Things that happen when your younger brother is around

In honor of my little brother’s 21st birthday ( If he reads this, I can just imagine him rolling his eyes praying for patience 😝)  here are 21 things that happen whenever he’s around

1. We always fight for the remote 


2. We always finish the chocolates from the fridge before the other gets a chance

3. We always mock complain to our parents, or atleast I go like, ‘Mommmm!!’ as a throw-caution-to-the-winds 😂

4.  We love telling on each other’s deepest dismays to our parents  

5. We take turns in doing household work. And if it is not our turn we won’t dont do it. 

6. When Dad or Mom calls, “Why does is it have to be me? Why dont u tell him?” 

7. We like messing each other’s things just to wind the other up.  
8. We always have an eye on the other’s plate at meals

9. I always offer him advice, but he is too cool for my old school 

10. So naturally, I get a shock if he asks for my advice

11. I always buy him gifts but I don’t get any in return 


12. We have synchronized morning schedules to avoid getting into arguments 

13. We cover up for each other 


14. If I’m bored I can always bug him

15. We always criticize each other’s likes and mimic each other just to wind each other up. 

16. He lets me bat while playing cricket which no one else allows me to do 🏏😁

17. We team up and irritate mom 😈😈

18. He is a great support during the dreaded “family functions”. We don’t even have to communicate with words.

19. I can gossip with him – he atleast listens to it all. 😜

20. And this is one thing every sibling tells the other – that Mom and Dad love us more than them😂 

21. But seriously speaking little bro, I feel that U should get all the chances that I didnt. And we are all proud of U and want to see U happy. 

Once again, 


Love for Messenger stickers 

These days I love Facebook Messenger stickers more than the stickers on any other app. 

Especially Biscuit and Chummy Chum Chum!! 

Biscuit is a perky fox pup!! He’s so cute I tell you! 

Biscuit has an expression for my every mood. 

Like when I don’t want to talk

To when I’m confused as what someone is talking❗❓

 When I’m working at my desk

 To when I’m chilling with my friends

Other than him, I love Chummy Chum Chums 😊 These cheerful puppies can bring a smile to ur lips every time!! 


I wasn’t able to download the gifs for them but do check out these adorable Messenger stickers if u aren’t using them already!!

​Day 20 Topic 20: Best Things about Bestie’s Wedding 

On Sunday one of my besties from office, Aksh, got married. 

U know it still hasn’t kind of sinked in that she is married. Like MARRIED!!! Oh my God, that’s huge!!! But when she told us the news we were all soo happy for her😘 I remember her engagement day itself I was getting a feeling like she is getting married😁 We wanted to know all the details – from the “full story” of how it happened to their honeymoon plans. 

From her engagement album

But no matter how much we tease her, Aksh doesn’t react much, causing us to double our efforts😈

Then comes the Bachelorette plan. We had to execute it so stealthily and quietly bcoz we didn’t want her to guess any bit of it and yes it was a success!! We managed to surprise her😀

The Bachelorette Weekend

The wedding was in Karwar – so we had to plan out the whole thing. Planning and packing are fun items for me😜 We had a wonderful train journey and then the stay at her place with the wedding ‘shor sharaba’ at her house was so much fun. We even had a trip to jiju’s house with her😉

Off to Karwar

The plus point is even we get to dress up and look pretty!! 😊 

Wedding scenes

And the photo bombard had to happen! We had to capture every moment as it happened and selfies with the bride are mandatory 😁 Possibly one with the ‘kala chashma’😎😜

We had a great time😀 It was her wedding but we were so super excited😁 Aksh, wish u a world of happiness on the start of ur new journey. Love u😘