our fondness for literary references and figurines. 

When we see a T shirt or a keychain or a mug or any other thing related to a book or a character, we go mad for it. The fandom hits hard!! 

And we often make references to some book characters or incidents. Like, I tend to throw some dialouges from a book I’m currently reading and they go like, “Are you talking about some book?” 

6. Book peeves

” Don’t touch my book without my permission!! ”

” Turn those pages with care!! ”

” Can’t you see I’m reading? Don’t talk to me when I read”

” Why haven’t you returned my book yet? ”

Small small things really but they annoy us a lot.

Hmm, btw , I just bought 3 more books today and mom’s like:” But you already have books!! ”