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My Thoughts on the Series Finale of my Fav Shows

Once I like a show, I will stick besides it through every season till it bites the dust.

These below are my all time favorites:


I remember Flygirl had downloaded all the episodes of the last three seasons because I used to insist upon it so much. And I had deliberately avoided watching Season 8 because I didn’t want Castle to end.

Meanwhile, the show itself ran into a lot of trouble with it’s Season 9 being abruptly cancelled, so they had to re-do the ending of Season 8 to serve that as the Series Finale.

This was how the Finale looked like – Castle, Beckett,
lots of kids and lots of books

I didn’t like it. Of course, returning to Season 9 without Stana & Tamala would have looked very awkward but just because that didn’t work out, there was no reason to sugarcoat the ending.

In fact, I would have preferred it if the series had stopped at this:

Caskett – One Word Short!

Game of Thrones

It aches my heart to think back on the GoT Finale. I have ranted enough about how rushed and lousy Season 8 was and recounting it gives me a headache.

I HATE the fact that the show makers robbed me of seeing the Valanqor theory being fulfilled.

I watched the Finale by playing it in the background and throwing glances at it in between. I was that disappointed. Nuh uh, I will never forget nor forgive this!

The Vampire Diaries

Now this Finale was sassy and our gal Bonnie brought down hell on Satan himself!

It was lovely to have Katherine and Vicky back, even if it was just for a bit. My only problem was with the epilogue where Elena got everything that she wanted, all by being Sleeping Beauty 😏

The Originals

This show was going so well, I felt bad when they started dwindling it to just 14 episodes in the last two seasons. And it’s end wasn’t great either – it felt like getting the unavoidable over & done with.

Good to see the Mikaelsons honor “Always and Forever” but I would have loved to see an epilogue here too. I guess, I’ll have to just follow Hope into Legacies to find out.


This show just doesn’t age, does it?

It’s Finale is actually very cliche – with all the Rachel returning to Ross mush – but still every time I watch it , I bite back a sweet smile.

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Types of People during Night outs

night out

Ah yeah.. I am not talking about these fancy “Oh my Gosh, ready to parrtyy” privileged scenes.

Night outs for normal middle class people like us usually mean the entire no sun part of the day with our gang , away from any parent figure, and often concluding in a sleepover. Still, I’m pretty sure that the types of people are going to be almost the same.

The “Whole and Soul” of the group: These guys are crucial for the success of the Night out because they are the ones who keep the MOJO rolling.


The Storyteller: No night out is complete without them walking us down the memory lane, sharing juicy kebabs with gossip and telling a horror tale.


The Caretaker: The one who stokes the fire, makes the barbeque and the pegs, stops you from drunk dialing your ex, speaks to your parents on phone to assure them you are (not exactly) fine and gets you home safe.

The Guys in the Drunk Spectrum: This is a kaafi wide and ever changing range and includes people who topple off after two drinks

is there

to people who are still rock solid after downing half the accumulated booze.


The midset includes those who either – cry the whole night,


laugh the whole night,


dance the whole night, puke the whole night or sleep the whole night.



The Blackholes: These guys wake up the next day with a big gaping hole in their memory and a bigger hangover headache.


and the Remember-It-Alls are more than happy to embarrass them with videos and photos and long exaggerating tales #AboutLastNight.

The One who is Online: The guy or girl who spends the night messaging and video calling their gf/bf. So now their partners are vicariously living the evening with everyone.

The Silent Observer: The one who is silently watching the whole drama unfold like it’s their weekend telly. They go low on the booze, smile appropriately on all the jokes and secretly file tidbits about you in their memory log.


The Night Owl: The one who can’t sleep all night and won’t let others sleep.

The Early Bird: The first one to wake up the day after and look surprisingly chipper.



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Trip to Sula Land

That was us as we started on the road trip from Pune to Nasik. Flygirl and Ani being the only two who could drive a vehicle, Nik and I lounged on the backseat switching songs on the Bluetooth speaker.

After approximately 5 hours – with breakfast and lunch breaks (Nikmade yummy biryani) – we reached The Sula Vineyards.

Even though it was only Feb, the vineyards were quite bare actually. So, maybe the right time to visit would be before the Sula fest (which takes place on the first weekend of Feb) or the fest itself.

But since we were already here, we weren’t about to let the bare landscapes spoil the fun.

We roamed the estate snapping pictures like regular tourists.

We then had our scheduled Wine Tasting Tour.

It is quite an informative tour where the guide takes you through each step of the wine making process – from the crushing of the grapes, fermentation to ageing of the wines.

We were also taught the 4 S’s of Wine Tasting – See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip

We tasted these:

  • Brut Chardonnay
  • Savignon Blanc Reserve
  • Dindori Chardonnay
  • Rasa Syrah
  • Rasa Cabarnet Savignon
  • Chenin Blanc

To be honest, loved the Rasa Cabarnet and the Chenin Blanc while mentally making a note to never taste the Savignon Blanc again.

We also visited the Bottle Store and purchased some souvenirs for home.

We had wanted to try the Grape Stomping but it was priced at an unreasonable amount, so we skipped it.

We spent some time in the evening letting the light hum of the wine nicely douse us.

Me and Flygirl having a fake candid chat for the pictures 😝

Do give the vineyards a visit if you are curious about it. Coz, Wine not?!