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Weight Tracking Trip

I had piled on “happy calories” post my marriage. During the lockdown, I started feeling guilty about all the extra weight and decided to try to revert to what it was in 2018.

Chunky me on the right

Finally, after 9 months at it, I succeeded in reaching my target goal!!

My Weight Tracker Journal page

I have observed that diet and activity are proportionally related. My current work from home lifestyle is very sedentary, so I eat less portions at meals. On days that I gorge on, I make a point to atleast do some household activities to balance that. And this seems to be working for me so far!!

Me now, hoping to maintain a healthy lifešŸ¤ž
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Reading List BuJo Pages

I was pretty inspired by these page spreads when I saw them online in December, I wanted to re-create them for my 2020 reading list.

By the time, I actually managed to finish them, it’s the end of Jan 2021.

Still, I am kind of happy with the way the pages turned out. Yes, they are smudged and over-written in places but that’s just how my mind functions and how average my art is.

These are all the books that I read in 2020:

And these are all the books I started and ditched halfway. Books I Did Not Finish: