My Golden Boy

Among all my pets, Goldie has always been my favorite.

Infact, he had managed to charm everyone at home & all he had to do was say a pretty meow & he would get away with anything.

“Goldie, did you eat the fish from the tava?”
“Meow (Oh, that was not meant to be eaten? 🙀But the tava was kept open.. )

” Goldie, did you sleep on the sofa? “
” Meow ( Damn, I was just so tired today 😿)

He is the laziest guy I’ve ever seen. He used to not even get up to eat. We had to always keep his food separate.

Too lazy to even open his eyes for a picture

But when it came to chasing poor Tuffy down, his speed was amazing!!

” Goldie, did you beat Tuffy? “
” Meow (We were just arguing, no biggie 🐱)”

Goldie’s lone talent was jumping through the gate. And I bet he did that just because he was too lazy to climb the walls.

While the others hunted rats, lizards and cockroaches, Goldie would be like,
” Meow (I do not know what that species is😼) “

Even while the other cats played, he enjoyed his languid sunbathe.

He was a very handsome cat. He had this really big bushy tail that he sadly lost to an accident. But he survived that. He was a fighter. He was the Mufasa of my cat clan.

For me, Goldie is much more than a pet. He is one of my closest friends. I used to talk to him a lot. He used to hang around me all the time.

We had our “inside” things – like he would never get up from his perch till he saw me & I would know which piece to steal from the other cats’ share & give him from the ways he used to dig his claws into my jeans. Ouch Gold!!

I used to call him by ridiculous nicknames like ‘Oldie Moldie Goldie‘, throw movie and book references at him, we even have a song together!!

I have many fond moments with him and this is how I’ll always remember him – as my Golden Boy 💛

Travel Weekends in June 

I have been wanting to do this post from quite some time now but I didn’t know how to go about it. Then the inspiration of Journaling struck me and I decided to start a journal of my own! 

It’s a journal cum scarpbook cum bullet list cum photo album cum a-bit-of-everything 😁

Rule of Journaling : There is no right or wrong way, there is just your way. So even though the doodles are a bit clumsy and the layout has minute faults everywhere, it’s just a reflection of me in it. i.e. A person who thinks she is organized in her mind but is an actual mayhem at everything 😜

So here it goes. My first ever journal entry. 🙃

In June, I had coincidentally three back to back trips happening, so I thought of commemorating June with a Travel weekend theme. 

This is my June calendar. Man, I swear the neon wasn’t so popping out when I applied the first coat, so I kept applying and then 💥 my eyes were watering 😂

Because the pre requisite to travel is packing and the outcome of travel is shopping. 

It was a quick day trip to Mumbai. Despite that, I think we did pretty well. Hi-five✋ Flygirl and Ani. 

And that is it for my first journal entry. 😊

Talk To My Hand

As famously said by the Hindi song, “If there are people, they’ll talk.

But you know what I find funny?

That people talk about me, obviously not the good bits,  right in front of me, pretending like my presence is part of the interior decorations.

For example,  back in my “discover-what-color-suits-your-hair” days when I had flaming red hair tips, this office employee sits next to me in the cafeteria, takes a look at me and breaks into a laugh. That was more or less the reaction half the office had had to my hair color. That was okay and all, but he notices me looking and still elbows his friend and now both dissolve into chortles in their tea cups. I am fairly sure, I didn’t have a “look at me and laugh, it’s free” sign attached to my head.

There are some people who claim to “know” me without knowing what I look like. So I’m sitting next to my aunt at my cousin’s wedding and this lady comes up greets my aunt and tells her that her son has joined this office. My office. And my aunt starts to tell, “Hey, my niece works there” and this lady breezily brushes that aside and says, “Ahh , I know her. She’s been working there for ages”.  So, fact: she knows me for ages and does not know what I look like. Even though I was giving her a straight stare, oblivious she is going on about how she knows all about me and my siblings.

Then there was this day when I was on leave at office. Next day at lunch, my friend tells me, “You know what? We had such a lovely time cracking jokes over you at lunch yesterday! I said this, then she said this n she said that and we were laughing so much.” Okay, you had quite a good laugh behind my back , I get it. Recounting this episode with me, am I supposed to laugh or feel angry on my behalf?

Another piece of absent minded talk people do. I had been engagement ring shopping with my fiancée the other day. Next day, me and Dad go to pay the cheque and pick up the ring. This beautiful lady behind the counter, who was helping us with the rings the other day, asks all the right questions. “So, where is the boy from?” “When is the engagement?” “Did you’ll like any other design yesterday?” And Dad decides to elaborate a bit and tells her my ring was bought at a different shop and then she goes all like, “Oh, it’s you getting engaged??” Like , Duh!! And then she says, “All the Best”.

So you know what I think?

People talk just because they have this liberty to talk. They either don’t know what they are talking or they simply lack etiquette.