Things that happen when your younger brother is around

In honor of my little brother’s 21st birthday ( If he reads this, I can just imagine him rolling his eyes praying for patience 😝)  here are 21 things that happen whenever he’s around

1. We always fight for the remote 


2. We always finish the chocolates from the fridge before the other gets a chance

3. We always mock complain to our parents, or atleast I go like, ‘Mommmm!!’ as a throw-caution-to-the-winds 😂

4.  We love telling on each other’s deepest dismays to our parents  

5. We take turns in doing household work. And if it is not our turn we won’t dont do it. 

6. When Dad or Mom calls, “Why does is it have to be me? Why dont u tell him?” 

7. We like messing each other’s things just to wind the other up.  
8. We always have an eye on the other’s plate at meals

9. I always offer him advice, but he is too cool for my old school 

10. So naturally, I get a shock if he asks for my advice

11. I always buy him gifts but I don’t get any in return 


12. We have synchronized morning schedules to avoid getting into arguments 

13. We cover up for each other 


14. If I’m bored I can always bug him

15. We always criticize each other’s likes and mimic each other just to wind each other up. 

16. He lets me bat while playing cricket which no one else allows me to do 🏏😁

17. We team up and irritate mom 😈😈

18. He is a great support during the dreaded “family functions”. We don’t even have to communicate with words.

19. I can gossip with him – he atleast listens to it all. 😜

20. And this is one thing every sibling tells the other – that Mom and Dad love us more than them😂 

21. But seriously speaking little bro, I feel that U should get all the chances that I didnt. And we are all proud of U and want to see U happy. 

Once again, 


​Day 13 Topic 13: Conversations I have with my Parents

 So here are some conversations I have with mom and dad
( Mom and me cleaning stuff and talking about things) 

Mom: So, what do u think we should do with this thing? 

Me: I think.. 

Mom: No, I think this is better. What u say? 

Me: Uhh.. 

Mom: Yea, this should be the right thing to do!

Me: Umm, were u having this conversation with me? 

( Dad is watching cricket and I flop down on the sofa) 

Me: Oh there’s a match? Who’s playing? 

Dad: *Silence*

Me: Okay, is that Punjab? Versus whom? 

Dad: *Silence*

Me: Are they batting first? 

Dad: *Silence*

Me: Am I talking to the table? 

( Meanwhile my brother) 

Bro: Just read the details at the bottom of the screen, will u? 

( While going out for a function) 

Mom: Should I wear the green saree or brown? 

Me: Green looks good

Mom: Yes, it looks good but why simply to  wear such a nice saree to this function? I’ll save it for later. Brown is enough naa? 

Me: Why do u even ask? I’m sorted. I’m wearing this. 

Mom: Why that but? This other one looks good on u. 

Me: I din ask for ur opinion! 

Me: Dad, which ear rings do u think will match? 

Dad: This

Me: And which bracelet? 

Dad: This

Me: Okay done! That was easy! Thanks, m ready 😁 

(To brother) 

Me: A selfie? 

Bro: As usual! 

( Making plans with friends) 

Me: I am going out

Mom: Why can’t u sit at home? Come back early

Me: Dad, just drop me till there

Dad: Where are u going? 

Me: With friends, I already took mom’s permission

( After it gets late) 

Me: Sorry Dad, it got a little late

Dad: No problem, even I was late, even I haven’t been home

Me: Where were u then? 

Dad: With friends 

Me: Okay, lets face the music together

( On reaching home) 

Mom: Oh thankq for coming back so early u two! This is a guesthouse for u both right? 

( Discussing work issues with Mom) 

Me: Mom, I have this issue at work

Mom: That’s bcoz u don’t eat properly 

Me: It’s a work thing and it is irritating me

Mom: Yes, u should eat. U don’t eat on time that’s why u get irritated 

Me: Mom, it’s a work thing, not related to food

Mom: Yes, but if u just get up early and have a proper breakfast then it will be better

( Driving practice with Dad) 

Me: Let’s driveeeee

Dad: Slow down.. And why do you need to go in fourth gear? Upto 3 is enough for u

Dad: Brake! Brake! Brake! 

Me: But why, there is no one infront! 

Dad: U should know how to break. And learn to balance just with the clutch. 

Me: Okay, is there anyone behind? I’m reversing. 

Dad: I’ll tell u, keep reversing back, Go.. Go.. 

Me: But there is no place 

Dad: I’m telling you there is place, keep reversing 

Dad: Wait stop! ( pulls the handbrake) This was enough for today, now u get off the seat. 

This post was actually supposed to go out yesterday but I’m doing it today. My Dad is a man of few words – few but powerful words. He talks with experience. And my Mom is a woman who talks a lot – most of the time just because she has to talk 😜

But both of them love me dearly. There was this one photo I had where both were kissing my cheeks at the same time on my first birthday 😊 That’s my favorite memory with them. 

Today 7th May is their 30th wedding anniversary! I wish them many more years of togetherness, and I want to have more such silly conversations with them 😁

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad🎉 Love u both 😘

The Pressure That Bows U Down

​Found this article online about how family pressure defines who u become in life. It isnt peer pressure alone thats harmful. Family pressure if not channelled properly can also destroy a person’s self worth. 

Sharing some excerpts:
“A family is supposed to be supportive, caring, and most of all — accepting. I have craved for all of those, all my life, but there has been none. I always found myself in the wake of conflict, and I lost all battles,because you don’t wage wars against your family, you just succumb.

My fears were that if I confided, people will laugh, ridicule me for the blatant truth. So I kept quiet and swallowed it all in. 
There’s always a feeling that you are insufficient and incompetent. Although this feeling pushes you ahead in life and provides you with the fuel that charges you to work harder, it also leaves you torn and broken in some ways. 
Every effort of yours goes unnoticed and every mistake goes highlighted. What you have achieved becomes insignificant and where you’re flawed is always in limelight.
You try to prove that you are better than the best, but even if you run ten miles ahead, it’s never sufficient. So you are exhausted, you are dispirited and weak. You eventually become cautious of everything in your life, your identity especially. You are painfully self-aware. Everything that bothers your family, you become aware of it.
If you are dark skinned and your mother complains about it, you try very hard to rub off the grime. If you are fat and ugly, you make an attempt to undo it. You can’t pass in Math, so you sit up all night, working so hard, only because you want to change their perception.
So when this mess-of-a-person goes past high school and breezes past college and meets the love of her life and decides to get married, what happens to her?
Well for me, I looked down upon myself, told myself I wasn’t good enough and walked out of it. Because I think I am not good enough. 

One word for all the families that fight incessantly: it does no good, it’s hurtful and brings more damage than good. Robbing children off their identities is a crime that goes unpunished, and rips hearts silently.”