This is the quote on my planner for this week:

When I think upon it, I feel like Hope is a dangerous commodity to peddle in.

When you hope for something and it works out, then there’s nothing like it. The accompanying joy is boundless. But when you hope for something and it doesn’t work out, then there’s nothing like it either. The pain hurts fresh each time.

Even after experiencing disappointment, we don’t stop hoping, do we? There is still some tiny hope in a corner of the heart…a tiny voice that whispers, Maybe this time…

About Trust 

Trust is a fragile thing. Almost like a crystal glass. U have to handle it with utmost care bcoz if it slips and breaks, the damage hurts physically.

Be utmost sure whom to trust they say. But I trust easily, almost blindly. I trust the person I met two minutes ago, bcoz I think c’mon what reason would that person have to harm me?

Unfortunately I believe in giving too many second chances, I never seem to learn from those particular past mistakes. I feel guilty when I wrong someone and I will then try to make up to them in whatever way I can. But haan, that’s not the vice versa case.

Promises to me are very important. I build my trust with it. But a promise is become as light a word as sorry these days. People dont mean it , they just say it.

As a kid I would always look forward to the things that my parents promised me. But then they used to just say it to appease me. They never meant to do anything. When I pointed out why they built a false expectation in me, the answer was, ” it’s not a big deal, why are u still grudging over it? ”

But it was important to me. It’s always important to me that you do what you say you will do.

But I still continue to trust and hope like a fool. Silly me!!