Fear of Failure

Whenever I try something new, I always have a fear in my heart that I will fail. It is not the defeat that scares me. It is the embarrassment of having looked like a fool that I am afraid to face.

When I make an attempt at something, it does not have a brilliant result. I am but just an average person so the results of my attempts are average too.

But when I fail I get overcome by all sorts of thoughts. Like, maybe I am not capable enough to do it. Maybe my best shot at it wasn’t really good enough. Maybe I wasn’t able to fight the fear and nerves and give my best shot. That’s why I was inevitably meant to fail. Maybe just having me in a team is bad luck.

It really hurts me to see my failures affecting my team. It feels unjust that they should lose coz of me. And I’m really sorry for it – that I was not able to do it then.

It’s okay to fail at some things right?

Will I get a second chance to improve myself?