All Time Favorites 

This post is for my All Time Favorite Characters OnScreen

Kate Beckett from Castle

Beckett is someone I draw inspiration from. Her strong personality, her confidence, her no nonsense attitude at work and her caring nature are something I so admire. Back when I started watching Castle, I even practiced saying, “Detective Kate Beckett, NYPD” the way she says it 😁


Katherine Pierce from Vampire Diaries
A bunch of my favorite characters are from this series.  I have a special soft corners for the vamps.

From the day Katherine Pierce arrived in Mystic Falls in that sexy leather jacket, I knew this character would “compel” my heart. This doppelganger is smart, nifty, has a sharp tongue for the words and is much more entertaining than ‘America’ s Most Boring and Self-righteous Vampire Elena Gilbert’ 😈


Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries

My love for Damon Salvatore is for eternity! Here was a character I actually developed a crush on. I love how he is so good at heart but somehow situations get all messed up and he takes the tag of the bad guy on himself.

I love his looks, the faces he pulls, the smirks he gives, the way he  irritates his bestie Bon-Bon!! Under all these layers there is a certain warmth to this character inside him which I can connect to. Damon… muaaah😘


Caroline Forbes from Vampire Diaries

I could relate to Caroline Forbes on so many levels. Like the way how she talk talk talks a lot but that doesn’t mean she knows what she’s saying all the time,

Like how she believes in giving people second chances,
Like how she feels bad ending up second best always
She has misgivings but she is determined to see herself through
The way she cares for everyone around her
And yes, bonus point, organisational skills😁


Rachel Green from Friends 

Growing up I always wished I could be a sidekick to a glamorous friend like her. That was a superficial me. Now that I have much more sense in me, I see Rachel Green for a woman who started out all clueless in the “real world” and then ended up as a successful career oriented woman.

Of course she made a lot of mistakes along the way, but she learned from each of them. And when it comes to Ross, there’s a lot of back and forth there. But I appreciate the character for standing the test of the time.
And oh yes, I would love some fashion tips from her 😜


Barry Allen from The Flash 

I like Barry Allen when he is not being The Flash. That is I like Barry Allen for being himself. He is sweet, cute and cares a lot. He’s so hesitant when it comes to expressing himself that I feel like giving him a hug just for that. He has a wonderful smile. 😊


Danerys Targaeryn from Game of Thrones

From the meek and mild girl in Season 1 to the Queen coming back to reclaim her throne in Westros in Season 7, Danerys has had quite the transformation. I admire her for her determination and her belief in her self!!


It’s Complicated!!

Why is it that when we actually fall for someone, they are not the one we expected to fall for in the first place?

And why is admitting that so hard? I mean, we weave dreams and come up with all sorts of romantic scenarios in our head, but can never quite come up with the actual “right moment” at the required time.

Why do we freak out when we have to tell someone how we feel about them? Is it because of the fear of knowing that they may not feel the same way? There is no guarantee of knowing that they will ever think about you the way you think about them. And if they don’t, then there is no shield to protect you from that pain. Is it this fear that makes, moving from the friends part to more than that, scary?

Then there is that someone whom you think you have got over but you find your mind going back to them at times, messing yourself up completely.

Isn’t falling in love supposed to be natural and easy?

When did our own feelings get so complicated?



I Just ‘Pulled A Monica’

Well, my friend Carol seems to think I’m like Monica from Friends.tumblr_mqzsv5tYo21rgqh2jo5_250.gif

Well, I can’t cook zilch so it’s not that quality that makes me a Monica.
Ok, so I do like to organize my things….
And I don’t like it when people move my things around without taking my permission first

And I count my clothes every time I put them out to dry and get them back in..
And I did categorize my college notes semester wise, subject wise & module wise 🙈


PDVD_003 (2).JPG

And I do think that my parents love my siblings more than they love me 😜


I think they get more attention than me – even on the days when I actually have sumthin’ interesting to tell


And I have to always argue with my brother



And I do go sad thinking about how I’m gonna be 25 soon and I’m not settled yet
And I crib about how no one messages me ever… 😦

Ooh! And I am Loud , however much I try to tone it down




(Gosh!!! And I was like this in school 🙈)

Oh my God!! Does this mean I’m part Monica!!!!😳