Q for Quiet

A quiet love never ceases nor fades.. 

It always stays close to the heart away from the noise of the world

It’s a warm blanket on the days you feel cold within

It’s a hot cup of tea on the days you need strength 

It’s a gentle rain of tears when you feel like letting out the pain

It’s a soft cushion of memories for the night when you lie down 

It will never be replaced! 


P for Patience


Patience is clearly not my strong suit.

Maybe because I value punctuality, so I do not like waiting AT ALL.
I hate waiting for people to turn up on time, reply back on time or even do something on time.

I go mad waiting for things to happen on time and sometimes if I’m very mad I lash out.

I may have some shred of patience for others, but with me I have no mercy.
I can’t be patient with myself nor can I forgive myself.

However, the most patience I have cashed out, I think, is for waiting for my life to turn around.
And I’m still waiting….
They say, ‘If it doesn’t open…It’s not your door.
Which is the door for me then?

I have bid my time, I have waited for it, and if after all this…

D for Dread 

It’s a feeling that makes me lose sleep willing tomorrow to not arrive so soon. 

It’s a feeling that quickens my heart beat and pricks up my ears for any sound of approaching concerns. 

It’s a feeling that wipes the smile from my face and puts the lines on my forehead. 

It’s a feeling I get when I know I should be facing things sooner and getting over with but I can’t bring myself to face it.