It’s a good thing to share a smile, to leave a person feeling a little better after you interact with them. Spreading happiness is a comforting thing.

I do like to make people happy. But sometimes I get tired of being a part of everyone else’s happiness. 

‘Happy’ things aren’t happening to me right now. What’s happening with me is routine. And routine is fine with me until I stop and look at the happiness all around me. 

It surrounds me but it isn’t coming from me. I try to feel good, feel optimistic and all that positive jargon but sometimes it just fails to support me. 


About Trust 

Trust is a fragile thing. Almost like a crystal glass. U have to handle it with utmost care bcoz if it slips and breaks, the damage hurts physically.

Be utmost sure whom to trust they say. But I trust easily, almost blindly. I trust the person I met two minutes ago, bcoz I think c’mon what reason would that person have to harm me?

Unfortunately I believe in giving too many second chances, I never seem to learn from those particular past mistakes. I feel guilty when I wrong someone and I will then try to make up to them in whatever way I can. But haan, that’s not the vice versa case.

Promises to me are very important. I build my trust with it. But a promise is become as light a word as sorry these days. People dont mean it , they just say it.

As a kid I would always look forward to the things that my parents promised me. But then they used to just say it to appease me. They never meant to do anything. When I pointed out why they built a false expectation in me, the answer was, ” it’s not a big deal, why are u still grudging over it? ”

But it was important to me. It’s always important to me that you do what you say you will do.

But I still continue to trust and hope like a fool. Silly me!!

​Day 18 Topic 18: Success

 Shouldn’t success be defined by us? 

We should decide what we want for ourselves and if we achieve that,  then yes, it was a success, we were successful. 

Instead people are the ones who set the benchmarks for us. It’s like, if we achieve so n so target only then are we successful in life.  

And no matter how successful we get, we will always be called not, bcoz of that one thing that we did not achieve. 

And why is success always defined by parameters such as ‘a job paying bomb salary’ or ‘living in a grand bungalow’ or ‘marrying a rich person’? 

Doesn’t happiness count as a success parameter? Like say,’ I always wanted to be in this profession, so yes I’m happy’, or ‘I’m happy bcoz I’m marrying the person I love’ or ‘I’m happy bcoz I’m finally buying my own house or car – irrespective of its size’. Aren’t these stories of accomplishment? 

Why do we always have to compare ourselves with others and emerge successfully only by winning over them?