Mood swings

I hate my mood swings!!!

They swing so rapidly, sometimes I feel like I don’t know what hits me. 

Sometimes I’m in a very good mood, and then when something goes slightly off the plan or someone says one small thing that I dont like, my whole mood becomes irritable. 

Sometimes when I am focusing at work, suddenly my mind will wander away and pick up some random topic, and ill start feeling sad or angry. 

When I get sad, I get angry, then I snap. 

I could just be browsing thru regular fb n insta, I see posts of people achieving #LifeGoals and I get sad and jealous that I’m not sailing towards nything. 

Sometimes I’ll just be quiet and a random memory kicks in and I start smiling like an idiot and then people look at me and go all, what’s wrong now? 

Sometimes my whole life belief shatters and I’m like y even bother to have dreams? 

Sometimes I’ll just want to lie on the couch doing nothing and then I get filled with restlessness and I feel like breaking things.

Sometimes I say something and others hear something else, and I get more frustrated. 

Sometimes I have so much to say and no one with me that I just sigh and feel lonely. 

Sometimes I just overthink and feel guilty. 

And sometimes I surprise myself when I can cry for no reason at all!!! 

Like what IS happening to me? 


I’m Two Sides Of The Same Coin

I’m happy and delighted, I’m sad and broken too.

I’m kind and helpful, I’m full of hate and resentment too.

I’m all eager and excited, I’m laid-back and lazy too.

I’m patient and calm, I’m short-tempered and rude too.

I can love & I can get hurt too.

I can smile & I can cry a million tears too.

I love to babble, I like being quiet too.

I forgive easily but I never forget it easily too.

I love being simple and sober, I fancy grandeur and glamour too.

I’m a child at heart & I’m a crazy girl in my mind too.

I’m content at this point in my life, I’m dis-satisfied with it too.

I love being at peace with my world, I like the wind that shakes it too.