​Day 4 Topic 4: Dream Catcher

This is the highlight of my day today. This beautiful beautiful dream catcher 😍😊

The first time I saw the dream catcher was in the Originals episode where Genevieve uses it to spy on Cami. 
I was fascinated by it. Not only are the designs so pretty and vivid but the myth behind it too was very engaging. 
Check this out:
According to Native American legend, the Dream catcher is supposed to catch bad dreams and pass on only the good dreams to the person. It is to be hung above the bed of the person. Good dreams pass through the feathers and fall gently on the person’s sleeping eyelids. Bad dreams get caught in the web and are destroyed when the first rays of sun fall on it. 

This story alone was enough to get me attracted to it. From that day I always wanted one. And now I finally have one!!

This one is very special 😊😊 I want it to only catch my dreams, but all my wishes and hopes. I want it to waft lightly with the breeze and make me smile. It is going to remind me of all my happy memories 😊😊

​My Year in Review

 The Year That Was 2016

I started 2016 with lots of excitement and hope

Everything was going according to the plan

Then when March ended everything changed.
Then came the never ending months of work load pressure, anxiety, panic, arguments, loads and loads of tears and drama

Then I went away for one long weekend in August and when I came back suddenly the whole god damn structure changed. 
I mean, i spent 6 months struggling over it and when I am finally beginning to get the hang of it , its being snatched from my hands. 

Seriously, what the heck?

Then starts round two of adjustments and compromises – both professional and personal


Then i turned 25 and everyone knows how I reacted to it. Like how Joey reacted when he turned 30 👇

I mean it all started so smoothly and then everything kept going downhill, including my shit driving – dreams on hold, friends moving out, opinion clash with parents and the emotional blackmail. And now the year is ending, I’m like,

2017 – No new year resolutions for u! No expectations! No wishes!
And P.S: No new year plans 😒

Unconditional love?? — Reminiscing Moments

Originally posted on unsaid words: She handed over the merit list to her dad. Evreyone was asking ,why doesn’t she seem to be the happiest ?after cracking such a prestigious exam . No one knew except herself and her father that She fullfilled his dream and killed her own. And then we say parents…

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This post says all that’s been on my mind for a while now..