It’s all a Mess

Yes indeed!!
Me, I’m a mess!! I wake up half in sleep, sleep walk through my breakfast, mechanically pull out outfits from the almari( I don’t even check if it matches), just scoop my hair behind in a clip and dash off for work.

Normally, I hate mess except when it’s my mess!
So I will keep my room messy until such time as I decide fit to get up and clean it.
My mess is more like orderly dis-organization. I know exactly why everything is lying around the way it is.
I don’t like people touching my stuff; I absolutely hate it when they use it without my permission (as if it’s their inheritance) and I get so angry when they don’t replace it back in it’s proper place 😠

And quite often ‘messy‘ is the term I would use to describe my life’s status. I may look like I am following a routine, like everything is going really smoothly in my life, but uncover the lid and u will find a mess.
I confess, “I don’t know what I’m doing!!!”.

And as for my heart, it’s cogs are all entwined into haywire…


At Crossroads 

The most unpleasant juncture of life to be at, is at the cross roads. 

When it asks you to choose between two things u hold dear and then asks you to live with it, reminding u all the while that ‘this was the choice u made’, when in reality it wasn’t a choice at all. 

When u know that choosing one road means saying bye to the other –  for ever. 

All the while never knowing what lies ahead.
And what if you travel along a path, then realize you want to back out, will you still be able to switch roads? 

Maybe the whole point is to realise that life is never fair or that maybe life’s idea of fairness is different from ours.. 

Major missing

Have u ever wondered how much u mean to someone?

Do u perhaps wonder if they think about u sometimes?

Like if they come across ur favorite color or ur favorite song or movie and they suddenly remember u?

Or if they come across an old photograph or some piece of paper and they smile at the memories?

Like the way someone talks to u fondly of someone else, do u wonder if perhaps they talk abt u like dat with someone?

Like if u miss a day at work today, does someone miss ur presence at the workstation?

Or if u miss the family gathering, do they miss having u around?

Or are u a mere chapter in everyone’s lives, a few pages, but no one is ever with u till the complete end of ur book?

Should you feel sad that you miss someone or should you smile that you are lucky enough to have someone you can miss?