​What’s on your phone

I’m going to try this common Internet game called ‘What’s on your phone?‘ in which I have to just check my phone to answer questions! 

So, as of Sunday, May 6, 9.10 pm 

my answers stand thus:

1. The person on your speed dial

I don’t have anyone on my speed dial but my parents always top my call list 😝

2. Who did you last text?

A group text!! 

3. What are your most frequently used emojis?

😜 and 😁 and 😒

4. What is your most used acronym? 


I seriously don’t know why I started using it so much becoz I hate it when someone uses it for me! 

5. How much is your battery life? 


6. The picture on your wallpaper


7. What is the last song you listened to on your phone?


The new release from Badshah for Veere Di wedding. 

8. What did you last Google?

Tips for learning a bicycle 🙈

9. The app you use the most


10. Your favorite hashtag?

My most used hashtag is #Now_Watching

Otherwise I’m very bad at hash tagging my posts. 

11. What is the last photo that you took or received ?

The only way to get this guy to look at me is by taking his picture!!

12. How many alarms do you set? 

This is a great one for I love alarms!!! 😜

(yea I know, I’m weird) 

I have 8 alarms. Classified as per name and recurrence:

Daily alarms:

  • Wake up alarm 
  • Wake up NOW ( so that I don’t snooze) 
  • Go ( so that I leave the house) 
  • Bus alarm

Weekend alarm:

  • Running alarm (for when I goto the stadium for walks/runs) 

Once in a while alarms:

  • Marathon alarm
  • Release alarm
  • Custom Alarm

Rapid Fire Book Tag

* A quick tag to hopefully get over my current reading block *

  • E book or Physical book?                         Hardcopy anytime!!                    
  • Online or Book store shopping?             Book Store shopping coz there’s something about seeing myself being surrounded by so many books 📚 
  • Trilogies or Series?                                   Trilogies!! Keep it short but make it an epic saga!! 
  • Heros or villians?                                     I dig villians 😈
  • Our world or fictional worlds?               
    Fiction preferably the magical kind. 
  • Audiobooks: Yes or No?                           Umm.. Ummm… Umm… Not Really…. 
  • Book to movie adaptations?                   Only if they’ll do justice to the book. 
  • Borrow or Buy?                                         Bit of both 😜
  • Character or Plot?                                      Plot!! It HAS TO BE a good story! 
  • Reading on the Sofa or on the Bed?      I do neither! I walk and read 😂

    Okayy Flygirl, I do need some good book to get me out of my coma😂 Save Me!! 

    A Lazy Sunday Escape

    On Sunday, I met up with my high school friends at The Chikoo Tree Project. 

    I had heard about this place from Flygirl but I didn’t get a chance to visit it. And Kru chose this place to meet just out of the top of her head. 
    The moment I stepped inside, I felt at home. I loved the ambience 💗 

    U know what was the first thing I saw?

    They had books!! 😍

    It’s the kind of cafe where you can combine your leisure activities with your food cravings. 

    Besides books, they have indoor games like carrom, chess, scarbble etc. They also have colors and crayons and paper so you can paint or sketch as per your mood. 

    They serve breakfast menu for the whole day actually but there are choices for curry on the menu as well. We decided to make a brunch out of it. 

    We opted for Hassleback Potatoes in garlic and cheese, Farmer’s eggs on toast with chicken sausages and Chicken and Tomato Presto sandwiches. 

    Hassleback potatoes in garlic and cheese

    Farmer’s eggs on toast with chicken sausages

    Chicken and Tomato Presto Sandwiches with french fries

    For drinks, Kru took a Lemongrass lemonade, I took an Iced tea and Zia ordered Assam chai. 

    The spread of the chai tray was so amazing. It was a kettle with boiled tea, milk separate and three types of sugar – white, brown and sugar free 😁

    Assam chai ☕

    The staff here are so friendly. They were totally fine with us lounging there for 5 hours chit chatting 😝

    That’s Kru clicking the picture and Me and Zia talking in the background

    I would ask everyone to check out this place at least once 😊

    It surely made my Sunday. I will definitely visit again for a solo trip here. Just me, a book and some food.