Mood diaries #1

Some days I want to be pampered. I WANT your constant attention. 

While on some days, I just don’t want you to look at me! Like leave me ALONE. 


​Z for Zest

Off lately, my interest in the things that interest me had dipped rather badly. I couldn’t find that eagerness I used to have earlier. 

When I started this 26 day Alphabet and  Feelings series, it was an attempt to put myself back on the blogosphere. And I want to say, I really enjoyed writing this series. A new alphabet each day – new feelings to ponder on – I have to sort of come to terms with what I feel.
And it would not have been possible, without the support of all you lovely readers who have liked my posts and left encouraging comments for me. Your reactions to my posts encouraged me to write further. 

So, Z is for the zest of all you readers. 

Thank you so much!! 🤗🤗 

​Y for Yummy

I love good food 😍 Half the times when I am angry is because I am hungry. So good food is something I enjoy!! 

It can be the simple fish curry rice at home

Fish curry rice is our Goan staple!! 😊

 or the shev puri or shawarma from ktc gaadas

Or the pot luck we have in office

 or the small eat outs we go to for thali

Jess thali 😁

Or the dominos pizzas

Chicken dominator; everyone’s fav!! 😀

 or takeouts from other eateries. 

A kfc bucket for your nightout is the safest option

Or the bbq picnic lunch

 or a nice dinner/lunch at some restaurant. 

Ghee roast chicken and Appam at Leda Seashells

Or the roasted sweet corn during rains

 to my experiments and trials at cooking in the kitchen which actually succeed. 

Pure veg cake 🎂 🔪

Food is Mog 💝