​Day 6 Topic 6: Thoughts I had while watching Baahubali – The Conclusion 

S S Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali!!! 
There is no taking away from all the hardwork that has gone into making this movie. I wont give you numbers, u can recognise the dedication that goes into making something when you see it. 
Baahubali looks GRAND on the screen. The effects look awesome in the theater. And me, like everybody else was eager to know the answer to the question that has been burning away at everyone’s minds – Kattappa ne Baahubali ko kyun mara? 

Well, I like to be surprised pleasantly by movie twists. But I also like to dig around trying to figure out the twist and think up all scenarios but I want the movie to surprise me and show that there was this one scenario that I missed conjuring. That’s when I feel satisfied. 
Now I won’t reveal why Kattappa did what he did(bcoz people will kill me if I did so) but I’ll say this – the “reason” did not surprise me. 
Some of the scenes are unrealistic. Yes, we are Indians, we get carried away. 
Baahubali is like all the DC Comic superheros and the Avengers team rolled into one. He has so many super talents, all naturally born to him. 

How can one person have so much strength that he is flying around everywhere, fighting every one at the same time but still manages to land on both his feet upright, without getting tired. 

Man, this is a superhuman effort. 
Acting wise, everyone is awesome in their own roles. The story is pretty straight – a story of avenging all the wrong doings. 
The war tactics are superb. Bhallaldev’s rath, drawn by his power bulls, has rotating killer blades at it’s sides and compartments spewing arrows. I liked it😂 

The war strategies are good. When I watched it in theater, I was like, is this possible? Then later, Dad explained that yeah can be executed scientifically. I was like, huh 🤔

I liked the scene in which Prabhas teaches Devsena to shoot multiple arrows in one bow string. It was like, a dance of archery 😍

But the romance bit, I liked of Baahubali Part one between Prabhas and Tammana. 

Prabhas and Anushka look good too but… the romance isn’t very romantic. 
Overall, worth a one time watch in the theaters. At least, to squench the Baahubali mania.


Love u Life

So yesterday i watched this really lovely movie called Dear Zindagi. It made me feel so good I had a smile on my face when the movie ended.

This movie has beautifully conveyed all those “life lessons” that we all talk about. I loved each and every scene shot between Shahrukh and Alia. And I wish I had a friend/guide like that with me in every stage of my life. 😊

Shah rukh makes Alia realise some of the simple things that we all know but don’t follow and end up being frustrated with ourselves.


U do not need the approval of the world to do what u feel is right. U should feel what u doing is right.

U need to stop judging people.

U do not need to choose the difficult option always. Sometimes choosing an easy option isn’t bad either. Esp when u are not ready yet to go down the difficult path.

U should date. U should date all the options out there until u find that one person u are compatible with.
U need not look for all ur likes and interests to match in that one person. Y cant u have different friends to share ur different interests with?

Dont let the fears of your past spoil the way you see ur present.

U should let out those feelings. Anger, hate, love – express them. Say it out loud.

If u do not like something about someone, tell them.

Ur academic qualifications do not make u a failure.

U will meet many people in life but there are only some whom will always remain close to you.

Parents make mistakes too. If u cant forgive then atleast give them a second chance.
Its important to make good memories , choti choti kushiyaan , so when u look back , u will smile ☺

Simply put – Love yourself and love your life ☺

Friendship. Love. Heartbreak.

Movie Review of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

  • If u are going to watch this movie, then u might not like this post.
  • If u are a KJo movie fan, u might not like this post.
  • And otherwise also there’s a chance , u may not like this post. 😛

***Plot reveal alert***

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Okay, I don’t know what is wrong with me, bcoz normally I lap up all these mushy movies like kheer. I mean , every time I watch a KJo movie, I shed some tears at least, even when watching the nth repeat. But this time…

Ayan(Ranbir) and Alizeh(Anushka) meet at a club and become “bestest best friends” quickly. They are like the typical filmy people, yes..she danced in a chiffon saree on a snow capped mountain. There are lots of references thrown in to old Bollywood movies and many SRK-Kajol moments are re created but I’m sorry, Ranbir-Anushka just aren’t ‘Rahul-Anjali’.

Ayan falls in love with Alizeh but she has friendzoned him. I remember what my friend says, “Once a guy is friendzoned then there is no hope of him getting the girl”. I argue with him on that but looks like that’s how it is in the movies.

Alizeh is still in love with her ex(yup Fawad Khan). Even though they broke up and she says she doesn’t even want to see him again, when he shows up she walks away with him. How does that work?

She later gets married to Mr DJ Ali. Ayan gives her the middle finger with both hands and walks away from her wedding. But dude, c’mon, what u want her to do?

Guess what..he meets the lovely Saba(Ash) on his plane back. She listens to his ‘Ae Dard-e-Dil ki Dastan’ and gives him her book autographed and phone numbered. Then starts a whirlwind romance between the two. She wants a relationship with no ‘rishta’ and apparently there are ‘kuch rishte jo rishte nahi hote’ which is basically friends with benefits.

Ayan then calls Alizeh to make her feel jealous of his Noor Jahan girlfriend but when she’s just happy for him he gets pissed off with her. I mean dude, c’mon, what u want her to do?

Eventually both girls leave him. His heart breaks even more and u know how that works in Bollywood. Tute hue aashiq ke dil se nikli aawaz superhit ban jaati hai & Ayan becomes a famous singer.

He meets Ali who tells him that Alizeh left him. Ayan finds her in their usual spot and learns that she has little time left. Ayan starts taking care of her but again doesn’t understand why she doesn’t have that type of feelings for him. Dude, c’mon, what u want her to do? She’s dying for heaven’s sake!!

Finally, Alizeh manages to convince him that friendship is a beautiful thing too.

If u ask me, Ayan’s “heartbreak” felt more like the behavior of an immature person rather than true love to me.

Of the cast, of course Ash looks beautiful & Ranbir does what he’s told. But it’s Anushka whom I thought was the better of the lot. And this coming from me, is as genuine a compliment as it can get 😛

Sure, there are lots of heavy duty dialogues and the Hindi is peppered with Urdu words… SRK comes in a cameo and says , ‘Ek tarfa pyar ki takat hi alag hai…….ispe sirf mera haq hai’. But isn’t that sad? I mean, what’s love for if u don’t have someone to share it with and give it a meaning?

Alia Bhatt has a total unnecessary cameo. Lisa Haydon’s there too for acting like a dumb hot girlfriend. You can guess why Kajol didn’t volunteer for this one.

The music is great. Arijit Singh’s voice is superb. The costumes, makeup & locales too are eye pleasing.

But apart from that, Ae not that great! Or maybe my Dil was expecting more….

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