Now Watching 🎬

The other day, a colleague remarked that I watch a lot of movies.

Yes, I do.

See, for most people, going to the movies is something they do for a fun day out or to pass their time. I make time to watch the movies I want to watch.

I watch movies for the same reason that I read books – to experience a different world. I wish more & more stories are told & I get lost in all these brilliantly made stories.

Whilst watching a movie, I’m sucked into the whirlpool of emotions.


It feels all real to me in those 2-3 hours. And even afters, I love discussing different angles & re-feel every emotion. Like, I stay in that mood till I watch something else.

I’m very “filmy” that way.


Apart from fluffy rom coms, there are movies made which genuinely make you think and question your beliefs. And if nothing else, at least you know how many sexy locations are out there to explore. Or you know, pick a tip or two from what the heroine is wearing 😜

When I go to a theater to watch a movie I love inhaling the popcorn smell.


Umm yumm.. that scent should be bottled and sold.

Also, the Inox theme song that plays before the start of the movie or even the tunes of the production house, that kind of ups my excitement to watch a movie.

Most of the times though, I always watch a movie at home. Contrary to popular assumption, I do not watch every movie in cinema halls.

Movies make me happy, okay!! And I want to do more of things that make me happy 🙃


Love & Gelato

This story is about a girl, Lina (short for Carolina) who lives with her mother. Her mother has cancer and her last dying wish is that Lina go to Italy and live with this man called Howard, who is supposedly her father.

Lina does not want to leave America. She definitely does not want to go to a foreign country and live with a father who wasn’t even there in her life for 16 years. But to honor her mother’s last wish, she goes to Tuscany.

She starts living in Howard’s house and gets her mom’s journal over there – a journal that her mom had maintained when she was living in Italy.

As Lina reads the journal, she realises that her young mother was totally different from the woman she knew, she learns about her mother’s journey, she experiences Italy through the eyes of her mother and makes memories of her own and falls in love as well.

There is a nice line in this book, that goes summerised like this –

“People come to Italy for many reasons but they stay back for the same two reasons – Love and Gelato.”

Kabir Singh: Not Exactly A Review

There have been a lot of strong reactions to Kabir Singh. I think that’s because the characters Kabir and Preeti have been left for open interpretation by the director. He has not justified their actions nor rebuked them, just presented them to us as they are and has left it to the viewers to understand them as we see fit.


Now, Kabir is an arrogant guy. I don’t think we are meant to like him or sympathize with him much less idolize him. I think it’s a great step forward that Hindi cinema is giving us a main character that is flawed and not the ideal out-there-to-save-the-world-for-the-greater-good-with-my-fabulous-principles “hero” that we grew up watching.

So if, people start cheering when Kabir does something incorrect on screen, then the problem lies with our blind mentality. There’s no need to target the film for it. We as educated 18+ audiences should be having a sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. We cannot be saying that whatever “heros” do is cool by default.

Kabir is a self centered guy. Of course, he cares about his family and friends and esp Preeti but he’s always on the lookout for himself first not thinking about how it affects those around him as well.

images (1).jpg

He is impolite and rude on your face but watch his actions closely and you will notice beneath all that his intentions are in the right place. He is too over protective for Preeti – not wanting her to be hurt or be uncomfortable in any way. So, he goes out of his way to look after her causing others around them discomfort.

shahid kapoor.jpg

While in love, he feels so deeply that when he has to cope with the breakup of his relationship, it sends him in a spiral of self destruction.

Whereas Preeti on the other hand, looks quite demure and shy but that’s actually a front. If you watch closely, she likes the focused attention she receives from Kabir almost as if that gives her some power in her life.

download (1)

And if Kabir has anger issues then Preeti does too – she got married to another guy purely out of anger. And then of course she regrets it later once she cools down, but the damage is done.

The film focuses more on Kabir’s breakup phase but I wish they had explored Preeti’s character more too.

The lyrics in the film are so beautiful. They just make sense, u know?! The story isn’t paused to have a five minute naach gaana in between. The story continues with the words subtly playing in the background.


As a fangirl, I am extremely proud of Shahid. This film is his first-solo release 100 crore film and it managed to achieve this feat in just 5 days. That makes it the second fastest 100 crore movie of 2019. Despite the facts that

  • This was a A certified film.
  • Released on a normal Friday with Bharat still on in screens
  • No reduction or hike in ticket fares
  • Severe backlash from critics

the film survived it all and emerged as a box office success.


I watched Arjun Reddy after I saw Kabir Singh. I know, I shouldn’t be comparing the two but I felt that Shahid gave a far better polished performance than Vijay. The film isn’t an exact copy paste , some scenes are tweaked to suit the glamour of Hindi films but I’m glad about that because Shahid shines throughout the film. He expresses volumes even with teeny tiny nuances. He owns Kabir Singh from the start to the end. ❤️