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​Summer Binge watch: Pretty Little Liars 

Dying to find out who I am? – A

The soap opera teen in me loved this series.

It can be pretty dramatic and it might not appeal to those who are looking out for some serious stuff.

But for a summer binge watching marathon this one is pretty good enough.

I had decided to give it a try to just see what it is about but then i started liking it so I hoarded the seasons. 😝


Four best friends; Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hannah fall out with each other after the leader of thier gang, Alison, mysteriously disappears. 

A year later, the friends start recieving anonymous texts signed from someone called A threatening to reveal their personal secrets which only Ali knew. 

So does this mean Ali is back from the dead? 

The friends need to stick together to find out the truth about A and about Ali.

I like the way this show is presented.

Clockwise : Emily, Hannah, Aria, Alison and Spencer

The casting is great. I like the liars minus their queen bee. All of them dress up like 😍

Aria – the eclectic girl with a stubborn air

Hannah – The IT girl with soft corners around her heart

Spencer – The smart girl whose DNA has victory embedded in it 😝

Emily – the sporty one and the quiet one

Hannah is my favorite😁

She may act all snobby at times but she really is a softie. Plus, she can be funny right in the middle of a serious scene.

Spencer, I like or hate depending on my mood😂

This series is based on a book series by Sara Sepherd.

I had read the first book in between the show, and I was surprised to find the whole first book summarized into the pilot episode 😂

It is addicting!!

At the end of every episode I feel an itching to download the next one to find out what happens next.  It kind of drags you into the drama.

Right now I’m on Season 5 and I’m consuming it rapidly and repeatedly ( a Hannah reference 😜)

Tip: If u do watch this show, don’t get too much into figuring out who A is and why and how. Let it unwind on it’s own.

Till then, Sshhhh 😉