Not Exactly A Review – Sanju

The fact that a person’s life itself can be told on the silver screen says something about their individual journey. I went to see this movie not to know about Sanjay Dutt, the public figure. But for Raj Kumar Hirani’s character Sanju.


I’m not going to judge this movie on any grounds. As a film, it is a wonderful one. And that’s what I want to focus on.

This is a story of a flawed man. A man who made bad choices. A man who let circumstances get the better of him. Somehow this portrayal is what makes Sanju relatable. And Hirani has managed to balance delicately the dark aspects of Sanju’s life with sprinkled corners of humor and prevent the movie from being a gloomy one.

In fact, some of the scenes of the drug induced Sanju were plain sad to me, while the rest of the audience laughed at the crazed drugged guy , I felt somewhere a tug of sadness for his loss of empathy.

The pressure of living up to the family expectations, the pain of losing a parent, of hurting a friend, the loneliness, the tarnish of reputation – it’s all there conveyed by Ranbir Kapoor’s phenomenal performance.

Another prime character in the story is Sunil Dutt. This Sunil Dutt ( played by Paresh Rawal ) being the father struggling to get his child back before he self destructs. We often take for granted what our parents go through to keep us comfortable, this movie shows us the emotional turmoil of a father.



Vicky Kaushal as Sanjay Dutt’s  best friend through all the highs and lows is remarkable too. He is that friend who is the voice in the back of Sanju’s mind and the only hope that saves him from his disasters.


Manisha Koirala is endearing as Nargis. It’s hard not to fall for her innocence.


Sonam Kapoor is quite genuine too.


One thing to think upon after seeing this movie is whether the world as we know it can be trusted or not. Someone tells us something, we hear something and immediately we form the same opinion. Without analyzing it for ourselves. We are becoming the society with herd mentality. Jump the bandwagon and scream the loudest – does NOT make you right!

And who are we to judge anyways? We don’t like it when others judge us but we are quick to form assumptions about others. These may be casual comments of no importance to you and me but you never know how that affects the person they are targeted towards.


Finally, the movie says you have to fight your own battles. Your family and friends can help you only so much. The longer part of the journey is a solo one. And if you intend on making it to the destination, you need to find your willpower and courage.


It’s a good thing to share a smile, to leave a person feeling a little better after you interact with them. Spreading happiness is a comforting thing.

I do like to make people happy. But sometimes I get tired of being a part of everyone else’s happiness. 

‘Happy’ things aren’t happening to me right now. What’s happening with me is routine. And routine is fine with me until I stop and look at the happiness all around me. 

It surrounds me but it isn’t coming from me. I try to feel good, feel optimistic and all that positive jargon but sometimes it just fails to support me. 

Expectations and Hopes

We generally expect a little bit of good from every day. I mean, at least, we hope the day to be good. This hope leads to expectations and expectations lead to great disappointments.

So never hope that something good will cross your way. Bcoz ‘goodness’ is a very rare entity in today’s times. Just stay neutral and let your days flow. If something good does turn up then let it be a pleasant surprise. 

My funda is that instead of expecting something and then being disappointed, it’s better to not expect anything or expect the worst and be surprised with the best. 

Because disappointment wilts me down in a deep dark tunnel of the most depressing thoughts and I find it difficult to fight it and come to the surface. Whereas pleasant surprises, they leave me in a good mood for days. 

The only problem right now is the wait – the wait for the good to come – that is testing me.