New Year Blogging Goals

  • Start blogging more often. I don’t expect to like churn out daily or weekly posts on a regular basis but I am aiming for reducing the block between my average posts. 
  • Experiment more in blogging. This will also mean that I should experience more in my life so that I can write about it. I also need to be more creative in my posts. And just improve overall. 
  • Read more. My Facebook and Instagram walls depresses me and yet I put myself through it every day. If I have to browse why not read my WordPress feed more often! I also need to diversify the content I read. 
  • Connect more with fellow bloggers. Because it feels good to leave a comment on something someone took a lot of effort to write just to encourage them further. 
  • Work on my blog. Yes, my blog itself needs to be taken care of and updated timely. 

    This new year my wish to all us fellow bloggers:

    Let’s Blog. Express. Connect. 

    Happy new year all!! 😊 

    ​Day 18 Topic 18: Success

     Shouldn’t success be defined by us? 

    We should decide what we want for ourselves and if we achieve that,  then yes, it was a success, we were successful. 

    Instead people are the ones who set the benchmarks for us. It’s like, if we achieve so n so target only then are we successful in life.  

    And no matter how successful we get, we will always be called not, bcoz of that one thing that we did not achieve. 

    And why is success always defined by parameters such as ‘a job paying bomb salary’ or ‘living in a grand bungalow’ or ‘marrying a rich person’? 

    Doesn’t happiness count as a success parameter? Like say,’ I always wanted to be in this profession, so yes I’m happy’, or ‘I’m happy bcoz I’m marrying the person I love’ or ‘I’m happy bcoz I’m finally buying my own house or car – irrespective of its size’. Aren’t these stories of accomplishment? 

    Why do we always have to compare ourselves with others and emerge successfully only by winning over them? 

    An Unplanned Journey

    “What is it that you plan to do with your one precious life?”

    I stumbled upon this question while I was going through a website.

    All around me are people who are sure about what they want to achieve in life. All set and focused towards achieving their goals. And along with them there’s me – who’s just got up from bed reluctantly & dragging her feet along with the day because frankly I just want today to end.

    I do not know how I want the bigger picture of my life to look like – I don’t know which job I really wanna do, which city I really want to be in – I really don’t know how I want to settle down in life.

    But what I would really really like to do in life is to
    wake up each morning without regrets, see new places, taste great food, keep my parents happy, catch up with friends & chat for hours, fall in love & be loved in return, do a job that I love & love the job that I do, fall asleep feeling satisfied & just smile uninhibited.

    If I could just have these moments in my life then I am done designing the master plan of my life.