What can I do to make myself feel better?

I constantly ask this question to myself – when I am lying in bed staring at the rotating ceiling fan; when I look at my face in the mirror while I insert my contacts; when I am in a room full of people attending a get together; when I am trying to resurrect a dying hobby:

What can I do to make myself feel better?

Some think I should just pull up my socks, wear my positive hat and smile. But they don’t understand that I have misplaced all those things; I don’t remember when I last used them.

I want to help myself but I don’t know how to do it. I have run out of every option, just like I have run out of motivation. I want to but I it just doesn’t work like before.

Motivation Monday?

I read self help books and watch many inspi videos. The thing is everyone in these talk about you must do – like, you must choose happiness, you must learn to let go etc etc

Well, I know all of this theory but no one ever tells HOW to do it.

Then there’s the line: You must figure out how to do it on your own. It’s a self journey and stuff.

As a person who goes through low moments on a regular basis, I can say it is difficult to pull myself out from a self depricating space. And it’s worse, when the people around you misunderstand your silence for snootiness or are simply at a loss not knowing what to do with you and hence they leave you alone. This alone thing hurts even more.

And I have tried every time to pull myself out of my storm lands. Every day when I think I’m going to be positive and nail this are the days when things go for a toss. And this is making me doubt this power of positivity that people talk about.

I struggle to remain happy.
Tell me to act happy, I’ll maybe pull it off for sometime.
Teach me HOW to be happy and I can use that as daily motivation for myself.