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What is Love?


What does it mean?

This word gets used around a lot and often as casually as saying, “Oh my God, I love this dress” and “I love pizza.”

And just like when we find a more better looking dress, we go from our old favorite to the new ‘organically’, people say stuff like, “I don’t love you anymore, now.”

And with the pizza analogy, that minute they are in love with someone and they love absolutely everything about them and the next day they groan about how the pizza is ruining them.

I have stopped believing in the classic love line now. We may say we love someone but if we don’t reflect that in our actions, it means nothing.

I would rather prefer helping others, supporting and respecting each other’s decisions and caring.

That is true love for me.

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If I had Tattoos

I was attempting to draw Mehendi on my hands and thinking about how it is such a painless way for temporary tattoos.

I am really scared of needles and I don’t think I will ever be able to get myself a real tattoo.

So… But.. If…

I ever have tattoos, I have three ideas in mind!

1) The Semicolon on Wrist

I have always liked this tattoo and particularly after I found out it’s meaning (my story isn’t over yet). It would be the kind of tattoo that would push me during my storm clouds.

2) The Cat Paw

My pets would vouch for this one! I would a love two big haughty paws somewhere above my feet, very much in visible range when I walk.

3) A Neck Tattoo

I haven’t really thought what this would be but it’s going to be on the nape of my neck. I want it to be something pretty and romantic – no, not the #couple goals kind of romantic – something that speaks of my romantic beliefs of life.

Ah, a girl can dream 😇

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The First time we Met

Date: 7th April 2018
Place: KFC
Time: 5.30 to 7 pm

My husband remembers this meeting in detail. Infact, the stats I have listed above is what I got from him.

I remember that I did most of the talking that day and we have been like this ever since 😝

I talk talk talk without knowing what I am saying and he patiently listens to all my chitter. Infact, he’s had a lot of patience over a lot of things with me and that is a base of our relationship.

The first time, he had bought roses and chocolates for me and I was surprised by that because we hadn’t even known about each other before that day and here he was giving me gifts.

Now when I ask him about it he simply says, “I somehow knew you would be right for me.”

Our first Anniversary