Love the way U make me feel

I love the way u look at me

The way ur eyes roam over my face

The way u lift ur eyebrows

The way u stare and then smile


I love how ur smile makes me smile

I love how u take my name so softly

Almost like u are whispering it into my ears

I love how close to you it makes me feel


I want to laugh with you, cry with you

I want to punch you, I want to kiss you

I want to fight with you and then makeup with you

I want to sleep next to you and wake up next to you


I love the way u make me feel.

Babyy, u warm my heart ♥


Day 27 Topic 27: ​Celebrity crushes

My top three celebrity crushes are very obvious. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m crazy for these guys. I will talk about them with hearts in my eyes 😍 literally, I am updated with all of their news, I get proud whenever they achieve success and I defend them like anything against unkind critics. 

Shahid Kapoor

He was the first celebrity crush I had and still continues to rule my number one spot. 

As far as I can remember I was fascinated by everything about him. His smile actually lights up his eyes and when he laughs his eyes crinkle at the sides.  I love the way he manages to look amazing in every new look. 

Sasha will be my forever favorite 💖

Virat Kohli

Yes, I liked him wayy before he became the Indian captian 😎

What I love about him is the passion that exudes from him when he is performing on field. There is some fire in his aggressive behavior that I find irresistible.  I love his attitude of speaking straight from the heart. 

And yes, I like his looks. I mean, in his Manyawaar ads he looks soo 😍

Damon Salvatore 

Yea, I have a crush on a fictional character. If Damon Salvatore was a real vampire, I would loveee to meet him. 

He is the typical bad guy with a good heart. I love his snarky comments, his sarcastic sense of humor, his diabolical plans, the way he gives a side smirk and that “eye thing” that he does. 

The way in which he actually cares a lot but is unable to express it properly and hence will end up doing stupid things when hurt is something that makes my heart reach out to him. 

Damon, I wish u were real. 😘

And when I finally settle down in life, I would always wish for my guy to have all qualities like my celebrity crushes 😜 I may not get all that I know but I can always wish for it right? 😜😜

​Day 17 Topic 17: Unseasonal

 Just last weekend Goa had pre monsoon rains. I love these unseasonal rains. They just happen unlike the actual rainy season which comes with a schedule. 

And before it rains u feel all hot and humid and bothered and after it rains u feel so good and free and happy in a way.

Just like those unplanned outings. U plan and plan and nothing happens and then suddenly one day one of u makes a random plan and everyone agrees and u have the best time. 

Just like friendship. U don’t plan on becoming friends. U just meet and discover u are equally strange and become buddies. 

And just like love. U don’t go looking out for it. It finds u and u just fall for it. 😊