Gettin’ Roasted

Recently, there was a lot of hue and cry about “The Roast Of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor” conducted by the AIB.

All of u must be knowing by now what the Roast is all about but I’ll still chip in an intro.
AIB(All India Bakchod) is a group which does a comedy podcast about various topics mostly Bollywood and politics and is tremendously popular on YouTube.

What brought them into the spot light of recent controversy is this live show which they conducted last year in December in which they “roasted” or made fun of two of Bollywood’s latest sensations – Ranveer Singh & Arjun Kapoor aided by famous film maker Karan Johar.

Now, made fun means made filthy comments and used a lot of swear words in between. So, this ignited the anger of some “righteous” people in the country and they think that this kind of an event brings shame to the country.

I mean like, seriously? SERIOUSLY??? All that is left for our country now to do is sit and dissect some humor show? There are far more shameful events happening in our country to which we turn blind eyes and deaf ears to but we gladly join the bandwagon and scream about a comedy show.

And what is the damn fuss about? About a group of guys who decided to make jokes on each other? From the point that I see it, it was all good humor targeted at each other. When the people involved are not feeling insulted or humiliated about it , why should anybody else’s sentiments get hurt?

It isn’t like the video was forcefully broadcasted at places and people were forced to watch it. It was a choice. And clear warnings at the start mentioned that if u are too kind-hearted to get offended by such things, stop now. But if u chose to watch it still, it was really ur
choice. I mean, grow up, be mature and handle things.

Our society is a society of hypocrites. We are those “behind-the-closed-doors” people. We swear filth in our normal day-to-day conversations but we don’t want to admit it. But someone else does it , we jump at the opportunity and point fingers at them.

Lets summarize this KJo style, “Not ur cup of tea, don’t drink it!!!”
It’s that simple actually.