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I Just ‘Pulled A Monica’

Well, my friend Carol seems to think I’m like Monica from Friends.tumblr_mqzsv5tYo21rgqh2jo5_250.gif

Well, I can’t cook zilch so it’s not that quality that makes me a Monica.
Ok, so I do like to organize my things….
And I don’t like it when people move my things around without taking my permission first

And I count my clothes every time I put them out to dry and get them back in..
And I did categorize my college notes semester wise, subject wise & module wise 🙈


PDVD_003 (2).JPG

And I do think that my parents love my siblings more than they love me 😜


I think they get more attention than me – even on the days when I actually have sumthin’ interesting to tell


And I have to always argue with my brother



And I do go sad thinking about how I’m gonna be 25 soon and I’m not settled yet
And I crib about how no one messages me ever… 😦

Ooh! And I am Loud , however much I try to tone it down




(Gosh!!! And I was like this in school 🙈)

Oh my God!! Does this mean I’m part Monica!!!!😳