Scribed #7

Son: Mom, whom do you love more? Me or Dad? 

Mom: Oh that’s a difficult question you asked me champ. I love both of you equally. 

Son: Aise thode hota hai, you have to choose one! 

Mom: I can’t. 

Son: Okay, say in a hypothetical situation, you are on a life boat with place only for two. And me and dad are drowning. Who would you save? 

Mom: In that case, I would throw myself into the water and give you both the boat. Because I cannot imagine my life without you both. 

He: I don’t know why even after all this, I’m still in love with you. 

She: Hmm.. I can’t tell you that because I’m always going to be in love with you, no matter what. 


She: Hey, I was just calling you. Good I met you here. 

Friend: Oh yea, actually I was out with my new friends. And we have this amazing plan for the weekend. We are going out of town. What are you doing this weekend? 

She: Oh nothing, umm actually, I was thinking of asking you what your plans are… so yea no plans for me actually. 

Friend: Ohh!! Sorry yaar, but I have new friends kno now. So like I hang out with them more. But we will always remain friends yaa. We are good friends. 

She: Yes. Good friends. 


​Scribed #5

6.30 pm

Without further prompt, she switched off her laptop, stuffed it in to her handbag along with the bottle and hurried away from her desk before anybody could call her back! 

Another day was over. It looked quite routine and normal on the surface just like everyone else’s but she felt the sinking feeling growing wider with every step she took. 

She had tried to start it with positivity, she reflected as she checked out at the main gates and started walking towards the bus parked on the other side of the road. 

She had put a lot of effort into the presentation, had worked on it for a week. But in the meeting, her manager started launching into an explanation of the product to the sales team. Her words. Her exact words. And the sales team looked very impressed with it. Just that the appreciation was routed toward her manager. 

At lunch, she sat between her friends while they were discussing their weekend. Miss Always-Out-On-Weekends was going on about this ‘marvelous restaurant by the beach’ which she visited  with her boyfriend and Mrs Family-Woman-Now was telling about how her daughter won the sports competition. She had no amazing story to share. Hers was a normal stay at home weekend. To which, Miss Always-Out-On-Weekends said sarcastically, “Wow!! Because the chance to do nothing comes very rarely kno?” 

And there was the topic she would not let her mind think on. Because every time  she thought about the way he left, she felt like – 

“What the hell!! ”

Someone had pulled her towards the side of the road. Strange, wasn’t she already walking on the side of the road? She looked up in the angry face of her colleague who repeated yet again,” What the hell?? Were you trying to get yourself killed? ”

Bewildered she looked back over her shoulder back to her colleague unsure why she was so angry.” Umm.. I’m sorry… What? ”

” Did you not see that car? ”

” Car??! “, she asked blankly. 

” Are you sure you are okay? “, her rescuer asked her. It wasn’t a kind question. Just an exasperation on having to intervene. 

She stared at her, tried to say something, hesitated then flashed her a smile and said in a rather high voice,” Yes I’m fine!! ”

Her colleague frowned at her and said in a little lighter tone,” U’ll be able to walk to your bus? ”

” Yes yes”, she smiled again rather idiotically and thanked her colleague and started walking towards her bus. 

At the door, she turned back to see her colleague had already disappeared like how the whirlpool of her emotions disappeared as if sucked by a plug – abandonment, betrayal, hurt, anger, dissatisfaction,  resentment, jealousy, fear – all pulled into itself in a wide sinking pit. 

​Scribed #4

The music was loud. Loud enough to be aptly called Rock Pub, she thought. 

She looked out at the dance  floor to see her friends dancing to the tunes oblivious to everything else. Arjun even tried some kind of goofy hip hop move which totally sucked. Bosco and Divya laughed and pelted him with some tissue balls. That brought a smile on her lips too. 

Arjun looked at her and cupped both hands around his mouth and called out, “Aditi Agarwal, come out here now.” 

In response, she cupped one hand around her ear and then shrugged to indicate to Arjun that she couldn’t hear him. Though she heard him just fine. But she just wasn’t in a  mood to dance. 

She looked at the piercing blue color  of the cocktail she was sipping. Oh great, I’m on vacation and I’m blowing this too, she thought. 

Just then, she heard someone pulling out a chair beside her. “Hey there”, he said as he flopped quite easy next to her. 

Excuse me? ” was the first thing that came to her mind but instead she said,” What do you want?”

It came out sounding very rude she knew but this was a total stranger who had no business saying Hey there to her like  they were friends or something. 

The guy smiled. It was a kind of boyish smile with a dimpled chin and all. Quite in contrast to his lean and tall body. 

” I was wondering would you like to dance  with me? ” he said. 

” Why would you wonder that? ”

” U look like you could use a dance. ”

” I look like? ”

” Yes, u look tensed. But u r on vacation right? ” he said titling his head to her friends dancing to Despacito. 

She snorted. None of them even knew what the lyrics meant but all swore they loved it. 

Wait a minute, is he still  here? 

” I’m sorry. I don’t wanna dance with you. ”

” Why? ”

” Uhh bcoz u r a total stranger and I’m not comfortable dancing with strangers?? “, she hoped the words had the proper sarcasm rolled around it. 

” Oh but I’m not a stranger. I’m from Mumbai too. ”

” Wait a second. How did you know I’m from Mumbai? ”

He held up his phone, Facebook staring back at her.” I heard ur friend call out ur name. So I looked u up “, he admitted sheepishly. 

She threw a dirty look at Arjun on the dance floor , who was kind of hair flipping his bangs out of his eyes laughing.

” Okayy, this is even more creepy. I wouldn’t be comfortable even talking to u now. ”

” Okay, how about if I tell u my name? I’m Aditya Sehgal. ” He extended a hand. 

” My answer is still a NO”. She said ignoring the hand. 

“Okay, let me buy u a drink at least. ”

” You know why don’t u buy a drink for a girl who would actually dance with u and give u ur time’s worth? ”

” Okay, let me ask you straight then. Do u have a boyfriend?”

” Yes I have a boyfriend. ”

” One of them? “He asked Indicating Aditya and Bosco. 

” What? No, not them. ”

” So the boyfriend’s not here and u r hanging out with them? ”

” They r my friends okay. ”

” Okay, let me buy u that drink.”

” Even if you did, I would still go and dance with them, not you.”

“Okay will do.”

He gestured at a nearby bartender. The bartender duly turned up with two shot glasses. 

” U do shots naa? ”

” Yeah, I do”

” I figured. So ull drop me a message on fb when the boyfriend finally leaves? ”

” What makes u think he is leaving me? ”

He smiled and just clinked glasses with her. 

She shrugged and downed the drink in one shot. 

” Cu Aditya Sehgal”, she said getting up to go and join her friends. 

He smiled that smile again. ” Yes, Cu very soon, Aditi Agarwal.”