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Home Décor – How to store your Books

Make your books a part of your home decor!!!

  • The Classic Coffee Table

coffee table

Stack your favorite classics or your TBR list on your coffee table for easy access whenever you want a quick read or a coffee with a read.

Alternatively, a piece of furniture like an ottoman is a great way of having your books right in your den.


  • The Tree Shaped Shelf

This will look great if you have a passage or a corridor in your home. You could design the tree to span the entire length of the passage!!


  • Refrigerator turned BookCase


Have an old fridge at home? Don’t sell it. Use it to store your books – maybe you could put the thrillers in the ice box section 😛

  • Stack ‘em in crates


    A simple solution to an ever growing library collection….Just keep adding new crates every time and watch your world grow.

  • Cookbooks in Metal Bins


Use the same kind of metal bins that you would use for your dishes, this will give a good look to store your cookbooks. And also, they will be right there in the kitchen when you need them.

  • Loft them Up!!

Have a loft? Then well store your books up there!! But make sure the loft isn’t very high up as well. It should be within easy reach.


  • Comfortable Corner

If you have your favorite spot in the house , turn it into your very own cozy reading place!!


  • The Space Under The Stairs


This will not only utilize the spare space but it will be like a corner of joy just for you!

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Popular Books that Everyone (but me) Love

Sometimes a book creates a lot of hype and I jump the bandwagon genuinely thinking it must be worth it. But at some point midway, I realise that this is just not what I read.

Of course, what I like to read may not be something that you love to read and so also vice versa. Hence, the Popular Books that everyone (but me) love.

📚 Book #1 Great Expectations

great expectations.jpg
I think I didn’t feel a connect with the story because of the style of writing. I do not like classics in general and it’s not for lack of trying. I read this book till the end but the process was too slow and forced. I find the language really weighing me down. Also, the issues that they had at that time just aren’t relevant anymore and maybe that’s why I just couldn’t relate to the way that era is described.

📚 Book #2 The Alchemist

This book is a motivation for many people. In fact, when I couldn’t wrap my head around this book, I gave it to a friend and he returned it saying it was a great read for him. It just didn’t work for me , maybe because I am more used to reading non fictional self help books. I half-read this book 5 years ago. It did not elevate my life then. Maybe if I had to read it now, that I’m a little bit grownup (hopefully 😝), it would have made sense?!

📚 Book #3 The Vampire Diaries

I have listed the series but I have only ever read the first book – The Awakening – and I did not like it. At that time, I was hugely obsessed with The Vampire Diaries tv series and I thought the books would be great too but it just lacked that magic touch. And, I have sworn off reading about other kinds of vampires (The Twilight Series) because I don’t want anything ruining my eternal love for the TVD series ( and for Ian Somerhalder).

📚 Book #4 A Court of Thorns and Roses

I have made an attempt to read this book twice. And I’m still stuck in second gear. The mystical characters aren’t interesting enough for me. I was just skimming through chapters and reading only the dialogues because the descriptive part did not build up an image in my mind.

📚 Book #5 The Time Traveller’s Wife

Usually, I love time travel. There is suspense, confusion and always a surprise of where you would land. But the whole age warp angle of this book ruined the experience for me. It was difficult to follow what age he was when and to, you know, go back and realise that ah, this was what was happening then.

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My Bookmark Collection

I love hoarding bookmarks. Over the years, I have collected quite a many… by being gifted some, by buying some, by (ahem ahem) borrowing some ( oh c’mon, my sister hardly reads), by using labels as substitutes & by making some of my own bookmarks.

My Oldest Bookmark

This is the bookmark (BM) that I have used for the longest time – which is also why it is in this condition. It had an elephant figurine on top. It is my first BM, so I am always going to keep it.

This BM was made by Flygirl


These two BMs were a gift from my school friends.

I got this one on my school farewell

And this one on my high school farewell

These are the BMs I “borrowed” from my sister.

Some are BMs from her own college & she had this Scholastic Bookfair BM, which honestly looks better on my Harry Potter collection.

When Amazon & Flipkart used to give BMs with thier book deliveries

I have these two BMs from Confidant library, though I was never a member there

These we purchased from the Dogears bookshop.

This one came with our Big Book Box & I think I lost the actual magnetic BM and I’m left with only this.

Got this one from a blood donation drive in office where I was a volunteer.

I make’d these 😎

These are all the shopping labels that I use as bookmarks.

They are pretty handy.

These are random things that I have picked up for BMs…

……a bookmark invite for a Ravindra Bhavan event, a Sun feast cookie label, I even have kept a Kohler label

And lastly,

I have no idea how I ended up with these BMs.

These two even read from Conny and I don’t know who Conny is 🙈 nor have I ever worked at Hero Honda.

But they are in my collection now 😸

*Cheshire cat smile*