Little Things 

I go on YouTube only when all my other options for binge watching are over. During one such browsing session I came across this cute web series called Little Things. 

Little Things is about a couple, Kavya and Dhruv, living together in Mumbai. This five episode mini series explores the love in their relationship over various incidents that happen to them in everyday life. 

The endearing part of this series is that it focuses on everyday love. The kind of love you feel for your partner at the end of an absolutely bad day or after you have had that big fight over an absolutely silly thing or just the time when you remember each other during your day. 

Dhruv and Kavya do things for each other, fight with each other, eat mutton biryani together 😜 But the point is the love that is between them that gets them through thier mundane lives. 

The series is in English seasoned with Hindi, u know naa, the metro kind of lingo 😀

I get why Mithila Palkar is Internet’s favorite girl. She is a  terrific delight to watch. Dhruv Sehgal ( he has also written this series) is great as well but majority of the time it is Mithila who sweeps the scenes with her spontaneous charm. 

If you are fed up of the clichéd Bollywood or even Hollywood romances then Little Things is a fresh change. 

It’s plus point is it’s honesty. Every interaction between Dhruv and Kavya comes across as genuine and relateable – no shoddy melodrama and nakhra. 

Just a random point, there is one wall in thier bedroom covered with caricatures of them. I so loved this idea and I would love something like this in my future bedroom. 😀

Little Things is how normal couples romance. Bcoz it is the little things that make a relationship worthwhile!! 😊 


Love the way U make me feel

I love the way u look at me

The way ur eyes roam over my face

The way u lift ur eyebrows

The way u stare and then smile


I love how ur smile makes me smile

I love how u take my name so softly

Almost like u are whispering it into my ears

I love how close to you it makes me feel


I want to laugh with you, cry with you

I want to punch you, I want to kiss you

I want to fight with you and then makeup with you

I want to sleep next to you and wake up next to you


I love the way u make me feel.

Babyy, u warm my heart ♥

Day 27 Topic 27: ​Celebrity crushes

My top three celebrity crushes are very obvious. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m crazy for these guys. I will talk about them with hearts in my eyes 😍 literally, I am updated with all of their news, I get proud whenever they achieve success and I defend them like anything against unkind critics. 

Shahid Kapoor

He was the first celebrity crush I had and still continues to rule my number one spot. 

As far as I can remember I was fascinated by everything about him. His smile actually lights up his eyes and when he laughs his eyes crinkle at the sides.  I love the way he manages to look amazing in every new look. 

Sasha will be my forever favorite 💖

Virat Kohli

Yes, I liked him wayy before he became the Indian captian 😎

What I love about him is the passion that exudes from him when he is performing on field. There is some fire in his aggressive behavior that I find irresistible.  I love his attitude of speaking straight from the heart. 

And yes, I like his looks. I mean, in his Manyawaar ads he looks soo 😍

Damon Salvatore 

Yea, I have a crush on a fictional character. If Damon Salvatore was a real vampire, I would loveee to meet him. 

He is the typical bad guy with a good heart. I love his snarky comments, his sarcastic sense of humor, his diabolical plans, the way he gives a side smirk and that “eye thing” that he does. 

The way in which he actually cares a lot but is unable to express it properly and hence will end up doing stupid things when hurt is something that makes my heart reach out to him. 

Damon, I wish u were real. 😘

And when I finally settle down in life, I would always wish for my guy to have all qualities like my celebrity crushes 😜 I may not get all that I know but I can always wish for it right? 😜😜